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VIDEO FRIDAY: Realtor Susan Plecko’s Time-Lapse Of Wednesday’s Low Tide

Burien-based Realtor (and our second Advertiser [1] ever) Susan Plecko, who also dabbles in Photography, recently bought a time-lapse ‘Plantcam,’ which she used to record a spectacular video of Wednesday’s -3.4 low tide.

“The Plantcam is great!” she said. “I even used it to capture the view of one of my listings and have that posted online.”

PlantCams sell for around $70 on Amazon [2], and we encourage all our Readers who can afford it to buy one and shoot their own time-lapses, then send us your videos. Our goal is to post one different time-lapse from a different Reader every week – think we can get enough folks on board?

Here’s Susan’s video, which we find impressive because it appears to span an entire day, from sunrise to sunset. Be sure to pay close attention to when the tide goes out starting at around :40 in:

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