Want AmazonFresh To Deliver In Burien? Vote Here…

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Several BTB Readers (or perhaps clever shills for Amazon) have sent in emails asking us to post this, and, alas, we figured since we posted a story last August to see if anyone wanted a Dick’s Drive-In located ’round these parts, we might as well post this one.

AmazonFresh is “a new online grocery service founded by Amazon, serving customers in the Seattle area,” according to their website. They currently offer home delivery to a limited number of Seattle neighborhoods, excluding Burien – hence the online publicity stunt poll.

To vote, click here and select “98166” as your zip of choice.

NOTE: To vote, you are required to enter your address, city, zip and email address. We saw no link to any Terms or Privacy Policy, so we’re not sure what happens to your information.

As of 5:30pm on Monday, March 21st, the 98166 zip code was currently in second place at 28%, behind Renton/Fairwood with 33%. The good news is that we’re kicking the amazons off Lynnwood (27%) and Mountlake Terrace (12%).

Here’s the text from an email:

Hello from AmazonFresh!

We’re contacting you because you requested AmazonFresh service in your zip code.

Your zip code is one of 4 zip codes that are eligible to receive service from AmazonFresh. But first we need your vote to determine which of these eligible zip codes gets first priority. If your zip code gets the majority of votes, you will get service within the next few weeks.

The eligible zip codes for this vote are 98036, 98166, 98043, and 98058.

Vote today at www.amazonfresh.com/VoteForZip and invite your friends and neighbors to vote as well!

Best regards,
The AmazonFresh Team

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14 Responses to “Want AmazonFresh To Deliver In Burien? Vote Here…”
  1. Kari Edwards says:

    As one of the purported clever shills for Amazon that was harassing (my choice of words) you to post this, I’m super grateful! When I moved out of 98106 and realized Fresh didn’t deliver to my home OR my office, I was sad. Now I have hope! I can once again order bacon and eggs and milk at midnight and have it on my doorstep when I awake. This is so super WAY better than Dick’s (who, btw, refuse to take the onions off their cheeseburgers, so really, what’s the point), and more useful, too! Sometimes I throw a book in with my eggs order, so really, you’re helping to facilitate the literacy rate in Burien, as well. 😀

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      You are obviously a schill. Dicks put NO onions on any burger! They charge extra for them on the side. Shame on you Amazon schill!!!

      • Kari Edwards says:

        Eaton, use some logic. Just because there were onions on the burgers when I went there 5 years ago and they’ve since changed their menu (unbeknownst to me, but YAY, now I can eat at Dick’s!) doesn’t equate to me being a shill.

        • Eaton B. Verz says:

          Sorry, Menu hasn’t changed except for prices. How do you like working for Amazon? Good bennies?…….

          • Kari Edwards says:

            You’re an idiot. I don’t work for Amazon, and find it ridiculous that you think just because someone wants a service available to them, they must work for that company. Grow up. l/p

          • Eaton B. Verz says:

            Good one, Kari!! I’m sure you were thinking of a different Dicks! I hope you enjoy your bacon and eggs!

        • Feraldog says:

          hehe, Kari,
          I read Eaton`s posts and replies etc and you cannot piss this guy off no matter what…
          you can call him any name you want, belittle him,, doesn`t matter,,
          He`ll just come back on a fresh slate..
          Even that ass%@#$ coverofnight couldn`t do it.. and he was a pain in the ass. don`t miss him at all, I would miss the beave though,, ..

  2. ani says:

    Oh for a sec I thought it said 98168. Bummer!

  3. NHparent says:

    Do we know when the deadline to vote is? when this will be decided? oh, how i’d love AF here in Burien. Im so tired of ordering and having it shipped to my WS friends or Renton friends.. its a huge saver, since you dont throw unwanted things in your cart that your bribed with at the grocery store! and very convenient for busy families!

  4. Shari says:

    I’m not all that invested in this one way or the other but just wanted to mention that I see the Safeway.com delivery truck in my Gregory Heights neighborhood pretty frequently, so even if Amazon doesn’t end up delivering here, there might be another option. And before I get yelled at, no, I do not work for Safeway or, actually, have any stake in this other than liking it when Burien’s existence is actually remembered and our patronage valued and sought after by those up north.

    • NHparent says:

      ha ha, Shari. Hopefully nobody harps on you! its just over groceries 🙂 I do want to ad though regarding your safeway food truck. I live in Burien and have ordered from them a handful of times in the last year. The produce is not picked over very well and many of the fruit or vegetable items I’ve ordered were TOO ripe, already turning brown or bruised and even a few apples punctured. The canned food I had ordered along with one of my order, almost all 6 cans I had ordered were dented and looked like someone played hockey practice using my canned food rather than a puck. I ordered probably 4 or 5 times in the last year and every order had something damaged or poor produce. Then I switched to AF and have had orders shipped to my friend in WS. Every order is very carefully hand picked, and temperature controlled so my food is still cold by the time I go pick it up. Produce is carefully packed as well and I’ve never gotten anything rotten or damaged. Plus wider range of items through Amazon Fresh. Just saying…. it sure would be nice to wake up and have groceries on my door, rather a drive to west Seattle to pick them up 🙂 ( Im a nanny 11 hours a day, plus a single mom, so I dont have time to grocery shop before/after very often. AF is a GREAT convenience for me!) just some feedback from someone who’s used both services!

  5. Rob says:

    Need to get 7-11 to start doing delivery! Slurpees and hot dogs in 20 minutes!

  6. secretshopper says:

    Pay me and I`ll shop for ya 24/7. I`ll pick out good produce, get the items that are on sale, use coupons etc.. It will cost though..

  7. mw says:

    I didn’t hear an announcement, but Amazon Fresh is now delivering to B-town.

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