City Of Burien Offering Pet Licenses At Reduced Rates

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The City of Burien announced Thursday (Dec. 30th) that local pet owners can obtain licenses for their dogs and cats at reduced rates after Dec. 31st.

Licenses for altered pets are $10; unaltered pets, $25, and licenses are good through June 30, 2011.

“The city requires the purchase each year of a pet license for all dogs and cats 6-months of age or older,” according to a statement. “The fee is based on whether the pet is altered or not. Full-year licenses are $20 for altered pets; $50, unaltered pets and are issued on July 1, good through June 30.”

Residents 65 years of age and older may obtain a special permanent license for the lifetime of their altered pet for a one-time charge of $15. Proof of spay/neuter must be submitted.

Current pet licenses issued by King County Animal Control are valid in the City through June 30, 2011. County licenses can be exchanged for City of Burien licenses at no charge. Lifetime licenses issued by King County will be honored. Pet owners of altered animals must bring documentation of the surgery in order to get the lower rate.

The public can apply online for a license here or at Burien City Hall, 400 SW 152nd St., Ste. 300, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday; as well as at Burien City Hall North, 11846 Des Moines Memorial Drive, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. – noon. You can also pick up an application form at the Burien Community Center, located at 14700 6th Avenue SW, and at most local pet stores and veterinarians.

Burien Animal Care and Control is directed by Dr. Leslie Kasper, DVM, who performs the following contract animal control services for the City of Burien:
  • Enforcement of Burien Municipal Code Title 6 Animals
  • Dog Bites/Dangerous Dog Reports
  • Impoundment of stray animals
  • Educational information about pets and pet ownership
  • Rescue of sick or injured animals
  • Referral to other animal service agencies
  • Website:
  • Ph: (206) 870-8471

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3 Responses to “City Of Burien Offering Pet Licenses At Reduced Rates”
  1. ten4gator says:

    The city of Burien wants responsible pet owners/taxpayers/voters to licence their pets to support their IRRESPONSIBLE animal care and CONTROL program.The City of Burien’s “dangerous dog” policies/ordnance (Ordnance # 543 ) a very irresponsible ordnance with a new subsection that they added and adopted that allows them to endanger human health,safety,and welfare of innocent citizens by putting the rights of vicious dogs and irresponsible owners above the rights of innocent victims.
    Burien’s city council voted not to join the new Regional Animal Services of King County. Instead they have patched together a makeshift system that let them release a “dangerous dog” that attacked unprovoked on a public street and caused serious injury and permanent facial disfigurement to an innocent citizen of their community,they allowed a dog they deemed “dangerous”to be released into another community where it can attack other unsuspecting innocent human beings.
    The city of Burien is simply avoiding it’s responsibility to the public at large by allowing “dangerous dogs” that cause serious injury and permanent disfigurement to innocent citizens of their community to be shipped off to another jurisdiction and letting that jurisdiction deal with a potentially lethal animal.”Sending a dangerous dog off to be some other city’s problem is an asinine and stupid policy.” Officials must take responsibility when a dog inflicts serious injury in its jurisdiction. Responsible actions do not include sending a dangerous animal to a new jurisdiction. Unfortunately, the city of Burien willfully believes that “what happens” to a legally deemed “dangerous dog” is more important than the innocent victim and the dog’s future victims. PLEASE email the city of [email protected] [email protected] and let them know that this type of injustice against innocent victims is WRONG. Let’s not put the rights of vicious dogs above the rights of INNOCENT VICTIMS………This is a picture of my wife and the dog was set free.CAUTION

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      You will NEVER get the current council to change any of this! The animal control situation is way beyond broken. The only way to effect change is at the polls. Vote the bums out!! Have you tried to call our animal control? All I get is a recorded message. Yet to get a call returned. What are we getting for our $10,000.00 a month?? That is another question our council chooses to ignore.

  2. ten4gator says:

    Letter after letter,email after email,comment after comment.
    Concerning Burien’s Animal care and control program ( ordinance #543 )
    and the council chooses to ignore the fact that their needs to be an amendment
    so that the rights of vicious/dangerous dogs are NOT put above the rights of
    innocent victims/citizens, and close the gap in legislation that allows for the
    continuation of these maulings.

    Here’s where their priorities are, they Amend a Burien Municipal code
    (prohibiting alcohol in public places) to allow consumption of alcohol at community events.

    Last page of Burien City News……December 2010

    Ordinance 546

    Amending Section 9.15.200
    of the Burien Municipal Code (prohibiting alcohol in public places)
    to allow for the sale and consumption of alcohol at certain community
    events when authorized in advance by the City Manager rather than the City
    Council. 10/4/10

    Don’t suppose those would be the events Mike Martin plans to attend do ya ?
    I’m tired of the REAL concerns of the citizens of Burien falling on deaf ears.
    Just like Eaton B. Verz says, The only way to effect change is at the polls. Vote the bums out!!

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