Here’s Why A Helicopter Was Hovering Over Burien/Normandy Park Last Night

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We received a couple of emails Sunday morning (Jan. 30) inquiring as to why there was a low-flying helicopter hovering over the Normandy Park/Burien area early this morning.

According to BTB Reader Pat Herd:

“Normandy Park and Burien have just been treated to a low-flying helicopter repeatedly circling our neighborhoods and the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center (WSCJTC) on 1st Avenue.

Do you have any contacts at WSCJTC that can tell you if this was a “real” emergency, or just someone’s really, really, really, bad idea to do this kind of training at 2 AM on Sunday morning?”

So we contacted Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Office and got this response:

“Looks like they were assisting Kent Police with a traffic pursuit and then the driver ran off on foot.”

We have no other information yet, but will update this post if we receive any more details.

Did YOU see/hear this chopper? If so, did it disturb you at all? Please leave a Comment below…

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11 Responses to “Here’s Why A Helicopter Was Hovering Over Burien/Normandy Park Last Night”
  1. Kellie Bassen says:

    There are always helicopters flying over Burien searching for criminals.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for inquiring. This is the kind of information you can’t get anywhere else. Love the Blog!

  3. jimmy p says:

    this happens alot in the north burien white center area more in the summer than the winter someone runs from the cops the call in the copter the heat cameras help spot crinmals in the dark i think there called flar camera’s or somthing like that not sure of the spellings durning the sumer you will here them about once or twice a week unless if you have good windows on your house at all hours of the night they also use them to search for house’s that might have some of plants growing under high heat lamps like weed or other plants

  4. Steph P says:

    If you live in “North Burien,” aka White Center, or close to it, it’s a very normal occurance. There’s a reason they call them “Ghetto Birds”!

  5. Rob says:

    Actually I think they did it so some *ssholes could have the oppurtunity to call my neighborhood a ghetto

  6. Dustin says:

    I heard it was for a shooting in burien.

  7. Tony Norton says:

    The helicopters were overhead around 2am this morning (1/30/2011).

    I witnessed a Police unit had blocked the intersection of 4th Ave SW & SW 186th St. The police unit would chirp / double chirp its sirens every 15-30 seconds for 10 minutes. Other police units in the area seemed to also chirp their sirens.

    The Helicopter seemed to be hovering over a 1/4 mile stretch that includes the intersection of 1st Ave SW & Normandy Park Dr SW, SW 190th St & 2nd Ave SW & 1st Ave S & SW 190th St.

    So, even though B-town / Whitecenter get the bad raps, this happened right smack in the middle of Normandy Park on 1st Ave.


  8. jimmy p says:

    yea white center anit only getto theres a lot of so called thugs in normandy park and des moins or criminals it happens also we all get the ems copters flying low two from highline so called hospital

  9. Ryan says:

    I have heard these many times. We have inquired before, asking what is going on, and they have told us these are training exercises.
    Apparently the police like to fly their choppers around for “training” at 2am with no regard for waking people up.
    I am surprised they have money in their budgets to operate those things as much as they do.

    • citizen says:

      Ryan, you are correct, the training requires night time training. The Airport has a boundry line…that would be 1st ave…they will fly through Burien on any call that is in Des Moines or south of there.

  10. RT says:

    I appreciate Tony’s comments. Thank you for information that is based on facts and eyewitness observation. It’s a shame that people feel the need to bash neighborhoods. I have a family member who was a police officer 20 years and he would assure you that no neighborhood is without it’s bad guys. Money doesn’t make yours all that much safer. It is laughable to call White Center/Burien “ghetto”. I was born in north Burien and lived there 28 years of my life. I now live in southern California and I’ve seen ghettos. A true ghetto does not exist in your area. To call the White Center/Burien area ghetto is naive, ignorant, and betrays the accuser of being one who hasn’t seen much beyond their front door. Thank God you live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and that the worst neighborhoods in King Count (of which Burien and White Center are not) are nothing compared to neighborhoods in places like LA.

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