‘He/She’ Robber Of Burien Walgreens Arrested, Discovered To Be A ‘She’

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The King County Sheriff’s Department announced Wednesday (Jan. 19th) that they have arrested the infamous ‘He/She’ robber who hit the Burien Walgreen’s, as well as other pharmacies in the area (read our previous coverage here).

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This robber is not to be confused with the other recent gender-bending robber, known to police as the “Mrs. Doubtfire” bandit, a Des Moines woman who focused on banks; read our coverage of her here.]

Dressed to conceal gender, the armed robber committed at least four pharmacy robberies in the past few months, dressed in clothing meant to conceal his/her gender and identity. Originally, police thought the robber was full of testosterone, but later changed their minds and started suspecting that the suspect was more of the estrogen/progesterone type.

According to police, the robber’s technique was to head to the pharmacy counter, where she asked for Oxycodone. In at least some of the robberies a pistol was waived around while the pharmacist complied.

The cops hunch on her gender was fully confirmed when the woman was arrested Monday night (Jan. 17th) about 7:50pm, when deputies responded to the Burien Walgreen’s at 14656 Ambaum Blvd SW. The woman had just hit the pharmacy again and was leaving the store when arrested.

The woman had a black air gun in her possession. She is 37 years old, 5’2” and 260 lbs. Here are some pics from the surveillance camera that will take you back down a confusing, gender-bending memory lane:

Detectives believe her first robbery was at the same Walgreen’s store on Sept. 30, 2010 at around 9:30pm. In that one she wore a gray hoodie, blond wig, and a straw hat, and brandished what appeared to be handgun.

The Burien Walgreen’s was hit again on Nov. 22nd about 12:15am. This time the suspect wore a light-colored trench coat, hood and a beanie hat, with a scarf that covered most of her face. A gun was implied.

On Dec. 16th about 2:45am, store employees believe the same suspect was at Walgreen’s (again), inside the store. For some reason the robber didn’t act and left the store before Sheriff’s deputies arrived. Not long afterwards the Walgreen’s in Renton was robbed. Renton PD and Sheriff’s detectives believe the same person was responsible for that robbery as well.

Detectives will forward their investigation to the Prosecutor’s Office shortly. They will decide how many counts of robbery to file.

The woman is currently being held on $50,000 bail.

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One Response to “‘He/She’ Robber Of Burien Walgreens Arrested, Discovered To Be A ‘She’”

    What did they say she was? 5’2″ and 260 lbs, Are they sure it wasn`t a Winchells she was robbing instead of a Walgreens?

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