Here’s The Latest (And Greatest) ‘3 Frog Bros.’ From Our Intern Bryan Charles

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We’re proud to be in our third year serving as Mentors at Highline School District’s Big Picture High School, and one of our two Interns this year is Bryan Charles, a budding young artist who is studying animation, who has created his own original comedy series called ‘3 Frog Bros’ (see more of his work here).

We’re big fans of Bryan, mostly because we have seen his artistic and comedic talents grow over the last school year, maturing from a ‘once-in-a-while, oh that’s kinda funny’ response to a more ‘man, your comedic pacing has really improved – might you be the next Matt Groening?!’ one.

Here’s his latest animation, which we consider by far his best work. It features a new character named Liam R. Frogensten, a hyperactive Doppelganger who happens to be from England, with a very silly accent voiced by Bryan, in the setup to a classic ‘switcheroo’ plotline:

If we were to grade Bryan on this new animation, we’d give him a solid A, and here’s why:

  • The comedic pacing is very strong.
  • The voiceover work is excellent. We especially like Liam’s voice.
  • The plot is funny, and some of the gags in this bit are hilarious, like the windshield wiper/clock scene.
  • The animation is really good – we could see no mistakes.
  • The audio sweetening is good.
  • Liam is a very funny character and we want to see more of him! (perhaps a spin-off Bryan…?)

Intern Bryan Charles shows off his self portrait caricature.

Of course, comedy is very subjective, so what’s funny to us may not be funny to you (please remember that if you leave a Comment).

On a personal note, as a former TV comedy writer, we’ve tried writing humor for well over 25 years, and while it can be the most fun job in the world, it’s tough to be consistent and always produce ‘A’ material. We know, because we have failed numerous times.

Combine the difficulty of writing good comedy with the slow, intense time-suck that producing quality animation in Flash can be and perhaps you get an idea of what it takes to create a funny, original cartoon.

This animation is consistent, and qualifies as ‘A’ material to us – way to go Bryan! Now get back to work rendering that 3D epic feature-length film!

If you’re not familiar with Big Picture High School, here’s some info from their website:

At Big Picture, we believe we are doing our best work when each student is an active participant in his or her education, when his or her course of study is personalized by teachers, parents and mentors who know him or her well, and when school-based learning is blended with outside experiences that heighten the student’s interest.

By these means we help students take responsibility for their own learning and prepare for success in college and beyond.

To see more of Bryan’s ‘3 Frog Bros.,’ check out his YouTube Channel here.

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2 Responses to “Here’s The Latest (And Greatest) ‘3 Frog Bros.’ From Our Intern Bryan Charles”
  1. Listener says:

    The Highline Historical Society was pleased to feature an exhibit of his work last year, and I can see that his art is growing. Nice job!

  2. Coverofnight says:

    Yes, it’s fun to see an artist’s progression as he matures; keep at it and good luck. The characters reminded me of “Regular Show”.

    Thought the article sounded like a performance review for Bryan; which was nice to read the Blog’s evaluation of him. Would love to see a similar one for the movie review intern (especially after all the nasty back and forth that we’ve read in this Blog).

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