Petition Drive Launched To Save White Center, Boulevard Park Libraries

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White Center Library Guild members, led by guild President Rachel Levine, launched a petition campaign on Tuesday, June 7, in an effort to save the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries (read our previous coverage here).

The King County Library System Board of Trustees will consider, at their June 28 meeting, a proposal by library system Director Bill Ptacek and his staff to close both libraries and consolidate them in a new facility that would be built in North Burien.

Those signing the petitions to the library trustees declare their “wish to maintain the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries in their current locations. Access to libraries is crucial to the academic improvement of our children who struggle to overcome poverty. We ask the KCLS Board of Trustees to delay any decision about the future of our libraries until after annexation is resolved.”

White Center Library Guild members and Boulevard Park Library patrons will be collecting signatures at both libraries and in their neighborhoods until the trustees’ June meeting.

At their June 6 meeting, Burien City Council members indicated they will adopt on June 20 a resolution urging the trustees to delay any action on library consolidation until the annexation question is settled.

Earlier, Levine thanked them “for making a reasonable counter-proposal” to the library trustees, adding “but we’re not sitting still. We’re about to engage in gathering signatures on a petition.”

Here are photos of Tuesday’s initial petition drive at the White Center library, as shot by Photographer Michael Brunk (note the makeshift use of an ironing board as a signing table!)

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6 Responses to “Petition Drive Launched To Save White Center, Boulevard Park Libraries”
  1. HB says:

    Where exactly is “North Burien”?
    I know where North Highline is, and
    I know where Burien is; but
    an area of, or city of “North Burien”
    is a foreign to me.

    Also, it would appear the KCLB wants to get out of
    and stay out of the North Highline area because
    they are afraid that Seattle will take them over.
    Do they know something that the rest of us don’t know?

  2. Greg Duff says:

    North Burien is the area that was annexed in April 2010. It’s basically from 116th to 128th. There are some “jogs” that differ but that will give you an idea. North Highline is the area that is basicaly 116th to Roxbury (again the jogs). This area is still Unincorporated King County and is also known as Area Y.

    The problem with the KCLB is that they are not in touch with the citizens. Every one of the board members should be spending time at both of the libriaries after school when the children of the area are using the libraries. These libraries are too important to consolidate into one. These families will not be able to get to the “new” library and in the end we will be sacrificing their education to save a buck.

    If I was a Burien City Council Member and on the King County Library Board, I would be speaking (make that shouting) for the citizens of the area as a paid council person from the City of Burien. The library board is a volunteer position so I do not see the conflict of interest that Lucy Krakowiak is claiming. Lucy, you were elected to represent ALL of the citizens of Burien and you have dropped the ball when it comes to serving the citizens of North Highline. SHAME ON YOU.
    I love the bumper sticker that says “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

  3. King County taxpayer says:

    I think Ptacek needs to go before he comes up with anymore bright ideas like removing library security cameras which could help police solve library crimes and consolidating libraries to ensure that lower income, senior communities don’t have library access…Brilliant.

  4. Trina Samson says:

    Can we sign a petition online? It would be able to get a lot more signatures that way.

  5. Thom Grey says:

    Duh Duff Dude and Dude Bloggers,
    This deal about closing the two libraries is not a new story. Big Bill Ptacek has been trying to close these two libraries for at least two years. He has wanted to put them at Puget Park. So some of you have missed the boat by not complaining about this until now. Sign the petition now- anyway. I’m kinda tired of Dude Duff trying to make this his campaign platform against Lucy K. If he had sure a burning concern about the libraries before, why didn’t he speak up earlier? These libraries were in his North Highline Area and he sat on that North Highline Council Board-these libraries were not in Burien. Don’t remember any historical letters for that North Highline Board complaining about this old issue. So who was it in the North Highline Area that dropped the ball? Perhaps that North Highline Board for not speaking up sooner? Where were the letters from that North Highline area when the KC library system said it was doing a survey on the area earlier this year? When Lucy K. has attempted to vote on library issues that related to Burien in the past, Ralph Nichols has attacked her in the press for a conflict of interest. He complained that she was mixing her allegiances-City business should stay with the city and Library business should stay separate. Dudes, for those of us who remember history and have followed the libraries stories we understand her current position. Might want to discuss this with Ralph N. and review history before you write anymore-SHAME ON YOU comments to advance yourself in running for a City Council position. However if your fingers are itching to write SHAME ON YOU notes, send them to Bill P.-who cooked up the closure scheme. For those of us who have had concerns about the shorelines, animal control and other everyday folk’s concerns-Ms. Lucy has been the one City Council member who always answers her phone, comes to citizen meetings, actually asks questions at the City Council meetings and actually listens to citizen concerns. Dude, we remember her service to us when it comes to voting. Give up the library card.

  6. Greg Duff says:

    When Rachel Levine first brought this issue to NHUAC, several of us attended the meetings of the KCLB and spoke against closing the libraries. If memory serves me correctly, a letter was written to the KCLB. The fine people of NHUAC are very much on top of this and very much have supported keeping the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries from the get go. If you look at the photos in the pictures above, you will see Liz Giba of NHUAC. Rachel Levine is a tireless trooper who fights for this community whether it is the library or saving Evergreen Pool.

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