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Highline-Area Students Have Fun At The 2011 Elementary Math Bonanza

On Friday, May 6th, Seahurst Elementary School’s Math Club hosted 150 of Highline’s top 4th through 6th-grade mathematicians for the 2011 Elementary Math Bonanza.

This was their second year running the event, which they intend to continue indefinitely.

“We love seeing so many students excited about extracurricular mathematics!” said Tom Clymer, the Seahurst Math Club’s advisor, “Hopefully they’ll take that excitement back to their school and will be able to experience it year-round in a Math Club of their own.”

After some opening instructions, students took both an Individual Written Test and an Individual Mental Math Test. The difference between these formats is significant: in the former, students may perform scratch work while arriving at their answer, but in the latter, the ONLY thing a student may write is their final answer to each problem; all work towards this end must be done mentally.

Following these two events, the students reorganized themselves into teams of four for two team tests: the first focused on the topics of Algebra and Probability, while the second focused on Geometry and “Potpourri”. Seahurst volunteers and attending coaches and parents proctored the tests, and as each test was completed these adults also worked to quickly and accurately score the answer sheets to enable awards to be determined in a timely manner.

Once the final test was over, students tucked into pre-ordered pizzas and anxiously awaited results. Shortly thereafter, the results were in:

The High-Scoring Individuals in Each School and Grade were:

The Top Five Individuals in the 4th-Grade were:

The Top Ten Individuals in the 5th-Grade were:

The Top Fifteen Individuals in the 6th-Grade were:

All of the tests for the 2011 Middlementary Math Bonanza were provided by National Assessment & Testing [1], which in addition to this local competition administers five national contests by mail each year in different formats.

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