Current Animal Shelter Closing June 15th; Offering Reduced Adoption Fees

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We just received a note from Dr. Leslie Kasper, outgoing Director of Burien Animal Care & Control (BACC), alerting us that the current animal shelter, which is closing June 15th, is offering reduced Adoption Fees.

“Please Help us find homes for these animals,” Dr. Kasper said. “The contract for the new CARES group does not require them to be responsible for taking over their care or adoptions! Please also note … the City has required BACC to no longer take in stray animals as of June 6th due to the shelter closing.”

The reduced fees for the current shelter are:

Dr. Leslie Kasper is looking for homes for pets at the current animal shelter, which closes June 15th.

  • Dogs: $25 off (currently $75)
  • Kittens: Adopt One, get the Second 1/2 Off (2 for $150)
  • Adult Cats:$30 each or two for $50

We do not know for certain what will happen to any ‘leftover’ animals, so we encourage all our Readers to try and adopt or help find homes for these pets.

The BACC Adoption center is located at 13622 First Ave South in Burien, and most of their adoptable pets are listed on

As we’ve previously reported, a new group called ‘Community Animal Resource Education Society’ (CARES), headed by Debra George, will assume management duties beginning June 15. CARES will be paid $10,000 a month under its contract with the city – a total of $360,000 through April 2014.

The new management will take over responsibility for enforcing animal control laws, picking up stray, injured and dangerous animals, and sheltering and adopting unclaimed dogs and cats. In addition, it will provide for sheltering, adoption and community education.

The current shelter will close June 15th, and sheltering will be contracted out with P.J.’s Pet Ranch, not far from the Burien city limits in SeaTac, and with local veterinary clinics.

In April 2010, the Burien City Council opted not to participate in a new King County regional program and awarded the first local first animal control services contract to Dr. Leslie Kasper effective July 1.

The total costs allocated to Burien in 2011 under the Regional Animal Services model would have been about $300,000 a year, while giving the city the services of a single animal control officer for just eight hours a week. That would have been offset by an estimated $119,251 in pet licensing revenue.

“With the transition funding offered by King County, Burien’s net cost for 2011 would have been $128,767,” said Cameron Satterfield, Communications Director for King County. “Furthermore, all pet licensing fees from Burien residents would go directly to offset the cost of providing service to Burien, so if revenue exceeded projections, the net cost to the city would be even lower. In addition, while it is true that only one King County animal control officer would be on patrol in the sector that includes Burien, other officers and staff could be called in for backup when needed.”

In January, Kasper gave the city a six-month notice that she will no longer could provide these services.

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3 Responses to “Current Animal Shelter Closing June 15th; Offering Reduced Adoption Fees”
  1. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Too bad CARES won’t take any leftover animals. Wish I could take on a couple more. CARES….seems like an oxymoron. Maybe they should change their accronym to CTC…cash the check

  2. Christine says:

    This whole topic makes me sick. How can taking in the existing homeless pets not be part of the new contract? Is there simply no animal control until the new place is set up? This just does not leave me hopeful about the future of animal control in Burien.

  3. Kitty Mama says:

    Thankfully the good people of Burien have adopted all but 2 dogs and 3 cats. They are all *very* adoptable and will surely find wonderful homes. Dr. Leslie is working to find a shelter to accept them. Seattle Humane Society (in Bellevue) took 4 baby kittens and 2 adult cats not yet ready for adoption last week. Hopefully they’ll take the rest, too. If not, someone will. They’re GREAT animals! Congratulations & thanks to Dr. Leslie & her staff for closing out the current shelter with the best interests of the animals in mind!!

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