LETTER: Why You Shoud Get Your Puppy Vaccinated For Parvo

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Dear B-Town Blog,

I am an owner of a small puppy named “Tweak” that got Parvo 2/26/2011, and just this past week he had to be euthanized. I am so upset because the vet wanted 3 to 8 thousand dollars to treat him, and never mentioned an alternative option rather than putting him down. I recently discovered that in King County there have been over 10 thousand cases already this year.

Our friends pit bull had a visit to the vet due to a blockage. He ended up at a local vet here in Burien, and was treated and survived. However, he brought home the Parvo virus which has now infected 4 other family pets. One was pregnant, and was put down 2/25/2011.

So far in these two homes we have lost a young pit-bull  that was pregnant , our small family puppy and now Tweaks brother Charlie is sick, and just today we found out that our friends 3 year old pit-bull is sick too.  These two homes have lost 2 family members, with 2 struggling to stay alive.

Why I think you should know about this?  The Vet Hospital here in Burien is where this was contracted. We think that when we take our pets to the vet that they are taking every precaution to not expose our animals. This is not a blame game, nobody is perfect and accidents happen, but the fact of the matter is that as pet owners we need to be aware of epidemics such as Parvo.  What can we do to make sure that this doesn’t’  happened? When our animals get sick we should be able to take them to the Vet and feel that our animals are not coming home with a non forgiving virus such as Parvo.

What I am asking is that if you have a puppy that has not been vaccinated yet, please keep your puppy away from other dogs, pet stores, dog parks, and every where until they are fully vaccinated. Also, take some time to educate yourself about this virus. We had no idea that there is alternate treatments for Parvo. We trusted that the vet gave us all treatment options. Our family could not afford the vet treatment, so as suggested we did what we felt was best at the time… Unfortunately, in hind sight my not had been the best option, there are other herbal treatments.

Educate yourself, and question your vet… Keep in mind that not every option is the best option.

Thank You,
Carol Fiorini

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6 Responses to “LETTER: Why You Shoud Get Your Puppy Vaccinated For Parvo”
  1. LisaR says:

    Which vet clinic in Burien?? There is like 5 of them.

  2. Leslie Kasper, DVM says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your tragedy! Yes, vaccinations and proper prevention is key to these horibble diseases. Unfortunately, they are often passed prior to seeing any symptoms leading to even more spread! Bully-breeds, Rotts, Dobies, and even Labs seem to be extra sensitive to this condition, but any unvaccinated (or poorly vaccinated) dog is at high risk!

    I would like to share an excellent web resource for you and others: http://www.veterinarypartner.com

    They have a very detailed set of articles on Parvo. I have linked the intro page below. Hopefully you can use the info to help the other pups who have contracted this tragic conditon.


  3. Julie Dosono says:

    I am very sorry for your loss.I have tried all the vets in Burien and don’t care for any of them.One of my dogs died in Surgery because a vet in Burien did not give him a blood transfusion.He was anemic and she put him through surgery anyway.I now drive 10 miles to bring my dog to a vet I trust.Hope you get a new puppy.There are lots in the shelter.I have VPI pet insurance for my dog.It is very cheap and pays for many vet bills.

  4. KD says:

    I don’t see anything in this litter to the editor that really proves that parvo was contracted at the vet’s office. Parvo can be anywhere and young puppies should be kept away from public places prior to having all their immunizations.

    Why wasn’t the puppy vaccinated at 6 & 9 weeks?. http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2115&aid=960. Also, when did the puppy go to the vet vs. when did symptoms begin? there’s a 7-14 day incubation period for parvo.

    Incidencies of parvo have definitely been picked up by puppies at vets offices. However, its not the ONLY place.

    Please do not bring any dogs in to your home or yard for at least 5 months so the virus can die out.

  5. Rob says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. It sucks when a pet dies. Very important message for all to make sure their pets are fully vaccinated

  6. JaneM says:

    I called the Burien Veterinary Hospital where I take my dog and 2 cats and they do not have any clients by that name, neither pets nor people, nor do they have a Parvo outbreak, They are also super careful about Parvo and my dogs shots include Parvo protection.

    I suspect the original article is about the local emergency hospital, 5 Corners Veterinary Hospital, just from the way it is written, but it would be nice to get it clarified.

    Checking the internet, Parvo is spread through the feces of dogs infected with the virus. The dog does not actually have to come in contact with another sick dog. While Parvo cannot be spread to or from, humans or other pets, the virus can be carried in to the dog’s environment on someone’s shoes, or by birds, car tires, dirty cages, in the ground, or from other animals who have come in contact with infected feces. Parvo can survive in an environment for as long as 9 months. The only disinfectant known to kill Parvo is chlorine bleach. A 1:30 ratio of chlorine bleach in water has been known to be effective for sanitizing contaminated areas. Any area known to be contaminated should be thoroughly sanitized.

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