Bike Fair Organizer Brooks Stanfield Appointed To Burien Planning Commission

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by Ralph Nichols

Brooks Stanfield, who earlier this month received the city’s 2011 Environmental Leader award (see our coverage here) for organizing the B-Town Bike Fair at last year’s Wild Strawberry Festival, has been appointed to the Burien Planning Commission.

Stanfield’s recent appointment came on a unanimous vote by the Burien City Council. Councilman Gordon Shaw was absent.

In selecting Stanfield, the council assured that the seat vacated by Joe Fitzgibbon, who was elected to the state House of Representatives as a 33rd District Democrat last fall, will remain green.

Fitzgibbon had been chairman of the planning commission and, in that capacity, endorsed Department of Ecology recommendations for Burien’s Shoreline Master Program in early 2010.

Stanfield now brings to the planning commission a commitment to environmentally friendly transportation.

A project officer with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who works on community redevelopment, said in his written application for the position:

“I have always sought to contribute to the health of my community. A great deal of a community’s health is dependent on how land is used and available infrastructure for moving goods and people. I hope to bring the perspective gained through my career … that improves the lives of all [Burien] residents and provides choices for more healthy transportation.”

He was the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Advocacy Volunteer of the Year in 2010, serves on the board of the Burien Cooperative Pre-School, and has volunteered with Para Los Ninos.

Stanfield served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador from 2001 to 2003, working in sustainable economic development.

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4 Responses to “Bike Fair Organizer Brooks Stanfield Appointed To Burien Planning Commission”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    If I was a waterfront homeowner, and didn’t agree with Burien’s Shoreline Master Program, I’d be concerned about this appointment. After all, is the Commission truly representative of this community if the Council, with its own agenda, can select someone whose values are consistent with that agenda? Should the public determine these Commission positions? It’d be interesting to see the other applicants.

    …”Stanfield now brings to the planning commission a commitment to environmentally friendly transportation.” Everything in moderation, Brooks – keep in mind that probably 90+% of us still drive cars.

  2. Shari says:

    I’d love to see minutes from the Planning Commission meetings that reflect an aggressive and informed focus on the big picture for the entire city of Burien. First things first. We need neighborhoods that are attractive, neighborhoods that are safe and neighborhoods that are stable in order to have a healthy, vital community that attracts and keeps strong businesses that provide good jobs and that attract and keep households that want to put down roots and get involved in the local schools, patronize local businesses and take part in civic activities. Getting and keeping attractive, stable and safe neighborhoods (and NOT just on the shorelines!!) has a lot to do with code enforcement, law enforcement and homeownership and those seem to be things the planning group can focus on and impact. People looking to settle in an area with great access to downtown, north and south immediately think of Burien, but the spottiness they see in the neighborhoods as they drive around, coupled with the negative comments they get barraged with from colleagues and family and real estate people who live elsewhere always dampen their enthusiasm. Then they hear really bad things about the public schools and that’s the last straw. They end up buying houses someplace else and never giving Burien a chance. It’s a complex situation and I’m not trying to minimize it, but I would like there to be a focus on all neighborhoods (not just those on the water) first, and environmentally friendly transportation and so forth second. Those don’t matter if we don’t have high quality, attractive neighborhoods city wide. (and I say this as someone who biked to and from work for years and rides light rail anytime I can find a darn parking spot at the station).

  3. Greg Duff says:

    Brooks, Welcome to the planning commission. You were selected from a very impressive list of candidates. I hope we can make you feel welcome.
    Thank you for stepping up to serve your community. Burien is a great city and a great place to live and will only be made better by your appointment as a Planning Commissioner. I look forward to serving with you to serve the public.
    Greg Duff

  4. Rob says:

    Congratulations to Brooks. He is mot just very active on the local biking scene, but also involved in many projects concerning sustainability around town. Plus he is a downright good guy. We should have more like him on the planning commission and perhaps on the city council. A good decision by the council!

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