Have You Been Busted By The New Speed Radar Detectors On Ambaum Yet?

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Got speed? And if so, have you been ‘busted’ yet by the four brand new, solar-powered speed detectors recently installed on Ambaum Blvd. SW in Burien?

“The solar-powered speed detectors are at Ambaum and SW 134th Street, one in each direction,” said Steve Botkin from the city. [CORRECTION 5/12/11: after another drive-by, we counted a total four detectors.] “They cost about $6,000 each and are permanently placed there. They were paid for through a $71,000 state traffic safety grant the City received after the most recent pedestrian fatality there, a few years ago at about SW 136th St. While not a police department project, the grant request originated in the police department.”

These detectors are part of the Public Works project on Ambaum.

According to the city’s Public Works Department, radar speed detectors have been found to be effective in slowing down traffic, and after the overlay project is complete the City will do a before and after speed study on Ambaum to see if the detectors are making any difference.

We know from firsthand, personal experience that when these puppies start flashing at us, we react as if it’s some kind of scorecard or grading system, and immediately ease off the gas pedal.

Botkin adds:

The city has been waiting until the overlay project was done (or nearly done in this case) to install the detectors to prevent them from being damaged while the heavy sidewalk repair and preparation work on Ambaum was being done.

Also, the grant is paying for pedestrian-activated signaled crosswalk across Ambaum at SW 134th which will go in after the overlay work in that area is complete.

So…have YOU been caught yet by your new speed-conscious robot overlords? And if so, how did you react? Please leave a Comment below…

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7 Responses to “Have You Been Busted By The New Speed Radar Detectors On Ambaum Yet?”
  1. Chris says:

    While I despise the red light cameras, I actually like these devices. I would like to see them in school zones as well, like near St. Francis at 21st and 152nd.

    • Coverofnight says:

      Agree 100% percent. People are pretty good about self-control regarding speeding; sometimes we need a gentle reminder. These fit the bill perfectly.

      However, don’t be surprised if some councilmember scams a way to have these generate revenues.

  2. Shari says:

    Would love these more if they had a second screen that reported dB(A). And would love them even more than that if they had a third screen that flashed the number you get by multiplying the first two together, giving some indication of how much I fantasize about harming you when you roar by my house at 3 am or 5 am or whenever your kegger’s wound down and you decide to gun it as you go up the hill just to milk everything you can out of the exhaust system you had installed to compensate for your various anatomical shortcomings.

  3. Erik Robbins says:

    Chris – I agree. 152nd between Olde Burien and St. Francis is a speedway. I have seen MANY cars exceeding 50+ MPH on this stretch. I have been passed by speeding vehicles on numerous occasions because I was doing the 30MPH speed limit.

  4. jimmy p says:

    i would love to see some of these along occidental and along 1st ave from 112th to 128th and like Shari said something with sound detection we have a lot morons with really loud exhaust running up and down 1st ave and down occidental cars speeding way over the speed limits day and night and peeling out being stupid and if you try to call the cops the car is gone before you can even try to get license plat number or something

  5. P Lampman says:

    What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Not to mention they are unsightly and serve only to reinforce the notion that most drivers are complete idiots. We have a few of these in our neighborhood and at one site it appears the local wannabe racers use it as part of a speed competition.

    Truly safe drivers will always follow the speed “limit” though the true limit is what at least 85% of the traffic in one’s vicinity is traveling. Ever try to drive at 60 MPH on the freeway?

    This is not a solution. Red Light cameras (read revenue collecting) is next.

  6. C. Brown says:

    I drove past this going southbound on ambaum the other day. I was traveling at 35mph on the nose. At flashed 35 then flashed “slow down” at me… I had to laugh since I was doing the speed limit and it was bright and clear at the time, so nothing was impeding my vison.

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