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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following post is being published as a sort of “gift” to Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer’s brother-in-law Kit Herring, who also happens to be a Writer. His new e-book, Descending the Cairo Side, is available as a download on Amazon for just $3.99. We unabashedly post this story to help a family member, who also happens to be very talented Writer, succeed:]

Scott Schaefer's bro-in-law, Writer Kit Herring.

Kit Herring’s
novel “Descending the Cairo Side” recounts the adventures of Danny White who, seeking to escape the complacent worlds of North American and Western Europe, joins the backpacker culture and travels to North Africa. His ultimate goal is to see the pyramids of Egypt, but during the journey he explores the intricacies of Muslim culture while trying to resolve his inner dilemmas, including the failure of his first great love affair and his inability to relate to his family and peers back home. He meets other travelers in northern Africa and their experiences exemplify the haphazard relations between Western tourists and the Arab world. In Egypt he reaches the epiphany he has been hoping for, but the event changes him in ways he could not have imagined.

Here’s a review that was “first published as A Hitchhiker on the Road on Technorati“:

Danny White is a young man who falls off the continent of Europe into Morocco, becoming a true vagabond. He begins his story in Descending the Cairo Side, “I didn’t know how long the journey would take, what exactly my route would be, or with whom I might share the adventure. I took no guide books; any expectations obtained from advance research would only hinder the spontaneous nature of the experience.” His meandering tour introduces him to culture and memorable places including campsites, sweaty bus rides, new lovers and new friends.

Kit Herring’s first novel inspired me to take a camel safari in Merzouga, Morocco and will inspire the reader to think about travel, to get out and travel and to read more about travel and political situations.

Herring’s work reminds the reader of Paul Theroux’s books where the traveler’s senses are inspired by lush surroundings. When he writes: “The shouts of children and touts, calls from the muzzeins in the mosques, throbbing antique motors, and a complete din of human activity all assaulted my ears. I was completely entranced…” I wanted to be in that scene. While reading, I had to remind myself the story was not yet a movie.

Herring skillfully shows us situations and travelers who make a large range of choices and have run-ins with locals, police and other nefarious characters. Danny White’s conclusion that “the law does not care to distinguish intentions from actions, and we are judged not by how we see ourselves, but rather by what effects our actions have on others,” could be about the law in any country and how we fit into our own society or another we are visiting in our travels.

Descending the Cairo Side grapples with choices we all must make whether we stay at home or choose to travel. And whom we choose to love. What actions are worthy of our time and attention? As a society, we often feel constrained to make the correct choices without landmarks for what is right and wrong. At a time when so many people spend their time in online communities with no human contact, it is refreshing to read about characters boldly setting out to discover new territory in far away lands. In the end, Herring tells us more about who we are and where we started from, than about the new lines we draw on our map.

While traveling we learn about ourselves and while he says, “so never mind the insecurities and fear. Sometimes trusting strangers is the best option of all,” most travelers really learn to trust themselves. I relate so well when he says, “Who can say what happens when we interrupt our lives with new choices and take a sudden detour?” Travel allows us the opportunity not only to explore new places but new parts of ourselves, to fully become the person we are meant to be.

Descending the Cairo Side, published in October 2010, is available as an e-book on

Lisa Niver Rajna is an accomplished travel agent, author, blogger and member of the Traveler’s Century Club, a unique travel club limited to travelers who have visited 100 hundred or more countries.

Click the book cover to buy the e-book on Amazon for just $3.99.

Suesulla –

This review is from: Descending the Cairo Side – a novel of the traveling life (Kindle Edition)
“I Just finished reading Kit Herring’s new book. Descending The Cairo Side. I really enjoyed it. It brought me back in time on an amazing journey. I couldn’t put it down. “

The book currently ranks #5 in sales of books about Algeria and #7 in sales for Tunisia.

“While the book is a work of fiction, the itinerary of the main character follows the exact route that I did in 1975,” Kit said. “I kept a journal and so remember all the place names, which I otherwise would have long forgotten – and where exactly is Burien, anyway, isn’t it somewhere way south of here?”

Here are various Editor’s responses to the manuscript:


Thanks so much for sending me Kit Herring’s DESCENDING THE CAIRO SIDE. I love travel narratives, especially when they attempt this sort of personal story cloaked in various cultural particulars, and Kit Herring certainly provides cultural particulars aplenty here.

Bantam Dell:

Thanks very much for sending me this project. The author, Kit, can certainly write, and I enjoyed the scenes of backpacking through Africa.

Random House:

I have had a chance to read DESCENDING THE CAIRO SIDE, and I think Herring has created a vivid, engaging novel here.

Broadway Books:

I really enjoyed the way this author brought me into the intriguing world of Cairo. But we’ve decided to stick with nonfiction for our travel program..

Thanks for the opportunity to consider it.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It’s been a very busy past few weeks! I have read and I think Kit is talented and definitely had a great adventure

Henry Holt:

Thank you so much for sending me DESCENDING THE CAIRO SIDE, and for your patience in awaiting a response. The descriptions of Danny White’s travels are carefully rendered, so much so that I felt at times that I was reading a non-fiction account, rather than a novel. In that regard, clearly, the author’s expertise and background shines.

Another editor from HarperCollins:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to see Descending the Cairo Side by Kit Herring. I was absolutely enchanted and thought that it was brilliantly written and such an extraordinary meditation so relevant for where we find ourselves at present. That said I am afraid that we have other competing titles on our backlist and under contract so I going to have to pass, with regrets.

Again, this e-book makes a great last-second cyber-stocking stuffer, especially considering the $3.99 pricetag – buy it on Amazon here.

For more information on Kit, check out his websites here:

Oh, and Merry Christmas Kit!

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