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New Advertiser Decanter Wines has a Full Week of Activities to Kick-off May

New advertiser Decanter Wines in Burien is starting May off with a bang. Well, at least they’ve got some events planned to attract revelers, moms and music lovers.

First they are hosting their own Cinco de Mayo celebration featuring four different types of Mexican beer, sangria and special mexican style pizza. Those beers are on special for just $2.00. If things go well, they plan to find some vintage mariachi music from dad Larry’s collection for your listening pleasure!

Then — and you’ll love this — Larry met one of the local musicians that plays around the Five Corners area. He was so impressed with his saxaphone playing that he asked him to drop by Decanter Wine this Friday night, May 6h. McKinley Cunningham and his guitar playing friend will be arriving at 7pm to entertain the customers.

And let’s not forget good old Mom. When you take her out for lunch in Burien on her special day, surprise her with dessert at Decanter where they’ve got a special Mother’s Day Dessert Sampler AND a special “Flight”, which is a three dessert wine tasting for the price of one dessert wine.

The sampler includes Larry’s homemade Apple Crisp, Lava Cake, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheese Cake all topped off with ice cream. The Flight will be a combo of three ports: chocolate, raspberry and coffee ports. That’s dessert for $7.00 and the liquor to go with it for $12.00. Mom will be talking about this special dessert for some time to come.

The idea of Decanter Wines comes from the owner/partners, the Grim family of Burien. Mom, Mary and dad Larry were joined by son Matt and daughter Diane in the creation of this wine store. They’ve been in the online line wine sales business for some time with Washington Wines Online. Many of their customers didn’t want to pay shipping charges, so Decanter Wines was born.

Now they’ve not only got a place to pick up their wine, but a place to enjoy a nice salad or, some Mediterranean appetizers, salads, soups and even hot sandwiches and desserts while they collect their wine purchases. They’ve also got flatbread pizza, which you can get for nothing if you check out their coupon on B-Town Coupons.

Decanter Wine Coupon [2]

Why Washington Wines? Mary and Larry have had a 30 year association with the wineries of Washington. Decanter offers the best of them for sale. But do not despair, they can special order your favorite country’s wine. They had a customer just last week looking for a special Korean wine, and found it for them. They’ve also got some fun and useful wine accessories, greeting cards and gourmet foodstuffs.

Diane and Larry

The Grim family has had a long-time relationships with Italian food and Washington Wines; bringing their love of wines to the 5 Corners Shopping Center of Burien. You can find them at their shop Tuesday through Sunday at 11, and most nights til 8 or 9, depending on the events.

They’re located near the liquor store and Albertson’s, so you won’t have to walk far to check them out and you’ll find a better selection of local wine’s as well. Between the store and the website they have over 100 Washington Wines.

As long-time residents, the Grim family doesn’t really need to be welcomed to Burien, but Decanter Wine needs to be welcomed to the neighborhood by all the local wine lovers… beer lovers…. food lovers… Give them a big high five from us when you stop in.

Decanter Wines
15830 1st Ave S, Burien
www.decanteronline.com [4]

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