PHOTOS: Could This Bullet Hole Be The Result Of Tuesday’s Wah Long Incident?

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Out and about walking through Burien today, and we dropped in to say hi to our friend Johnny Basco at Karuna Arts Yoga/The Tag Zone, located at 819 SW 152nd.

While catching up on the local yoga and Nerf tag business, Johnny pointed something out to us – an apparent bullet hole has shattered part of one of the east-facing windows of the business, facing Ambaum Blvd. SW.

Looking out the window, one can see the Wah Long Sports Bar, where a knifing/shooting incident took place late Tuesday night (read our coverage of that here).

“I came in yesterday morning (Wednesday, May 25th), and found the glass shattered,” Johnny said. “I’m pretty certain it’s related to the shooting at Wah Long too since it wasn’t there before Wednesday morning.”

Johnny said he had inspected closely around the window for bullet remnants, but couldn’t find anything (we checked too, including in the parking lot). However, he did find some glass fragments about 25 feet away, all the way across the room.

“I’m just glad nobody was around when that happened,” he added.

Johnny and his wife Anna run Karuna Arts Yoga and The Tag Zone at this location, and it’s clear that this damage wasn’t caused by either a downward dog or Nerf gun.

Here are some pics taken by Scott Schaefer on the scene:

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10 Responses to “PHOTOS: Could This Bullet Hole Be The Result Of Tuesday’s Wah Long Incident?”
  1. Cyndi Upthegrove says:


  2. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Wake the hell up city of burien and do something.

  3. Mr. Diggles says:

    Prosecute the offenders not the business!

    It can and does happen anywhere, its total BS you go and mention Wa Long in this shooting, maybe they refused the suspects service, maybe the suspects were never even in that bar in the first place.

    Point is that you are pointing the finger without having all of the facts, I suppose I should expect that from a small town rag with amateur writing and reporting.

    Guess what? This kind of thing happens all the time and often these days and it’s not the responsibility of a business to do the job of the police.

    Random violence is a problem that does need to be dealt with, Wa Long is not the reason for these problems or any other business, so it ought to be left out of your obvious biased view point

  4. Jake W says:

    Mr. Diggles – You need to get your own facts straight before blaming the website. The website NEVER AT ANY POINT put any blame on the business. The website said it happened at Wah Long as a point of reference because part of PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM is citing where it happened.

    You say that the website has an “obvious biased view point” [sic]. What for? Because they said it happened at Wah Long? What do you expect them to say? “A shooting happened somewhere in Burien?” If they said that, it would be more amateurish than what you claim they are.

    In fact, any high school journalism student can rip apart your comment, as citing exactly where it happened (in the parking lot at Wah Long) is a vital piece of information in the story.

    You seem to be the one with an axe to grind about the website.

    Furthermore, if you actually had your facts straight and paid attention to the previous article on this incident, it is clear (from witnesses and police) that the shooting is related to a fight that happened inside the bar. Consequently, your claims that “maybe they refused the suspects service, maybe the suspects were never even in that bar in the first place” are completely unfounded.

    In conclusion, your claim that the website should not mention Wah Long can be easily dismissed on both arguments (that the suspects were in the bar, and that there is no journalistic reason to mention Wah Long).

  5. Hey Mr Diggles,
    Would you like to donate to our cause to now replace the window. Yes we have insurance but the business…us…has to now spend time and money to deal with this bs. The b-town blog is just reporting the local news dude so chill out.

    Johnny Basco

  6. Get a clue burien city council says:


    Take the bill over to the owners at wah long. Doubt they will pay but they should. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • After watching countless Judge Judy shows I’m almost certain the shooter would have to flip the bill if I sued him but chances are he doesn’t have money anyways. BTW we don’t have property damage on our insurance, only liability so we had to pay for the whole thing. CHA CHING!!!

  7. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Mr diggles,

    It is laughable that you are blaming the blog. This is the second shooting in 5 months at wah long. If your business is a nuisance in the community then the owners are to blame. A business that has two shootings and a stabbing in 5 months and which leads to bullett holes in neighbor businesses qualifies. It IS the owners fault.

    • jj says:

      Sorry I don’t agree that it’s the owner’s fault. If you close down Wah Long’s we will start reading the same stories about Elmer’s and Good Time Ernie’s. It’s not like the owner knew anyone had a gun and said hey you have a gun please come hurt some people in my establishment. Used to be the Crown Room was the bar with all these problems and since they are closed the trouble has moved. Close down Wah Long’s, hell tear it down and guess what?, the problems just move to the next bar and sooner or later will invade a bar near you! Maybe we could just close all the places that serve alcohol in Burien, but then you have to worry about the house next door having a house party that gets out of control and an innocent bystander gets hurt. Things do need to change that’s a fact but it is not just up to owner’s and staff, if the courts would set and hand down real penalties for troublemakers it may set an example and cause others to think first, then act.

  8. Collier says:

    Close the bar… let them go back to Des Moines.

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