UPDATE: Car Driver Dies On Burien Street Of “Apparent Natural Causes”

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UPDATE TUES. 1/25/11 4pm: We first covered this tragic story shortly after Noon today, but we have an update from the King County Sheriff’s Department on the man who died on a Burien street of what police are calling “apparent natural causes.”

Here’s the KCSO’s full release:

A man died in Burien this morning of apparent natural causes.  He was driving a car and was stopped by detectives, but then later collapsed along the side of the roadway.

The incident began at 10:36 AM when two detectives driving an unmarked car stopped a 1995 Toyota Corolla at SW 151st and Ambaum Blvd in Burien.  The wing window of the car was broken out, and the trunk lid was unlatched and bouncing.  Detectives thought the vehicle might be an unreported stolen, as these are both common ways to enter a car to steal it.

Detectives talked with the driver, a 49 year-old man.  He said the car belonged to the passenger, a 46 year-old Seattle man.  After a short investigation they confirmed the car did belong to the passenger.  They warned the driver about driving with no insurance.

The detectives left the scene at 10:46 AM.

At 11:08 AM Burien Police were called back by the fire department, who were performing CPR on the driver.  The man collapsed some time after the detectives left.  The aid crew needed deputies because the passenger was complicating their efforts.

CPR was not effective and the man died at the scene.   According to a relative of the man, he suffered from several health problems and was currently under the care of a physician.


An apparent heart attack victim died on a Burien street around Noon on Tuesday, Jan. 25th, after his vehicle was allegedly pulled over by an undercover police minivan.

The incident occurred just before Noon at the corner of Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 149th, in front of CSL Electronics.

According to eyewitness Juan Barron, Owner of CSL Electronics, the driver was pulled over by an unmarked, gray minivan. After talking with the undercover officer, the driver of a white Toyota got out of his vehicle and collapsed on the street.

At least six police cruisers and four aid cars quickly converged on the scene, and CPR was “frantically” attempted to no avail.

The victim died at the scene. No identity has yet been released, but as we get more info we’ll update this post.

Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer happened upon the scene shortly after it happened, and shot these photos:

Emergency personnel worked frantically to save the victim, who apparently died on the street.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: Car Driver Dies On Burien Street Of “Apparent Natural Causes””
  1. Racer_Rex says:

    Have a heart man. Whoever this was probably had a family or at least friends. Do you Really need to show pictures of them getting covered up?

  2. Sax guy says:

    This was a very sad scene to come across yesterday, I feel for the mans family and friends. I was wrong in assuming it was just another execution by one of our “heros”.

  3. Burienite says:

    Heard from people that also happened upon the scene, that the friends and/or family members were blaming the police for “scaring the man to death.”

    No joke. I guess they (family/friends) were pretty uncooperatvie and unruly.

    Wierd deal…

  4. Jared says:

    Good effort by Medic One & Burien Fire Dept to try to save the man. Their quick response undoubtedly gave him every possible chance to survive.

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