UPDATED: Some Reader Photos Of This Week’s Winter Wonderland In Burien

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The snowstorm has turned the entire Burien area into a Winter Wonderland, and what better way to appreciate it than checking out some of the photos we’ve received.

We encourage all our Readers to submit their snow/weather-related photos – just email ’em to [email protected].

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve received so far:

ADDED 9:30am 2/25/11:

BTB Reader Walter Cunningham sent us the following pics of his amazing snow sculptures, of which he says:

#1: I have a long driveway and had to scrape most of the driveway to get enough snow for this sculpture. The driveway had a lot of pine needles and debris from the trees but added a nice affect. The eye’s are eggs, and the coloring is food color sprayed from a squirt bottle.

#2- #3: And so on are pictures from previous years. We live close to an elementary school so when the school bus would come by, the driver would stop the bus and all the kids would fill the windows on one side of the bus to get a look at the snow sculptures. I assumed the kids went home and told their parents because after school cars would drive by and sometimes turn around and even stop to take pictures. I would spend a few hours on each sculpture. The older couple that lived across the street would open there blinds/curtains and get themselves chairs and just sit and watch for hours. One night I was doing a ninja turtle for the kids and the older couple across the street were sitting in the window watching, I was done with the sculpture and was just getting ready to add the color when the turtle fell over flat onto it’s back, I looked over to see the older couple that had been watching pull the shades/curtains as it was getting very late. I couldn’t resist redoing the turtle, so I rebuilt the turtle and finished coloring it.When the older couple opened their shades in the morning and saw the turtle standing they enjoyed the surprise… All of these pictures are just as they were taken.

ADDED 3pm 2/24/11:

From Fred Feiertag, who reports from Three Tree Point, where he dared venture out into the water, and even saw two sea lions:

“The weather seemed like it would work so I went out in my kayak this afternoon and shot the attached pictures from a ways off shore. It got fairly rough out in the mid-channel and there was some snow in the air. All in all it was a special view and a very enjoyable cruise!”

From Jena Liao, who says “our back yard butts up to the trail out to Seahurst, a snowy hike today!”

Beth Wagner sent this one; she says “This is Riley. She is relaxing in the Burien snow after a few rounds of fetch”:

Sheila Doane sent us the following pics of two coyotes seen in her snowy yard Thursday morning; she adds:

“They need to rename the local little league baseball team after the mascots that were walking through our yard this morning. I figure that they are the pair that ate our white bunny, “Lilly” this past November. We live near 169th Place and 25th Ave SW”:

Have any snow pics you’d like to share with our Readers? Please email them to [email protected] and we’ll do out best to post them!

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  1. othersideoftown says:

    Those coyotes would make a.nice jacket.169th and 25th huh? Hmm

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