Have An Opinion About Comcast? The City Of Burien Wants Your Feedback

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According to its website, as part of the franchise renewal process, the City of Burien is interested in “hearing residents’ opinions about cable television and other services provided by Comcast” – do YOU have an opinion?

If so, click here to take the online survey, which allows you to ‘grade’ Comcast’s performance in a number of area, ranging from prices to customer service and much more.

We know most people don’t have an opinion either way about their TV/internet/phone providers, right?

Uh huh.

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17 Responses to “Have An Opinion About Comcast? The City Of Burien Wants Your Feedback”
  1. A Lee says:

    As a Comcast customer for over 10years 3 years at our current address in Burien we are not happy with the monopoly that comcast has and after our 1 year of cheap 3 way bundling was over the charge for basic cable jumped almost 3x the previous price. we switched to sub par cable to get the regular/free channels with decent reception.
    Also too often without warning our phone, internet cable go out at nite for a few hours every 4-6 weeks between 12am-4am for “general maintenance” no internet and cable is annoying but no phone to me is dangerous what if there is an emergency this makes me contemplate switching phone service to an alternative regular land line provider. plus if your power goes out so does your phone with comcast.

  2. Comcast sucks says:

    They sure seem to know when they got ya over a barrel don`t they? The rat bastards make sure and take advantage of it. Get an HD antenna and you can see the difference in your picture and it`s free. There`s a website called dannysantenna, you can write this guy and give him your whereabouts and he will recommend the antenna you need for where you are at. He`s pretty knowledgeable.

  3. elizabeth2 says:

    When we really had an issue with one of our Comcast services, Comcast was an absolute nightmare! Hours and hours spent on the ‘live chat’ on internet to try to resolve issue failed to even get the service technician to show up.

    When I waited half the day for the technician tp show and he didn’t, I got back on the internet to talk to Comcast who said there was no technician because they had marked the issue “resolved”.

    I asked how that was possible since no one had ever shown up to work on the phone and they had no explanation for that. Again, hour on the phone to reexplain the problem. In each call, I kept getting the same horrible canned lines about how eager they were to resolve the problem and understood my frustration.

    Oh no they didin’t! Then, they refused to honor the $20 service credit they advertise they give when the technician does not show up on time. I guess maybe the technician not showing up at all doesn’t count!

    Customer service reps for Comcast mouth all the proper fake sugary comments (I understand, I am here to help you, we want you to be satisfied, please be patient for a minute (oh please, a minute!) while we look into this (like you couldn’t get it the three other hours we have been on the phone?) when you talk to them but it is all smoke and mirrors – I finally had to ask them to stop repeating the same lines and take care of the problem, please.

    OK, now I feel better. I have done the survey and been honest. I do think the technician who finally came out was great and it took less than five minutes there to fix the problem after three to four hours on the phone.

  4. ALAN says:

    We contracted with Comcast for our Business Phone & Internet last year. They published the wrong phone number in the yellow pages and with directory assistance. Customers who called directory assistance or dialed the number in the book got a disconnected out of service number. It was this way for almost a year. All the paperwork we had, including our bills had our in service number listed. Once we found out about the mistake, Comcast took over 3 weeks to correct it and still will not compensate us for lost business. They tried to say it was our fault for not catching the mistake to begin with.

  5. elizabeth2 says:

    Interestingly, MONEY magazine today named the top ten companies in their “Hall of Shame” for customer service. For the fifth year in a row, Comcast made the list. Does that surprise anyone?

  6. TickedInBurien says:

    Over the past few years Comcast has done the following:

    -switched my customer info with someone else’s

    -mischarged me (on a regular basis) for equipment and usage that was not mine

    -changed my SSN in the bill pay system (after years of me using the correct one to pay my bill every month) and told me the only way to fix it was to come down to an office in person and show ID. Since their offices are only open when I work, I had to take time off to do this.

    -had technicians try to up-sell me on equipment I did not need, including the laughable time their sales rep told me I had to buy a new cable modem any time I moved to a new city… and then called in and had the office shut off my internet service so he could try and prove that my modem wouldn’t work (I heard him through the door while he was doing it). And when I immediately got on the phone and told customer service to turn it back on, I was told it would take up to 7 days.

