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The B-Town Blog’s Gina Bourdage Joins Discover Burien, Meets Board

Newly Appointed Administrative Coordinator Gina Bourdage meets the Board at Wednesday night's Discover Burien Board Meeting.

Story & Photos by Janet Grella [1]

The first order of Wednesday night’s Discover Burien monthly meeting was to introduce Gina Bourdage, DB’s newly appointed Administrative Coordinator, to the Board.

Nancy Hinthorne, Interim Executive Director, told the group that 220 applicants applied for the position, which was advertised on Craigslist, The Highline Times and The B-Town Blog and its sister sites. Nancy whittled the list down to seven candidates. Gina was chosen based on her ties to the Burien and North Highline areas (she was born and raised here, and still lives here), her knowledge of Social Networking and her web design work. Gina will work in the DB office from 10am – 3pm Monday through Friday, and will be seen around town at various DB events. She started her job on Wednesday.

“I’m real excited for the challenges and to work with Nancy with all her experience,” Gina told the BTB.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gina has worked for BTB for the last three years in ad production, reporting, video production and sales. She will be missed by all of us at the Blogs, but will be a great asset to DB. You go gal! We’re proud of you!

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