Three Tree Point Contractor/Drummer Suffers Heart Attack, Needs Help

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Burien native Todd Anderson suffered a serious heart attack on Dec. 9th, and his family is reluctantly asking for financial help to offset some of the costs.

Todd was born and raised in Burien’s Three Tree Point area, and is well-known to many as both a Contractor and Drummer for the “Three Tree Point Blues Band,” which plays at area community events as well as local clubs. He graduated from Highline High School in 1972, then attended the University of Washington. His wife Kathy also grew up at Three Tree Point and they’ve been married since 1980. Three generations of their families have lived or are still living at the Point.

While Todd does have health insurance, as with many plans, only part of the medical expenses are covered. A website has been set up to help raise funds for Todd and his family, with a goal of $25,000 (as of 3pm on 12/23, it had already raised $6,800!).

Kathy and Todd Anderson at a recent Halloween party.

“Todd is a self employed contractor and does not have disability insurance,” said his wife Kathy. “He will not be able to work for several months. That amount was decided by friends as a way for Todd to have peace of mind so that he can focus all of his energy on recovering and healing completely.”

Here’s a blurb from the fundraiser website:

A message from family & friends of the Andersons

Please join us in raising money to help Todd Anderson and his family.  On December 9th, Todd suffered cardiac arrest. He is still in the hospital awaiting surgery as of this writing. His recovery will take many months and as you know, Todd is self-employed. Your contribution will help with overwhelming medical bills and the family’s needs in the months ahead.

The Andersons have nurtured a large and loving community of family and friends. Kathy and Todd are far more comfortable giving to this community than receiving.  We now have an opportunity to give back generously to help this wonderful family during a challenging time.

Here’s more info on Todd courtesy Kathy:

Todd had a cardiac arrest while sleeping on December 9 at 5:15 am. Our daughter, Molly, heard me call out his name and came rushing into our bedroom from her room next to ours. After calling 911, she immediately began CPR and continued until the paramedics from the Burien Fire Dept arrived. His heart responded after only one paddle shock. As they transported him to Highline Hospital, the new hypothermia therapy treatment began with a chilled IV drip. His Hypothermia treatment continued at Highline by cooling his body temperature to 91 degrees for 24 hours. He is number 736 in the King County study of this rather new treatment. We’ve been told that given Todd’s scenario, only 8 % survive. After recovering to consciousness at Highline following the hypothermia treatment, Todd was transferred to Swedish hospital for an ICD (defibrillator implant) surgery. However, a blood clot had formed in the right atrium of his heart stalling the surgery. He is now at home on blood thinners and wearing an external life shock vest through the holidays as the clot continues to dissipate. He will return to Swedish for the implant surgery when the clot has cleared …we hope the first or second week of 2011!

Todd’s love of waterskiing has been shared in teaching many kids (including his own children, Pat, 21 and Molly, 24) and friends in the community over the past 35 years behind his original 1968 Boston Whaler. Pat and Todd even competed in a water skiing and wakeboard tournament as father and son a few years ago. He’s still seen ripping it up behind his orange Tahiti along the shores of the sound.

He is very appreciative of the support we’ve received from our family, friends and community.

The Three Tree Point Blues Band, with Todd drumming.

Anything else? We asked Kathy, who added:

“Encourages all yours Readers to get educated and trained to perform CPR!”

We know that any donation is appreciated, and we encourage those who can lend a hand to consider helping out Todd and his family – click here for the fundraiser website, where you can donate online (no PayPal account is needed).

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5 Responses to “Three Tree Point Contractor/Drummer Suffers Heart Attack, Needs Help”
  1. Renee says:

    Sounds almost like what happened to my husband! He was @ work on Dec 2nd when he collapsed! One of his co-workers preformed CPR for 8 minutes then they had to shock him 4 times with the paddles! He now has a defibrulator installed and is doing fine so far! My thoughts are with your family!! Stay strong and take one day at a time! If it doesnt get done today, it will still be there tomorrow and ask for help (which you have done) Wishing I could give but Im in the same boat again as you are!

  2. John W. says:

    It is a tragedy for anyone or any family to go through a crisis like this. With all due respect though, why not sell that 1968 Boston Whaler to raise money? I have a hard time “donating” to support someones elite lifestyle when they won’t part with their luxury goods first.

    • Henry says:

      Don’t donate then! If you don’t have anything positive to say regarding this subject, keep it to yourself. The last thing this family needs is some dumb*&! to put more stress on their already stressful situation. The Anderson’s are positive influences to our community and YOU need to shut it.

    • Herbert says:

      To the insensitive individual above- the Andersons have a vintage boat because it’s been in the family since Todd’s father tragically passed away when Todd was 15. Todd’s mother gave him the boat during his time of immense grief as a small beacon of light during an impossibly hard time. He’s had it ever since. Elite lifestyle?! Try holding on to things of sentimental value. He’s worked hard at keeping that boat running all these years instead of buying some new fancy boat. You look like an ignorant fool making such heartless assumptions.

  3. Courtney says:

    Has he applied for financial hardship through the hospital yet? There are usually a tremendous amount of untapped federal funds, but they need to apply as soon as the bills start coming in. Unfortunately they don’t tell you that when you’re there, and it’s the last thing on your mind while you’re recovering! No matter the income, he needs to apply and see what happens. It should offer some type of relief for them!

    Listen to the doctor, take care of yourself, and rest well Todd. I don’t know you, but I went through the same with my husband. Good luck!

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