    And, my personal fave:

    -sent someone to repossess equipment that 1. wasn’t in my name (and wasn’t in fact even on my account), 2. was on account that was closed a year before I even moved in, and 3. when I explained this to the guy (and then again to customer service on the phone with him standing there) I was told that I should pay the few hundred dollars owed on someone else’s account to make the repo guy go away.

    And I haven’t even put all my Comcast stories in here, those are just the ones in the forefront of my mind.

    Please, get rid of them. I am trying really hard to be patient about the fact that Burien doesn’t have many options for internet, and I already tossed TV just so I’d have to deal with them less often. It is getting to the point that I’d rather move to another city just so I can switch to another internet provider.

  7. Lisa B. says:

    My boycott of them has been going on since they were TCI.

  8. Beerrun says:

    Comcast is a complete rip off and unfortunate monopoly. I have internet and cable only and my bill is over $200 per month. The only premium service I have is HBO. Seems completely out of line to me. Unfortunately, they do have the most reliable and fastest internet available in my area, so I have no choice.

    Comcast came in my yard ears ago, without warning, with a crew of 4. At the time, I had complete privacy in my back yard and kitchen area. I came out of the shower in a towel and went to my kitchen, only to see the crew of 4 men staring at me. Not too mention, they dug a trench in my yard and tore out my favorite hydrangea bush. I complained to Comcast and never had any resolution. It cost me $400 to undo the damage they did.

    They also broke a television in my house and the tech called his supervisor immediately to report it. I followed up several times and again, never got any resolution, not even a discount on my bill.

    If I had a choice, they would be gone.

    • david Feist says:

      Comcast is ripping everyone off….HOWEVER…I called and told them I was ready to cancel and My NEW BILL is $109.99 for phone ..internet and cable…old bill was $196.00..PLEASE EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CALL….Reduce my bill or else…That is all you have to say….Our City just wants the Franchise Fee….which we as customers pay this every Month to Com-Burien-Cast……B.S.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Yup, they will do that one time,but what you are getting are their intro rates and after 6 month your bill will once again be $196.00. They did it once for me but the second time they said sorry to have you go…..

      • Bernadette M. says:


        I was laid off from Comcast after 10 years, and, for the first time in many years, am paying full price. I had no idea how much it costs customers (even though I thought I did). If there was any competion out there I would switch in hot second!

        Bernie M.
        [email protected]

    • tj says:

      I completely disagree i have Comcast and i love it. I get TV, phone , and internet for 150 a month and I have all the premium channels including on demand. I have been with them for 6 years Ive never had many problems. Maybe like 1 or 2 out the past 6 years. But i guess it depends on your area for customer satisfaction.

  9. Bonnie Moormeier says:

    I agree – Comcast is a rip-off and I hate that they have us “over a barrel” since they are the fastest internet and probably the best cable TV service, although I’m really tempted to switch and see if that is really the case. I hate that they are constantly giving “new customer” discounts while gouging those of us who are long-time customers. I haven’t had any problem with customer service – it is just the outrageous cost of the service that bothers me. Has anyone in the Burien area had success using the HD antennna?

  10. btowner says:

    Can the city of Burien, do anything to help?

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      It’s not a matter of can the city do anything but WILL the city do anything! Call/e-mail the council!! Not that that will help but at least you did your part!

  11. Think different says:

    A solution that works so well, Comcast went to the North Carolina legislature to ban its expansion – Community Fiber Networks.

    Seattle has toyed with the idea, it is up and running in parts of North Carolina and other places. We just need to get the city to champion the idea, and get enough folks signed up. By having a public utility (sorry, small government folks), we could encourage high value added businesses at the same time we provide an infrastructure to support bringing a world of opportunities to even our less financially blessed citizens. For those who oppose public utilities, think public roads. Yes, we gripe about our streets, but long ago we quit letting a private company charge tolls so you could get move yourself to business, church or library?


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