LETTER: Cleaning Company Has Littered Neighborhood With Advertising

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Dear B-Town Blog,

I went for my usual walk around my neighborhood today and saw that a “cleaning” company had strewn about their company advertising. They put rocks inside a plastic bag with their advertising and tossed it into driveways, sidewalks, and onto the street. (A cleaning company! How ironic is that?) They didn’t even have the courtesy of putting it on a porch or on the door handle. I’m so annoyed.

We try to keep our neighborhoods free of trash in Burien and we don’t need a company from BELLEVUE, no less, adding to the litter. My neighborhood is Salmon Creek. You can see it all for yourself if you take a quick stroll, they plastered the place. I’d love for them to have a little bad press about their bad advertising practice. They should be ashamed!


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14 Responses to “LETTER: Cleaning Company Has Littered Neighborhood With Advertising”
  1. Lisa B. says:

    They got us over here in Hazel Valley too. They put the packages in everyone’s driveways, and now they are all in the middle of the street. I’m sure I’ll have to pick them all up tomorrow when I walk my kid to school. That company just made a whole bunch of new enemies for sure.

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  2. stephanie says:

    I was wondering what was going on. I didn’t want to pick it up and kept my daughter from doing that also- who knows what could have been in/on them. I plan on calling them tomorrow to complain…

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  3. Let’s all complain. I already sent a note from their “contact me” on their web site, http://www.crystalcleanings.com/ I told them that I would NEVER use their service since they littered our Hurstwood neighborhood. I want them to come and pick up ALL of their trash and apologize in The Highline TImes. We run a home-based business and this is not acceptable to have this trash in our streets.

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  4. Lee Moyer says:

    It is not the first time. I recall picking up their litter before.
    Littering is a crime and it is obvious who did it, why not prosecute them?

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  5. Keith says:

    I also question the logic of advertising through something that looks like a bag of crack cocaine.

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    • Coverofnight says:

      …thought the same thing, too! I did use the rocks in my planter, then recycled the flyer!

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  6. Betsy says:

    This irritates me too! I’ll make a comment on their website. Thanks for the post and the info.

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  7. Feral Dog says:

    Kind of sounds like governmant tactics to me.
    Make a mess then charge you the taxpayer to clean it up.

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  8. stephanie says:

    I filed a complaint to the BBB. This is ridiculous…

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  9. SM says:

    So apparently this is not the first time this company has used these particular marketing tactics. There is a long chain about it from a year ago on the West Seattle Blog. http://westseattleblog.com/forum/topic/rant-leaving-advertisements-in-my-driveway

    Looks like a lot of people did the same things, when it happened there, IE posted reviews, did a complaint to the BBB, called them etc.. Apparently it didn’t do any good. This is so sad to me. You can’t tell me anyone would grab a bag of rocks with a flyer out of their ditch and think “wow, cool, I’ll give them a try” . Thank goodness they didn’t hit anyone with their flying advertising. . .

    For the person that has the license plate, if you call the littering hotline they’ll record a complaint and send a warning letter. Not sure what good it would do, but at least they would be on record. 866-LITTER-1

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  10. Liljo says:

    Gregory Heights got it too.

    Crazy, what were they thinking?

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  11. stephanie says:

    has anyone thought of the illegal dumping???


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  12. Erik Robbins says:

    Just went out to get mail and found a NEW flier from the same company advertising window cleaning STAPLED to my mailbox. Same phone number.

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