Noisy Nighttime Road Work To Continue On Ambaum Through Next Week

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The City of Burien wants to remind residents and businesses along Ambaum Blvd SW that they can expect to continue to be disrupted through next week as noisy grinding and repair work continues – with most of the work being done at night, including “jackhammers pounding.”

The warning relates to the area on Ambaum between SW 112th and SW 156th Streets.

“Work is being done at night to have the least impact on traffic and to complete the work quicker,” reads the city’s announcement, which also adds: “Residents and businesses along Ambaum can expect disruptions throughout the night while the work is going on, with trucks coming and going and jackhammers pounding.”

Grinding and pavement repair on Ambaum Blvd SW started April 5th at SW 112th and is moving south, with the goal of finishing at the intersection of 4th Ave SW and SW 156th Streets.

Here are more details on this project’s progress:

  • The segment to SW 140th is expected to be completed by Friday, April 8.
  • Grinding and repair will take place from SW 140th south to SW 156th St. the week of April 11.
  • During the nighttime repair work, traffic is being channeled to one lane, and also detoured in some areas.
  • No parking will be allowed on the street and driveway access may be temporarily affected during these times.
  • Use of alternate routes is recommended.
  • Residents and businesses along Ambaum can expect disruptions throughout the night while the work is going on, with trucks coming and going and jackhammers pounding.
  • Following the grinding and repair work, Ambaum will be resurfaced with new asphalt, a process that will take at least a week.
  • The timing of the resurfacing process, which also will be done at night, is weather-dependent, requiring temperatures above 36 degrees and a dry surface.

City of Burien Project Manager Doug Lamothe said by doing the work on Ambaum at night instead of during daytime hours, the contractor can get the grinding/resurfacing work done in two weeks instead of two months. The road repair project is a large operation with 60 road workers onsite, two grinders and 30 truck-trailers.

“We realize this is a great inconvenience, but we’re doing much-needed street repairs to main arterials,” Lamothe said. “We’re doing as much as we can to lessen the impact on everyone.”

SW/S. 128th Street
Grinding and repair of the pavement on SW/S. 128th Street is complete and the contractor is waiting for a break in the wet weather to do the asphalt overlay, which will take four nights.  Work being done at night instead of the day to have the least impact on traffic.  The arterial will be channeled down to two lanes during resurfacing. No parking will be allowed on the street and driveway access may be temporarily affected during these times. The resurfacing work will be done during the night hours to disrupt traffic as little as possible.

For regular updates on the road projects, click here for a direct link:

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5 Responses to “Noisy Nighttime Road Work To Continue On Ambaum Through Next Week”
  1. lj says:

    Thank you for reporting on 128th. It has been undriveable for 2 and a half weeks and counting – very poor planning!

  2. illlosemyjobifigivemyrealname says:

    The entire road “repair” program that has been going on since before Thanksgiving is a travesty. There has been much damage done to my building’s property. The workers have consistently broken the law and have been verbally abusive to residents. Our property was left filthy and damaged plus we experienced the treat of watching workers urinate on our front lawn.

    I know I am not the only one that has witnessed mistake after mistake by companies doing the work. In our case, our driveways were ripped up and repoured on four seperate occasions due to obvious error. leaving us each time with absolutely no way to leave or enter our property for many hours at a time – during the day.

    And now, we get the delight of not having been able to sleep at all for the last three nights with no end in sight. I have tenants here who literally are unable to stay awake to go to work today. At least if we had been warned about the nighttime work AT ALL we might have been able to mitigate the impact on our jobs and our health.

    This has been the most mismanaged road project I have ever seen with what appears to be absolutely zero regard for the citizens who are paying for it. It has certainly appeared to those of us “on the front lines” to smack of collusion with Tucci Brothers for one, and who knows who else.

    Am I angry. You bet you a** I am. And exhausted. I have lost all respect and faith in the City of Burien. I’d like to say what I really think, and believe me, I haven’t out of respect for the Burien Blog and not wishing them to have to go to the extra work of censoring my language.

  3. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Welcome to B-town!!

  4. M.G. says:

    This night time work on 128th became very frustrating last night. From a little before 2am -4am there was continual jack hammering that not only was loud and obnoxious, but woke my young child up screaming. I then could not get him to go back to sleep due to the fact that our house was shaking so badly that things on my counters were vibrating. I have a job to go to yet I’m exhausted. This price seems too steep just to save some money. I’m sure the citizens paying for this project would have paid a bit more so that they would be able to sleep at night. I hope this isn’t a nightly thing for the next two weeks. 🙁

  5. Dan L. says:

    I work for a contractor and we are required to check in with the people we are going to be disrupting with our work. It seems the City of Burien and their contractors could have done a little more to let the residents know what was going to happen. I’ve lived in Washington for 30 years and most times when there is going to be a road closure you see signs posted weeks in advance stating the dates that the roads will be closed. Not here in Burien.

    Night work on highways and freeways makes sense, that is where most of the traffic is. On residential streets it does not, too many people need to work, and kids need to go to school. Being up all night because of construction does not help, specially in todays job market. People could lose their jobs becuase they are unable to focus while at work. How much was saved by having the night work done? It could not have been too much, most contractors are required to pay workers double time at night because of their Union contracts.

    Then their is the damage to residents property and the afore mentioned urinating on lawns. I haven’t seen any Honey Bucket’s for these workers. Thanks City of Burien!

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