UPDATE: Break-In At Tin Room Bar Sunday – Surveillance Photo Added

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A lone Tin Man stands guard near the back door of the Tin Room's storage room, which suffered a break-in Sunday morning.

UPDATE: We added a screengrab from surveillance video of the two suspects in Sunday morning’s break-in at The Tin Room Bar, located at 923 SW 152nd:

The break-in happened around 2:20am Sunday morning (March 27th), in a storage area in the rear part of the building. If you’ve ever been in the back of the place, it’s the room that had a life-sized poster of Mick Jagger on the glass door (you can see Mick watching the thieves above). As of Monday, the broken doors had been all boarded up.

“Nothing was stolen, they saw the empty kegs and left,” said Owner Dan House.

Dan says the two suspects are two African American males, wearing black-hooded coats, one with black pants, the other with jeans and blue baseball cap and glasses. Burien Police were called.

If you have any knowledge of this break-in, or recognize the suspects above, please call the Burien Police Department at (206) 296-3311.

Dan’s establishment has been the victim of other crimes recently, including a purse snatcher who hit the Tin Theater twice in October, 2010 (read our coverage here and here).

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11 Responses to “UPDATE: Break-In At Tin Room Bar Sunday – Surveillance Photo Added”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    I look forward to seeing the pictures SOON. Lets catch these vermin.

    • Jane says:

      I, too, am looking forward to seeing the pictures. Let’s hope that somebody recognizes these guys and turns them in.

  2. Susie says:

    I sure hope the Mick poster survived. I enjoy looking everyday when I drive up the alley.
    i hope they catch the crooks!!!!!!

  3. Linda says:

    I’m guessing that the Tin Room wasn’t the only establishment these guys tried to break in to that night. Glad they weren’t able to steal anything, sorry there was damage. Hopefully someone will recognize these guys….they pics seem clear enough for a positive I.D.

  4. Erik says:

    I noticed these two last week walking along 152nd. They appeared as if they were looking at the homes along the lake. I circled around the block and watched them for a moment. They turned around and left on foot. I have also seen them hanging around the library on the 4th ave side as well.

  5. Liljo says:

    I am so SICK of these losers who think that they are entitled to take whatever /whenever they want, never mind that people actually WORK for things that they own.
    Rediculous…didn’t their mothers ever teach them to play nice and not take what isn’t yours??

  6. angry says:

    2 cars were broken into last night at the Archery Bistro restaurant in Normandy Park, looks like it was a team effort because it happened in a matter of seconds. A purse and a brief case were stolen and this happened around 10pm. It may be these 2 men, seems like they are going around the area doing as they please! IF ANYONE sees either of these 2 men around Burien, please inform the police asap. They need to be caught!

  7. Feraldog says:

    They need to be shot, not caught.

  8. TcB says:

    Seems like a few businesses in Olde Burien keep getting targeted again and again. Maybe we should put up lightpole cameras in Olde Burien for security. I hate reading about burglaries and break ins. On the plus side, I read awhile ago that it’s getting rarer for burglars to break in to a house purely for electronics, as the gear is getting so ubiquitous and cheap that it’s not worth it for them anymore.

  9. My mother was rushed to Highline Hospital complaining about her side hurting. We found out from the doctor it was terminal within 3 days. I was devastated. I walked back to my car that I parked in the Highline Hospital parking garage and I noticed when I got closer there was glass all over the ground by my car. Someone had smashed my window and grabbed my laptop bag! Now I am double devastated!
    When contacted the Highline Hospital security and asked to see the video tape off the cameras in the parking garage the manager stated that ‘we don’t share that information with the public.’

    There ARE SO MANY CAR PROWLS in Burien the police aren’t going to try to follow up on every one of the reports.

    I wonder if the situation would have turned out better if we had rushed my mother to a different hospital.

    I’m staying away from Burien from now on. With the amount of stuff these guys pull/heist why hasn’t a bait car been set up or something? Is anyone doing anything about this? Have you seen the amount of break in occur in that section of town?! Do have a Mayor/police department?

    I guess if you live in Burien you just get used to a substandard way of living.

    I’m pretty sure the ‘B’ in B-Town stands for Burglar or Breakin – Town.

  10. elizabeth2 says:

    I am not sure that those of us living in Burien can be classified as getting “used to a substandard way of living”.

    Statistics relating to property theft, like breaking in cars, shows Seattle to be number 9 in the nation, not little ‘ole Burien.

    “No. 9: Seattle, Wash.
    Neighborhood: Boren Ave/Olive Way

    ZIP Code(s): 98109, 98101, 98102

    I am very sorry that your mother was rushed to the hospital in an emergency and very sorry that your experienced the loss of your laptop.

    But I think you make a HUGE leap to conclude what you do about Burien – even askign if we have a Mayor or Police Department.

    I thin almost every city/town has more critical police presence than setting up bait cars inthe parking garage of a hospital?

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