Fireworks At Burien’s Three Tree Point Celebrate Death Of Osama Bin Laden

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Within minutes of the Sunday night announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, some residents of Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood shot off several rounds of fireworks over the water.

The makeshift celebration made the neighborhood feel like the 4th of July, for at least 10 or so minutes, as witnessed by BTB Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer.

As almost everyone knows by now, al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in a mansion in Pakistan Sunday.



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8 Responses to “Fireworks At Burien’s Three Tree Point Celebrate Death Of Osama Bin Laden”
  1. Natalie Nefg says:

    This is truely an amazing day in the history of the USA. We needed this, with the way the economy is going, the wars, tornados, bad weather, etc. Worth a huge celebration, thanks to all at Three Tree Point for the show!

  2. the hypocrite says:

    Regardless of how warranted it is, ( I think they should have hung his body off a bridge somewhere in Pakistan myself) but
    it`s okay to fire illegal fireworks over a death but not the celebration of our great country?????
    We fired some off last night also but I have a feeling that a lot of shit would have come
    our way if it was printed here since we are now held hostage by the “city” of Burien.
    Remember this come the 4th.
    Sorry about sounding like a stick in the mud, I just have to vent that.

  3. Big Nate says:

    Hole up a minute here! I have read the Seattle Times and heard the news on fox news of the socalled death of Osama Obama and I wont’t believe it until I see the original death certificate. This is just another left wing attempt to get Osama Obama reelected in 2012 don’t fall for it. If it is true what took this socalled president so long?

    • Coverofnight says:

      Good comments all……..but especially Big Nate; clever food for thought.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Hey Big Nate,
      Maybe you ned to form a group called the “Deathers”. There are some loose wingnuts from the Birthers who need a cause to screw onto. Of course, some are still corroded into place on the old cause and no amount of proof or logic will loosen them. If Bin Ladin’s death were a falicy, he could easily prove himself to be alive and thus show how much more superior he is to the evil west. We would have nothing to gain and everything to lose by such a lie. I think your group would be attractive to fellow ranters like CON but you need to avoid actual critical thinkers.
      Bin Ladin’s death is a good thing. I congratulate the team that got him, from the Seals who fired the shots to President Obama, who made the decision. It was a job well done. We have to continue to fight the terrorists whever we can.
      On the question of what took Obama so long, the only comparison we have is his predecessor, George Bush. Bush spent seven years in his war on terrorism. He used lies to justify invading a country that had nothing to do with 9-11. That invasion cost thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of other lives and a major chunk of our economy. It also created a recruiting ground and additional front for Al Quaida where one not had existed previously. The comparison makes Obama look very quick and efficient.
      To me, one large problem with terrorists is that they make us become like them. The people dragging the bodies of Americans through the streets, the people celebrating the collapse of the twin towers, and the people cheering the death of Bin Ladin all believe they are celebrating a blow for good against evil.
      Again, I congratulate the team that got Bin Ladin, but I see no cause for joy and celebration. Maybe it will be appropriate when there is not somuch more work to do.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        How come I got this feeling that Big Nate is laughing at all of you???? HHMMMM I thought it was funny! xoxoxox

  4. Big Nate says:

    Hey Lee

    Don’t try to put me in some Box, I still haven’t seen anything to make me think that this is not some left-wing ploy to get Obama reelected. I do believe he is dead,I just can’t believe the timeing of the death and wonder why obama’s people dumped him in the ocean so quckly. Would photos of the corpse make us question the time of death. Obama is only takeing credit for all the work Pres. Bush started. Why don”t Pres. Bush get some credit for what he did.

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