Burien Lawmakers Attending ‘Council Retreat’ This Saturday – In SeaTac

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Burien’s City Council will be attending a ‘Council Retreat’ this Saturday at a hotel that was recently rated #1 in the US – Cedarbrook Lodge, located at 18525 36th Ave South in SeaTac.

The city announced that the purpose of the retreat is to discuss “council goals and priorities.”

The getaway will be an all-day affair this Saturday, Jan. 29th, from 8am to 4pm.

Cedarbrook was recently rated the #1 hotel in the US by the “TripAdvisor® 2011 Travelers’ Choice® Awards.” You can read more about that at our sister site The SeaTac Blog. This facility formerly housed a resort-like training center for Washington Mutual Bank.

Burien City Councilmembers invited to spend the day in luxury at Cedarbrook include:

(Seated, from left) Councilmember Gerald Robison, Mayor Joan McGilton, Councilmember Gordon Shaw; (standing) Councilmember Rose Clark, Deputy Mayor Brian Bennett, Counclmember Jack Block. Not pictured, Councilmember Lucy Krakowiak. Photo courtesy City of Burien.

According to the hotel’s website:

Thoughtfully located in Cedarbrook’s Copperleaf Bar is a regulation pool table, available for impromptu play any time. Whether solo or with a friend, spouse or significant other, it’s a noble (and fun) distraction!

No word yet on who’s bringing their own monogrammed pool cues, but we’re picturing a raucous round of B-Town billiards with cigars, snifters of fine Brandy and lots of cusswords as our local lawmakers argue over our city’s vision for 2011.

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13 Responses to “Burien Lawmakers Attending ‘Council Retreat’ This Saturday – In SeaTac”
  1. Laurie Keep says:

    How much is that costing the tax payers? Can’t they meet for free in the conference rooms at the new library? Why should we pay for this? I think they should rethink this retreat and find a way to do it for free. This is a total waste of time and money with so many unemployed and having a hard time feeding there families. I cannot tell you how VERY ANGRY this makes me!!!!!

  2. Ian Gunsul says:

    I am stunned that anyone on the city council would think this is a good way to spend taxpayers money.
    There wasn’t a city meeting room or someone’s livingroom available for this?

  3. Ricky says:

    Shame on the Burien City Council? Stop spending money you don’t have!
    Just simply use a conference room at the Burien Community Center.
    Start learning to run the City of Burien like a business instead of a charity.

    If you want to have a communal experience just use one of your own homes, you know, like a progressive dinner!

  4. Steve says:

    Chill out people… We’re talking SEATAC here… not Beverly Hills.

    ” No. 2 Bargain in the U.S.”

    If you also notice, it’s just a day event… like renting out a banquet hall. It’s probably costing next to nothing. Right?!

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Just another example of this council not being good stewards of our monies. If it’s no big deal Steve can we count on you to pick up the tab for the rest of us? It will cost you next to nothing, right?

  5. JJ Greive says:

    Seriously folks, these guys are practically volunteers, getting paid well below the poverty level. The problem in politics today is the inability for compromise and open exchange of ideas. Business as usual is not an option, we need our representatives be able to work together. If a one day trip to exotic destination of Seatac (that is a joke people)
    allows them to bond, learn and work together, it is well worth it.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      I agree JJ, we get what we pay for. Maybe if we increase the salary we would get better qualified candidates. My problem is that they knew the salary/benefit package before they ran. I’m willing to bet that many on the council spent more to get into office than the would receive in salary for a year. Also, if I remember right,the amount spent on travel/stipend,etc per year ,per councilmember is a real eye opener. Let em bond at city hall!

  6. Elizabeth2 says:

    Maybe the hotel is comping the rooms for a local council?

    I agree that certainly there are better ways to spend city money, but perhaps we need to inquire as to if and how much they are actually spending.

    Fact first, please.

    • Shari says:

      Same thing I was thinking, Elizabeth. Let’s hope it was comped. But even if it’s not being paid for with public funds, it still might have been wiser to avoid opening the door to these assumptions in the first place (didn’t some political figure once say that it isn’t the truth that matters, it’s the perception of the truth that matters?). And if it *is* being paid for with public money, well… then I’ll be very eager to hear the justification.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Don’t be a spoil sport, E2,
      Can’t you see from these posts how much more fun it is to speculate in ignorance rather than discuss facts?
      I’ve been involved in professional retreats (in face, I have one coming up) and they can be very productive. They are not fun, at least to me. They do require isolation, strong preparation, committed participants and professional leadership (which will cost more than the room). Done properly, they can be very productive. I’m sure some corporation types use them as a ruse fore a paid vacation on the company, but does anyone really think a day confined to a room in a Seatac hotel is a benefit they would enjoy?

      • jan says:

        Here here, Lee. Typically retreats are conducted outside of the business venue. Don’t shame shame the council everybody….perhaps a better city council will come out of this meeting. Anyone know where they met last year?

  7. citizen says:

    The old City Hall sits empty….New City Hall isn’t good enough…..I say BULLSHRIMP….The City streets in Burien are pothole after pothole…have the meeting on one of our falling apart roads….Taxpayers paid for City Hall …USE IT…………

  8. othersideoftown says:

    Are you people kidding me? This is what you have to bitch about? A one day meeting in a sea-tac hotel and you`re throwing a hissy fit???? *LOL*
    I`m sure that there will be dancing girls there and maybe a few hookers and who knows what else, Lions and tigers and bears. OH MY!!!
    Us taxpayers may have to spring for a lunch for a few folks, big F^(%$#@ deal, Find something better to do with your time people, like maybe go play a round of golf.
    Unf_ _ _ ing _ believable..

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