B-TOWN BIZ: ‘Electric Train Shop’ Moving From West Seattle To Burien

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A business called ‘The Electric Train Shop’ is choo-choo-choosing to re-locate from the high-rent West Seattle Junction to the more-affordable downtown Burien due to increased rent they compare to ‘beachfront property.’

The new location is at 625 SW 152nd, next to the Veracruz Restaurant.

Owners are planning on closing their West Seattle location in early June, with a target of opening the new store around Aug. 1.

“Due to the Liquor Store’s decision to leave us high and dry by their unnecessary and extravagant choice to move to Capco’s complex on Alaska Street, and the fact that Junction area rental space has become ‘beachfront property,’ we have been forced to leave our home of the last 13 years,” reads a statement on the shop’s website, which continues:

…staying would have meant a 300% rent increase … But instead of crying over spilt vodka, we are making lemonade-coolers and we’ll be moving to a much larger and more affordable space right in the heart of beautiful downtown Burien.

The new address is 625 – SW 152nd.

We will be closing our California Ave location in early June and hope to be open at the new store around August 1st.

We say welcome to the B-Town station!

More information available at www.ElectricTrainShop.com.

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4 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: ‘Electric Train Shop’ Moving From West Seattle To Burien”
  1. TcB says:

    Do they carry models as well? Maybe i’ll start up again.

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  2. connie carpenter says:

    i am glad to hear that some thing good is going into that space, i use to work there when it was kinderbargin for several years. that is a wonderful spot and i think you will end up loveing the location. by the way if you need any pictures of the place from around 2000 let me know i have a few.

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  3. care about Burien says:

    Good to hear. trains have always been a interest of mine,,, best of luck,,welcome to Burien..

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  4. Carol Vernon says:

    Did you notice the ‘ghost’ lettering for the Highline Pharmacy recently uncovered above the new train shop space? A fun blast from the past and I look forward to the new neighbor.

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