‘Castles In The Sand’ – A Newcomer Observes A ‘Vision For Burien’ Forum

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by Steve Krause

I’m the new kid on the block. Kim and I just moved here from California looking for a pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. A place where people can agree to disagree. A fun place with fun people. Let’s call that a community.

I’ve been going to these vision meetings. I’ve been to many of these types of meetings in several cities over the past few decades. I say that because I don’t like to express an opinion unless it’s a qualified opinion. I think I’m qualified. I have a Masters degree in business and a PhD in common sense. I’ve seen the dark side… people walk out when they disagree – but not here. People yell – not here. People impose their will on others to raise their position on an issue to a higher priority – not here. They are not trying to be civil and constructive – they are.

Shaping the future of the city is a tremendous responsibility. I loved to play on the beach when I was little. Actually, I still do. I had lots of toys – a little dump truck, shovel, flags for my castle. Mom used to tell me to let the other kids play with my toys. Every time I built my own sandcastle it washed away before I was done. I cried. One day, I shared my toys with the other kids and we built it faster and stronger and it stood high and proud on that beach. I learned an important lesson… play nice. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one. The folks on this Steering Committee have very different backgrounds, personalities, skills, education. Yet, they all appear to have one thing in common… they play nice. They ask questions about community needs rather than inflict their personal agenda on the process. They’ve made personal sacrifices to engage in this process for the benefit of the community.

I don’t care that I’m the new kid on the block I’m takin’ that hill. I’ll stand high on the hill and yell “THANK YOU” to every resident who contributed to the process. “THANK YOU” to every person on the Steering Committee. “THANK YOU” to the Council and City Manager for leading the process.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Steve Krause is a Screenwriter who recently moved to Burien after escaping, alive and unscathed, from Southern California.]

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5 Responses to “‘Castles In The Sand’ – A Newcomer Observes A ‘Vision For Burien’ Forum”
  1. k says:

    Another Californian here to tell us how to improve our lifestyles.

  2. seahurst says:

    The Californians can’t do much worse of a job than we do.
    What I would like to know is,
    what is he here for? If Aunt Suzie from Wichita moves to Burien, will she get the
    same kind of published space?

    • Hey if Aunt Suzie were to take the time to write something interesting and email it to us, and it was locally relevant (without being an obvious commercial), we’d definitely post it.

      We’ve tried to make it clear that we’re always looking for Writers and Contributors. Steve just happened to write something up on his own and send it in, and we thought it was worth posting.


  3. Steve Krause says:

    That’s one of the things I love about people in this town. You don’t sit on the sidelines & watch stuff happen… you get involved… you say what’s on your mind. I do want to clarify I’m not a Californian by anyone’s definition. I came from the northwest including several yrs in Alaska. Loved it then. Love it now…

    We can agree to disagree & still continue constructive discussion. That’s a family. We just bought a house in Burien so soon hope to be part of that family. Meanwhile, keep talking — better be careful though… somebody might turn it into a reality show.


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