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Burien Shooting Victim Identified As Anthony Ourada, 25, Of Kent

The 25-year old man who was shot and killed in Burien Sunday night by a King County Sheriff’s Deputy was identified by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office as Anthony Ourada, of Kent.

Ourada died of multiple gunshot wounds on the scene.

As we reported [1] Sunday night, police say that Ourada eluded officers on April 10th, when a deputy tried to stop a dark Honda after he saw the car speed through a red light. He tried to pull the car over at S. 120th and Des Moines Memorial Drive, but the driver refused to stop.

On Sunday, a different deputy saw the same Honda Accord in the area of SW 108th and 1st Ave SW. The driver was spinning his tires doing a “burn out” with smoke coming from the tires. Ourada saw the deputy, but continued the burn out in reverse.

A chase ensued over several blocks. At South 128th and 24th Ave South other deputies set out spike strips but the suspect driver saw the spikes and turned off at the last moment. The chase was terminated shortly thereafter. At one point the deputy estimated the Honda reached a speed of 100 mph.

The deputy was unable to identify the driver, but based on the license plate, it was the same Honda Accord involved in the April 10th chase.

At 8:05 PM Sunday night, the deputy from the case earlier in the day spotted the Honda in the parking lot of the Arbor Court Apartments, 2225 S. 112th St., which is in the city of Burien. The car was unoccupied.

The deputy called for plain clothes detectives to assist. Several responded in unmarked cars to stake out the suspect vehicle. If the driver returned, the plan was to box the vehicle in and not let it leave the apartment parking lot.

At about 8:20 PM a male got into the car and a female into the passenger seat. Just before the exit from the complex onto S. 112th, police cars including at least one fully marked unit tried to keep the suspect from leaving the lot. However the suspect driver struck three cars trying to get out and around the police cars, and shots were eventually fired by one deputy. Deputies gave CPR until a medic unit arrived. The man was pronounced dead at the scene by medics at 8:56 PM.

The woman passenger was not injured. However shortly afterwards she became unresponsive and was taken to Highline Hospital for treatment. Methamphetamine was found on her person during treatment. She was released from the hospital about 5:00 AM and booked into King County jail for possession of drugs and several arrest warrants.

According to police, Ourada had two felony convictions on his record, including theft and possession of stolen property.

The passenger was also a twice-convicted felon (drugs and theft) and had a felony arrest warrant for Escape from Community Custody, as well as three misdemeanor warrants.

The deputy who fired the shots was placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure. He is 42 years old and has been with the Sheriff’s Office for just over 14 years. He is assigned to a neighborhood crime unit.

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