Burien Woman Who Videotaped Raping Of Her 4-Year Old Gets 26+ Years

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Hollie Beston, a Burien woman who videotaped herself and her husband raping her own 4-year-old daughter, was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison by Judge Mariane Spearman on Friday (Feb. 18) in King County Superior Court.

Beston was arrested in October 2009, along with her ex-husband, Brian Beston, 36, by Seattle Police after the FBI learned of the sex crime from the recipient of the photos, a man facing child-molestation charges in Southern California. Her husband was also sentenced in June 2010 to a minimum 26 years in prison.

Charging papers say the two provided live streaming video of the rape of their child over the internet to the California man, who alerted authorities as part of his therapy. Documents also claim that Brian Beston admitted repeatedly raping the girl, and that Hollie Beston admitted taking photos and videos of the crimes.

According to investigators, Beston was offering the girl online to have sex with the California man and streamed the live abuse to prove the authenticity of the offer.

Some other amazingly unpleasant facts we dug up from this story (as we previously reported in October, 2009):

  • Police believe the Bestons abused the girl for several months.
  • Hollie Beston is also accused of operating the camera and sending the images via a cellphone and the Internet.
  • Police searched the Bestons’ homes in Kent and Burien and confiscated computers, cameras, flash drives, cellphones and other electronics, court papers said.
  • The child was taken into custody by state Child Protective Services.

We did our own Google search for “Hollie Beston” and found a profile for her (direct link here), which includes some incredibly ironic statements like:

  • I am a fun loving and caring person.”
  • “I have a problem with caring for people too much, which leads to people trying to use me.”
  • “It is a lot of fun meeting new people but I am careful because I have a young one to take care of.”

Here’s exact wording from her Google Profile, which is still active:

Hollie Beston

Medical Assisting ; Student at Kaplan University
Burien, Washington

Traveling, astrology, baking some, reading, swimming, going for walks…

I am a fun loving and caring person. I love to goof off and raising my child. I graduate in August but will be done with classes in the middle of march then plan on continuing my education by going for my RN. I have a problem with caring for people too much, which leads to people trying to use me. I enjoy doing a variety of things and have hopes and dreams that will someday come true. It is a lot of fun meeting new people but I am careful because I have a young one to take care of.

Places I’ve lived
Golden Valley, AZ ; Lenoir, NC; Kent and Burien, WA

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14 Responses to “Burien Woman Who Videotaped Raping Of Her 4-Year Old Gets 26+ Years”
  1. TcB says:

    This story is horrible. What I haven’t been able to find is real evidence that she is actually from Burien. Do we have an address? Intellius and other people search databases show that she is recorded as living in Kent, and Tacoma. The only evidence of her being from Burien are news reports, The Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, etc. This wouldn’t be the first time that Burien makes news and turns out to be not involved. Let’s get this one straight. We owe it to our community and our name.

    • jimmy p says:

      i hope you didn’t wast your money on searching for this perv it says on her google profile witch is looks like it is made by her most likely as it says in the bottom of the story that she lives or lived in burien it would be pointless to find where exactly she lived do to the fact that she is locked up now and unfortunately there are some pervs and sex offenders in the area if you look in the crime section on here and look at the options for the crime map they have a thing to show the sex offenders in the area its rather scary that there are so many and those are the one that have register with the police or the city but least they caught these pervs and they will dealt with in prison as soon as other prisoners find out what there in for chances are if there not it protective custody in prison they might just come out in body bags

      • TcB says:

        No wasted money. Free info. Not Pointless.. If she didn’t actually live here I want it to be said. This terrible person, if not really associated with this city, must be expunged from the records kept of the history of the city.

        • TcB says:

          Maybe people don’t understand but this is making world news. If she’s not from here then let’s correct the story.

          • jimmy p says:

            sorry i ment pointless by the fact that we cant get there address and take care of these pervs are self with some street justice

        • Othersideoftown says:

          No offense TCB but you seem more concerned about exonerating Burien more than the welfare of this poor child. Who really cares (besides you) where they are from, the bottom line is they are sick people who need to be spending the rest of their sick pathetic perverted lives in prison. What happened to this girl is absolutely inexcusable.

          • TcB says:

            ya it’s because the crime was committed possibly in Kent or Tacoma or somewhere, because She has lived in Arizona, Tacoma, Kent, possibly with here husband in Renton, Auburn… She had an apartment here for two minutes and the world now will say, oh look at what kind of people are from Burien. Yes I’m concerned about the girl . That was something that has happened, and the criminal is in jail. Worthless for me to spout after she’s in jail already. Trying to stop more damage. Nobody cares though because, well let’s face it. you people don’t like living here..

    • TcB says:

      This story talks of her husband being from Kent. She is listed as living in Kent and also Tacoma. Where did Burien come into this?

    • Rainycity says:

      I wasn`t going to post here anymore but this I remember reading about these two sick F$^&S a while ago and more than a few things came to mind that should be done to them. A child is very resilient and I really hope she can recover from this absolutely betrayal of trust. I can`t even imagine doing this to a kid.

  2. Steve says:

    Not even close to enough time. All for the death penalty in this sort of case… or some good ol fashioned street justice. I hope they both get a taste of that in prison. (which most likely they will)

  3. Patty Lessley-Douglas says:

    Death is too good for these demons. They will rot in hell for what they have done. This is far beyond sad.

  4. Burienite says:

    Public stoning and then being pulled apart on the “rack” is not enough tourture for this sorry excuse for a human being. As was quoted in the movie Pulp Fiction, “…going to go to work on the holmes with pair of pliers and a blow torch…”

    This is absoulutely one of the worst things I’ve ever read about.

  5. Greg Duff says:

    My prayers go out to this little girl that she may rise above the abuse that she has suffered. My heart aches when I am reminded of how cruel people can be to the innocent little children.

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