B-TOWN BIZ: ‘Cascadia Herb n’Tea’ Opens Next To Seahurst Post Office

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Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

If you happen to catch a whiff of some sweet, potent-smelling herbs or teas next time you’re near the Seahurst Post Office, don’t worry, you’re not losing your mind, you’re merely smelling the latest new business next door – Cascadia Herb n’Tea.

After dropping some mail off, our nose led us over the other day, and we met Owner Vicki Winston, who told us that, even thought they’re already open, they’re holding a Grand Opening celebration on Thursday, March 17th.

“Everything we sell here is organic and sustainably grown,” Vicki said. “And a lot of the herbs are grown locally, right here in Seahurst.”

Owner Vicki Winston stands in front of her herb-filled cabinets, which were made by her husband.

Vicki said that many of the herbs she sells are grown on the roof of her house, which is located just down the hill, within walking distance. Cascadia sells medicinal herbal remedies and teas, and will be offering outdoor seating once the weather clears up. Oh, and Vicki’s also currently offering FREE tea tastings.

A retired Boeing Engineer, Vicki has lived in the Seahurst area for 19 years, and this is her first retail business. Vicki has deep roots in the northwest – so deep in fact that the cities of Winston, OR and Winston, WA were named after her ancestors! She is studying to be a Naturopath, and when talk turned to this Reporter’s hayfever problems, Vicki naturally offered this one-word nugget of advice:


“N-n-nettles???” I gulped.

“Yes, freeze-dried, fresh nettles!”

Growing up near Schimitz Park in West Seattle, I am much more familiar with nettles than any normal human being should be. Just the thought of the stinging and resulting painful welts brought back many an unpleasant childhood memory.

“I’ve fallen in many a nettle patch,” I explained to Vicki with a wince.

“Oh – that’s another way you can beat allergies,” Vicki said with the hint of a smile. “Many hayfever sufferers actually beat their naked bodies with nettle branches as treatment. And it apparently works for many – one treatment and you’re good for the year!”

“Wait. Did you say they ‘beat their naked bodies with nettle branches’?”

Cascadia Herb n'Tea is located at 2118 SW 152nd, next to the Seahurst Post Office.


Apparently the nettle beating self-torture therapy causes the body to build up immunity against hayfever.

I think I’ll pass on that idea, but will certainly look into taking the freeze-dried variety.

Cascadia Herb n’Tea is located at 2118 SW 152nd, next to the Seahurst Post Office.

Don’t forget to drop by and sample a free cup of tea and say hi to Vicki.

Oh, and be sure to tell Vicki you read about ’em on The B-Town Blog.

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One Response to “B-TOWN BIZ: ‘Cascadia Herb n’Tea’ Opens Next To Seahurst Post Office”
  1. Victoria Starr Allen says:

    I too was drawn in by the sweet smell of fireweed being dehydrated while on my way to the post office.

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