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Have You Taken The ‘Vision For Burien’ Survey Yet? This Map Knows…

The City of Burien’s “Vision for Burien [1]” project staff posted a colorful map to its Facebook Page Friday (March 25th), showing the locations of people who have taken their online survey.

“This map represents the areas of town we’ve heard from for our first Vision for Burien survey,” said Jenn Ramirez Robson, Management Analyst for the city. “The color intensity goes from dark green to bright red, so the more people we have heard from in a certain area, the brighter the color. In the white area no one has completed the survey. Encourage others to fill out the survey and fill in the gaps!”

As you can see by the nearly-psychedelic map, many locations (shown in white) have not yet taken the survey, including a surprisingly large swath of Seahurst Park (!), an “island” of sorts in northwest Burien, another section on southeast Burien, and a buncha North Highline areas.

The deadline is March 31st, so if you haven’t taken the survey yet, click here: www.burienwa.gov/visionsurvey [2]

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