How Would YOU Describe Burien In One Word? Please Tell Us Here…

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As part of an online survey (you can take it here) for its “Vision for Burien,” the City of Burien is asking people to “describe the city in one word.”

A “Wordcloud” graphic was created and posted to the city’s “Vision for Burien” Facebook Page, which you can see here:

Click image to see larger version.

Some of the most interesting words can be found in smaller fonts, often placed sideways, such as:

  • “dangerous”
  • “Messy”
  • “Fragile”
  • “Boring”
  • “plain”
  • “loud”

Well, we couldn’t pass this one up – how would YOU describe Burien in one word? And don’t worry, this is for entertainment purposes only – feel free to get as creative as you want to be – please post your descriptive word in the Comments below:

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17 Responses to “How Would YOU Describe Burien In One Word? Please Tell Us Here…”
    • Fuzz Hill says:

      Agree with Carrie – as this was the first word that came to my mind… I fondly recall the seventies when Burien was a very vibrant and commercially viable city, but that was before Southcenter. I was concerned about the move to reduce 152nd to only two lanes and was very pleased to see the St. Francis families rejuvenate olde Burien with their boutique shops… and the towne center was a great move until the crash… Hopefully Burien will pick ‘itself’ up yet again and continue evolving it’s identity within the Puget Sound Megalopolis.

  1. Coverofnight says:


  2. Adonna says:


  3. Len Boscarine says:


  4. Erik Robbins says:


  5. Bonnie Moormeier says:


  6. Elizabeth says:

    Lori B – what a great choice!

  7. jan says:


    We’ve only lived here since 1995, so cannot compare it to the 70’s heydays before southcenter. it was a dump when we moved here w/ Jim Moores and Angelos as the only restaurants and junk shops where the trendy Olde Burien shoppes are now. In the recent city poll I called it visionary. I guess if all you have is 1995 to compare Burien to, they have come a long way baby!

    • Shari says:

      I’ve been struggling to find just one word and have gotten some inspiration from everybody else’s creative use of lots of hyphens. Maybe that’ll help me figure out my answer.
      Jan’s comments make me wonder what people who live elsewhere would say if they were asked to come up with a single word for Burien. On the one hand, you could say this is our visioning process and who cares what people who live someplace else think. But on the other hand, Burien seems to come up a lot around the area and not all that often in ways that illustrate its strengths. There seems to be a skewed impression out there and maybe that matters some to the visioning process since one part of great growth and ongoing community health relates to how many solid businesses able to provide great jobs locate here and how many individuals and families who are locating/relocating in the Seattle/S. King Co area actually pick Burien to move to— seems like a lot of people are gettng scared away now from a general impression that’s not strong enough to overcome the attractive home prices and other positive characteristics.

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