Police Issue Warning On Daytime Burglaries In Area

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On Saturday morning (Jan. 29), the Normandy Park Police Department issued a warning to residents about a recent rash of daytime burglaries in the city, as well as surrounding communities, apparently including Burien.

Police are reminding residents to “please remember to lock your doors and windows and set your alarms if installed.”

“Please try to take the time to record the serial and model numbers of your electronic/maintenance equipment,” they add. “This will help with our investigation if you become a victim.”

The Normandy Park Police Department says that they will “continue to diligently investigate all crimes that occur in the City.”

If you live in Normandy Park and have any information regarding these or any other incidents, please call (206) 248-7600.

If you live in Burien, the non-emergency number to call is (206) 296-3311.

Of course, if you ever witness suspicious behavior, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Also, to monitor local crimes in your area, check out our continually-updated Crime Map.

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11 Responses to “Police Issue Warning On Daytime Burglaries In Area”
  1. Christine says:

    I would happily install a home security system if the City of Burien Police would respond to home alarms. It shocked me to discover that a homeowner has to pay an outside company to respond to home alarms and that the Police will only come after private security comes and confirms a problem. That time delay makes home security alarms worthless here. It also may explain partially why we are being targeted.

  2. Burienite says:

    That’s because homeowners are mostly responsible for a chronic level of false alarms from home security systems.

    It is no suprise to me, once you find out how many false alarms local police were responding to. I want my police to be handling REAL emergencies, not falses alarms.

    Probably 98% of burgler alarms are false.

  3. Erik says:

    Burienite I have to disagree. I could see these “stats” you referred to from a few years ago. Nowadays all alarm systems are wired into a phone system. If the resident sets the alarm off by accident the alarm company calls the residence and confirms with the home owner by password that this was a false alarm. The police are not called until the owner has been contacted and the situation is addressed with the owner. So the police are never wasting there time with false alarms. I know this because I have a alarm system. I know other Cities have a permit process for home alarms. You purchase the permit for a year and you have 2 false alarm credits if needed after that you are billed.

  4. Michele says:

    Caught a man in a white van stealing from our yard in Shorewood, Friday at 10am. Broad daylight, no remorse.

  5. Christine says:

    I have had alarm systems for a dozen+ years in Atlanta and never had a false alarm. Those who did were fined after the first offense. False alarms are not that common anymore. Fine people for false alarms…don’t just decide to stop responding to them.

    Once I found out that I would actually be fined if I had an alarm and did not pay someone else to respond to it, I realized I was on my own here. No alarm company can have enough responders to be local to everyone all the time….that should be the job of the police.

  6. brir says:

    Alittle over a year ago my house was broken into. My neighbour was home an called the police. The Burien police where then within minutes. Needless to say they cought the man an we got all of our belongings back.

  7. Alex Stoller says:

    Rumor has it there was a bad burglary in Gregory Heights, Neighbors be warned, and let’s all watch out for each other

  8. josie-v says:

    We’re in Gregory Heights about 1.5 blocks from the pool (2100 block of 169th) and got hit on Tuesday the 18th. They broke in through the basement in the backyard, came upstairs and ransacked, taking small electronics (all could fit in a backpack) and jewelry plus a large iMac desktop. Looks like they left out the front door. The B-town Blog crime map shows another a few blocks away the same day, and another closer to the school on the 27th. Heard that a Normandy Park officer warned of teens going to doors — if someone answered, they would ask if they had any work to be done; if not, they would look for an alternate means of entry. Take note if someone knocks on your door with this ruse, and please report them. Burien officer responded after we got home and discovered, took fingerprints and registered serial numbers we had, but nothing so far.

  9. Sara says:

    I submitted a letter to the editor back in May of 2010 regarding this same issue. There were three houses broken into within just a few days of each other all within a one block area (8 total in the GH area within a one month time frame). Seems this has been going on for sometime now with no hope at it slowing down or ending. I urge everyone to keep a close eye out for anything or anyone that doesn’t look right and call 911 and to be in contact with your neighbors – swap phone numbers and emails and just keep an eye out for them and have them do the same for you. And I still fully agree with the signs that were posted back in May when this was happening!!! If anything, it was an eye opener and hopefully made theives think twice.


  10. josie-v says:

    Heard a white pickup and a blue car were noticed at the scene of one Gregory Heights burglary . . . in case you notice these hanging out in your neighborhood.

  11. BWC says:

    Be armed! The King County sheriff dept is great, but it does take time once you dial 911. I was home
    asleep about 8am when I heard knocking on my front than back door, very aggressive knocking, I grabbed my shotgun and opened a window to find a man had backed a brown older van up my drive way which is about 8′ wide and very steep. I asked what he wanted and he nervously told me, “Oh I have the wrong house” Yes you do! I did not have a car parked in the carport / driveway so it looked like nobody was home. Sheriff responded and found the van a few blocks over, but nothing they could do. BE ARMED!

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