These Two Rescued, Emaciated Burien Dogs Definitely ‘Deserve Better’

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Last week, a group called “Dogs Deserve Better” helped rescue two emaciated, chained-up dogs from a home in Burien.

With the help of Officer Adam Easterbrook and the folks at Five Corners Veterinary Hospital, two volunteers went to the home of a man, whom they confronted about two sickly-looking dogs chained up in his yard.

“Joel” and “Julie” were then rescued from the man and taken to the Vet, where they were treated.

“We have Joel in foster with our group and Julie is in foster with Salty Dog Rescue,” said Kelly Page, a State Rep for Dogs Deserve Better. “Joel (the male dog) is in foster care on Vashon Island, and he is not out of the woods yet. He is 27 pounds, about half his ideal weight, but he is surviving and we are monitoring him carefully. We did just hear from Officer Easterbrook that the other three dogs in the home that belong to the roommate are in good condition.”

Here are some photos that show the terrible condition of the two neglected, rescued dogs:

According to Kelly, via the “Dogs Deserve Better’ Facebook Page:

Charges have not been forwarded to the prosecutor. Police are still investigating to determine exactly what to charge the owner with so still unknown. Even if the sheriff’s office forwards recommendations of charges, the prosecutor’s office could still decline. Let’s hope this does not happen & charges are pressed. Justice must be served here.

Special thanks so Burien Five Corners Vet and Dr. Joel Cuthbert. Not only did Dr. Cuthbert make sure that the officer knew how dire this situation was today, but they did not even charge us for the office visit or all the fluids and food they gave to little Joel. They were so amazing!

Also, thank you to Deputy Sheriff Adam Easterbrook who recognized the importance and urgency of the situation and did everything he could to make sure these dogs survived. He admitted that he wasn’t very familiar with the animal cruelty laws but I gave him my Animal Rights of Washington handbook and he was happy to read through it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to these two people!

“Dogs Deserve Better” is also seeking to pass legislation called HB 1755 – 2011-12 (download PDF here), co-sponsored by Burien’s own Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, concerning the humane treatment of animals, that would make such neglect, such as chaining up and neglecting dogs like Joel and Julie, illegal.

For more information, check out the “Dogs Deserve Better” Facebook Page.

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22 Responses to “These Two Rescued, Emaciated Burien Dogs Definitely ‘Deserve Better’”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    Did Burien Animal Control know anything about this????? Isn’t this the type of situation we are paying them for?

    • Crystal says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. Where was Burien Animal Control. I thought the police were suppose to have her phone number and she was going to be out in the field now that her office when belly up.

  2. Eaton B. Verz says:

    That is the $10,000 a month question. I have a feeling that the animals are a lot better off without Burien Animal Control. Maybe that is what the officer also thought?? At least they got the proper help!

  3. Doubting Thomas says:

    From the Blog report they did not contact the city

  4. Judy says:

    Burien Animal Control is a joke-I called acouple of weeks ago about a stray dog walking by our house on a regular basis- I even put out food because he looked he hadn’t eaten for a while – I called BAC 4 times and no one ever called back- its a waste of the tax payers dollars!! Hope Joel and Julie we be fine.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    This is a very hot button topic in Burien I would really appreciate the B-Town Blog folks would investigate what is going on with Burien Animal Control and give us some facts. I am so confused by all the comments I see here and in the articles in the Highline Times. I don’t know what is really the truth. But I think Scott and company would be able to give us the facts and let us know if our money is being spent wisely or if we can serve our animal population better with another arrangement. It’s a big assignment Scott – any chance you are willing?

  6. Robyn says:

    This is an outrage and the owner should be arrested…now! How would he liked to be chained up ourside and left to starve. I will never understand how someone could be so cruel. That household shouldn’t be allowed to have any animals, not even the roommates animals. What did he do to stop this abuse? Nothing!

    • Chris says:

      I think I would be looking into the matter of the roommate. How could he have dogs of his own and let these two dogs go and get in this kind of shape. I hope these dogs make it! My heart goes out to them.

  7. Bac says:

    Burien animal control is a JOKE!!! It is better that these poor dogs went to 5 corners Vet. BAC would have just put them down and thats only IF she answers the phone.Time to get rid of her it is a waste of money to pay someone who is getting paid for nothing!!! Dogs deserve much better!!! Every time I see her new “office” I look at it as the last thing a poor animal see’s..Get well soon little puppies and I hope you get a nice home with someone to spoil you like crazy.Thanks also for the two 5 corner Vets who took them in and the officer who CALLED the right vet!!!

  8. critical thinker says:

    Good job by Dogs Deserve Better. They are a great organization that has helped save the lives of dozens of dogs in our area.

    I recently came across a dog running loose in the street. I was able to coax him close enough that I could read his tag. When I called the owner, they did nothing to protect their dog from the hazards of roaming in the street eating garbage. I briefly thought about taking this poor dog to animal control, but then I had to weigh the risks of the dog running loose against the risks of him being mishandled by Burien Animal Control. In the end, I decided to let him roam the neighborhood because I didn’t have enough confidence that BAC would handle him properly, or even let him live.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      I agree with you C-T. I have ZERO comfidence in Burien Animal Control. I have yet to have them answer the phone or return calls. I’m just thankful that there are people like Dogs Deserve Better and Five Corners Vet. Time for me to make a donation to DDB!!

