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In Attempt To ‘Reach Out,’ City Council To Begin Weekly Pub Crawl Meetings

The City of Burien announced today (April 1st) that in an attempt to “reach out” to the community, it will start holding weekly “Pub Crawl” council meetings at various bars in Burien.

The first such meeting is scheduled to begin at 7pm on Monday, April 4th, at Elmer’s Pub, located at the corner of Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 151st. The opening act will be Kickstart.

Residents wishing to attend these meetings must be 21-years old. The cover charge will be $5. Visitors are encouraged to assign Designated Drivers, or take taxicabs home.

“This is going to be a great way to meet our true constituents,” said Mike Martin, City Manager. “Plus, we’re going to allow for a lot more public comment time, with the only stipulation being that in order to speak, you must buy the first two rounds of drinks for everyone. Oh, and each council member will be required to sing at least one song via Karaoke too.”

The last U.S. city to conduct such an unusual “community outreach” council meeting promotion was Bell, California. However, those meetings were shut down by the California Liquor Control Board after three weeks due to two gun violations, the stabbing of the Mayor by another councilmember, underage drinking and numerous public nudity and noise complaints.

Burien’s “Pub Crawl” remote council meeting schedule is all set for the next seven weeks:

During Seafair this summer, the Seafair Pirates [1] have agreed to serve as Bouncers, as well as the opening act.

Also, in an effort to defer costs, each council meeting will be sponsored by a different liquor company, with the first round being Jågermeister.

You can bet that at least five B-Town Bloggers will be covering these meetings (we usually just have one), so we’ll see you there!

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