VIDEO REPORT: Burien Couple Not ‘In Good Hands’ Over Problem With Allstate

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Dane Johnson & Kathy Justin's home just hours after it slipped from its foundation on Nov. 23, 2010. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

Remember the big snow and wind storm of Nov. 23rd, where harsh north wind gusted upwards of 40–50mph?

We sure do, as that’s when we posted a “Call For Help” to rally volunteers to help prolific Burien artists Dane Johnson and Kathy Justin quickly haul their stuff out of their condemned house on the north side of Three Tree Point. The storm battered their house all night, and around 5:30am that morning the foundation gave way and the structure started leaning towards Puget Sound.

Fast forward nearly a month later, and we discover that Dane and Kathy are not only homeless, but it appears their insurance claim has been denied by Allstate. And their house is slipping slowly closer to the water. Luckily, they have found a place to stay, but are still in need – if you can help, go to their Facebook Page here, which has info on how to donate to them. You can also read our previous coverage on this story here. interviewed the couple and posted this story today (Monday, Dec. 20th):

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11 Responses to “VIDEO REPORT: Burien Couple Not ‘In Good Hands’ Over Problem With Allstate”
  1. Jay says:

    This just stinks all around. But it makes sense that the insurance company is Allstate. I had nothing but problems with them on my homeowners policy too. Go figure. We all should sue them for their obviously slanderous TV commercials that states they have you all covered. What a joke.

    But heck ya it’s time for a lawsuit if the big A doesn’t come through. If they promised the biggest and best policy to cover everything and now they say no. What a bunch of crud. I say boycott Allstate or any insurance company that doesn’t do what they say they are going to do.

    And according to the King5 account, the insurance company provided the best coverage so it isn’t a fact of not knowing your policy.

  2. Rebecca Dare says:

    That really STINKS! I hope something works out, but if there’s truly no insurance coverage I’d like to hear more reporting on what’s next for Dane and Kathy. They’ve contributed so much to our community.

  3. Coverofnight says:

    Is the storm really the reason the house slipped? I’d have those engineers look at the timber pilings – those things look rotten! That’s your foundation; maybe that house was about to go, even in sunny weather! Worth considering…..

    Yeah, I’m amazed how the Pacific Northwest gets the S**&@ end of the stick when it comes to insurance coverage. For example, it’s almost impossible to get earthquake coverage here though you may never experience one in your lifetime – yet every year, people’s homes get totally wiped out by tornadoes and hurricanes (knowing full well they’re right in the paths of them) and they get coverage at reasonable prices. Are our homeowner premiums helping to pay the settlements elsewhere in the nation? How about our fair share for the few disasters we have around here….especially for this poor couple?

    • Greg Duff says:

      I searched high and low for earthquake coverage for my home and had no luck until I called The Hartford and they provide earthquake coverage at a great rate. I now have all my coverage through Hartford.

  4. Stephen Lamphear says:

    I kicked Allstate to the curb over their excessive premiums and poor claims service.

  5. Steve says:

    Pretty much all insurance companies are your best friends… until you need them.


    • If you can’t get good claim service, what’s the point of paying for insurance? Allstate sounds awful.
      But I want to put in a plug for Oregon Mutual, which carries my homeowners and my business policy for the cottage (Soundview Bed & Breakfast). I recently had some water damage in the cottage kitchen (my own fault), and a professional crew from Oregon Mutual came the same day to dry it out. They were more than fair and prompt in paying my repair claim, plus compensating me for the business I had to turn away until it was back together – better than before! I totally recommend them. My agent is Propel Insurance.

  6. Lee Moyer says:

    I had some serious liability issues a few years ago. The insurance commissioner was a great help. I was pleasantly surprised. All the communications with the insurance company were about why I would not be covered: I didn’t notify them within 24 hours (it was a weekend), I didn’t use their liability form (they had approved mine, which conformed to industry standards ) etc.
    The insurance commissioner’s office did tell me that 60 %(if I recall the number right, it was more than half) of their high legal costs are between them and their client. In other words, they spend more resources fighting against their clients than for them. It makes sense. They know their client has few resourses to defend himself, that is why the client bought the insurance.

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