  9. Jeff says:

    How stupid are the citizens of Burien ? Well let’s see. It seems as thou most of them can’t think for themselves and rely on goverment to do that for them. I hate to tell you that only good law abiding citizens will make Burien great not your stupid city council or the Burien animal control. Grow a brain Bruien and stop depending on stupid people to take care of you. Spend your money wisely.

  10. Wheels says:

    Komo 4 reports that King County wants to take these animals out of foster care and place them in a shelter, to be held as live evidence. Normally, one might hope that BAC would step in, claim jurisdiction, and stand up for the dogs, demanding they stay in foster care where they can get the most personal attention. Considering the lack of experience and lack of leadership at BAC, they would probably just make matters worse. Now would be a good time for people to donate to Dogs Deserve Better, to help them pay for lawyers, to help them do the right thing when our public institutions are incapable. I wish DDB was getting $10,000 a month, not Dr. Kasper.

  11. Pam F. says:

    Thank you Dogs Deserve Better! Thank you 5 Corners Vet Clinic/Dr. Cuthbet! And thank you Deputy Easterbrook!

    I work with a different canine rescue group and this is the stuff that just breaks your heart where the animals are concerned. I don’t even want to get started.

    But again, thank you all for stepping up for these poor creatures. Bless your hearts…

    Please keep the public posted. Not familiar with the law on whether the county really can take these animals out of rescue care, but would like to keep informed.

  12. critical thinker says:

    Like Elizabeth stated above, I would appreciate it if the B-town Blog would investigate this matter. Komo 4 has now had two stories. Their most recent one says that part of the reason Dogs Deserve Better ended up with the disputed dogs is because BAC wouldn’t answer their phone when the police called. I can understand if Dr. Kasper doesn’t return my calls, but for $10,000 a month, it seems like she could at least cooperate with the police in an animal emergency. What if we had a Rosie type situation here? At least in Des Moines, they were able to speak to the director of animal control. B-Town Blog: isn’t this worth a little investigative reporting?

    Dogs Deserve Better, an organization with a documented record of helping animals, now has to spend part of their limited budget on lawyers to protect these dogs. It was the job of BAC to protect these dogs. Will BAC ever step up and do the right thing without public pressure?

    Perhaps Dr. Kasper did all the right things. Maybe she is doing a great job as Burien’s director of animal control. If so, she should be able to speak up. She should tell the public why the officer investigating Joel and Julie was unable to get a hold of her when he was faced with an animal emergency. She should tell the public why, for $10,000 a month, her assistant can’t answer the phone once in a while. She could explain why phone messages aren’t returned. Joel and Julie didn’t starve over night. They were in this douchebag’s front yard, for all to see. How is it that dogs in Burien can be abused like this in the first place? What is Dr. Kasper doing to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again? She now has an opportunity to show leadership by answering these questions. If she remains silent about this case, that will speak volumes about her.

    • Let me assure you, we are working on a followup story to this.

      Please be patient though, as we’re trying to work through the city’s channels, which can be slow. This is one of the higher-priority stories for us now – thanks for the tip!

      If anyone has any info/details to share about this story, please email editor(at) ASAP.


      • critical thinker says:

        Thank you for looking into it. However, if you are going through channels, I have a prediction for the city’s response:

        “Dr. Kasper is doing a fine job. She did nothing wrong in this case. Burien was correct in hiring her.”

        I also predict that Burien’s official statement will answer none of the outstanding questions in this case. I hope they prove me wrong for once.

        It would be better if Dr. Kasper could just sit down in an interview with a reporter from the B-town Blog and answer questions honestly, without coaching or direction from the city manager.

  13. Erik Robbins says:

    The City was more that willing to take our money the other day for the renewal of our dogs license. They should just as willing to talk about this issue.

  14. Eaton B. Verz says:

    These situations speak volumes about our city officials. I’ve asked the council to address the BAC situation and received no response from any member. Our city manager tries to sweep this under the rug saying all is well. We have spoken to Dr. Kasper. Nothing is wrong. I personally am fed up with the lack of response. The council is content to ignore the public outrage and refuse to even admit a problem. They need to own up to their mistake and make the proper changes. I doubt they will so I will use my vote and my wallet to try and replace the current council members when they come up for re-election and encourage others to do the same.
    Thanks Scott for taking a good look at this. It will be very interesting to see the response from city hall.
    Keep these people away from our elderly and PLEASE DO NOT let them create a Burien Police Dept!! If they don’t care about defenseless animals what will they create to keep the citizens safe???

  15. Wheels says:

    No response yet from the City? Are they working hard to craft just the right message? Or are they hoping people will forget?

    It would only take a moment to answer this question: Why were police unable to contact animal control when they needed help? Simple question.

  16. Debi says:

    I hope the DA goes forward with charges against the owner. He deserves punishment for this inhumane treatment of the dogs.

  17. Susan E. says:

    I just don’t understand. Why do people have dogs if they aren’t going to take care of them and love them. They probably unconditionally loved this man who ignored, mistreated and left these poor puppies to waste away.

    I hope charges are filed and I praise those who were able to get them out of that sitatuion. I pray they are never given back.

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