Nine Candidates Have Filed To Run For Three Burien City Council Positions

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The filing deadline for Burien City Council and other area election candidates closed Friday, June 10th at 4 p.m., and nine candidates have filed for three council positions.

The primary (and special) election is set for Aug. 16th, and this is an interesting mix of both known and unknown names running for the B-Town council:

Council Position No. 2 (incumbent: Lucy Krakowiak)

  • Greg Duff
  • Ed Dacy
  • Lucy Krakowiak

Council Position No. 4 (incumbent: Gordon Shaw)

  • Bob Edgar
  • Joey Martinez
  • Diana Holman
  • Gordon M. Shaw

Council Position No. 6 (incumbent: Jerry Robison)

  • Debi Wagner
  • Jerry Robison

As far as the King County Council District 8 race, where Joe McDermott is the incumbent, here’s the field:

  • Joe McDermott
  • Goodspaceguy
  • Diana Toledo

We’ll be featuring profiles on each candidate between now and Aug. 16th, and as we’ve done many times before, we’re planning on sponsoring candidate forums, so check back often for dates and locations.

For more information on the candidates in this and other area races, visit or to

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24 Responses to “Nine Candidates Have Filed To Run For Three Burien City Council Positions”
  1. Get a clue burien city council says:


    Can you get each candidate on the record about where they stand with the annexation of white center by burien. I already know Gordon shaw and Jerry Robison are for it which we will see in a month or two.

    It is absolutely beautiful that the city is going to address this issue before the election. No where for shaw and Robison to hide.

  2. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Gordon shaw, Jerry Robison, and Greg duff are for annexation of white center by burien.

    I am not sure on Lucy. We will find out soon enough.

    And the other candidates I am not sure.

    • Ian Gunsul says:

      You certainly have an obsession with the White Center annexation- care to give a reason using facts instead of myths and half-truths?
      Are you on this list of candidates, or are you going to hide behind a screen name posting inflammatory comments?

      • Coverofnight says:

        Back off Ian! Like me, Get a Clue is a true American that has legitimate questions regarding issues concerning his community and is exercising his right to express them. Liberal granola bars like you, Eating BVDs and Fecal Dog will not silence us with your emotional scare tactics. You guys should thank God that you live in a country where guys like us question our leaders (and future leaders) for fairness and accountability.

        How typical for you liberals to divert the attention away from a potential major election issue and bring into question the character of the inquiry. Voices like Clue’s and mine continually strive toward a solution, unlike yours which contributes to the problem. At times it seems to me like a lonely fight – maybe Get a Clue is an ally for progress; time will tell.

        As for the annexation, it’s still early for me to give an opinion, but I think this inquiry is a good first step toward gathering information to make an informed decision.

        • Ian Gunsul says:

          Obviously you don’t know me, nor I you as you hide behind a screen name.
          I’m the guy that puts politicians feet to the fire to find out where they stand.
          I’m the guy who takes the time to look up information, that is all freely available to any concerned citizen, or asked my elected officials or civic employees, as they work for me and you and by law must provide that information.
          You’re the ones that resort to misinformation and name calling as your arguements that are rarely factual and usually baseless.
          You and your like are the fearmongers that try to sway public opinion with your cries of crime, taxes and waste.
          Get a clue- I am a proud American and a patriot who has lived in this area for over 50 years, and if you don’t like the lifestyle you have in the Burien area you can blame me and people like me.

          • Rainycity says:

            Don`t pay any attention to the c.o.n. man Ian, he`s nothing more than an a-hole that feeds off other peoples posts, (a troll.) If you look at the posts he has, he doesn`t have but maybe 1 or 2 that are his own thoughts, mainly limited to asinine questions like did you have her permission to use her name, (go figure huh con man) that sort of sh*t. He mainly just hangs on the tailcoats of others so don`t feed his pu&*y ass. It`s not worth it.

        • Eaton B. Verz says:

          It’s Mr. Verz to you CON….. like Bugs Bunny sez, “What a maroon!”

  3. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Myths and half truths? How exactly does one find out the truth except to ask a member of the media to ask the candidates on the record?

    Of course, I could ask the candidates myself which I did several posts back to Greg duff but he didn’t answer. I have heard from several reliable sources he is for annexation.

    When I ask him and he doesn’t answer and then ask a reporter to ask him what exactly am I suppose to do?

    I am not a candidate. I am a concerned citizen exercising my constitutional right of free speech.

    And you’re right I don’t want the city of burien to annex white center. It is the highest crime area in all of king county. I don’t want it in our community. And guess what the majority of residents of burien don’t want it either.

    Look at the last two polls done on this blog where it is opposed two to one. Is that myth or half truth? No its not.

    So I am really not sure what you are talking about.

    I know for a fact the city was attempting to fast track annexation and they got caught. I just want people to know who they are voting for and where they stand on probably the most important issue facing burien in it’s history. If you have a problem with that move to Iran.

    I a

    • Jennifer says:

      So, I am not sure you understand that there is no “fast tracking” annexation…because this has been on the table for many years now. If it had been “fast tracked” White Center would already be part of Burien. I live in Burien and work in White Center and I feel that you are doing a diservice to the people of White Center. There are many wonderful and responsible people in this community and Burien citizens should welcome them with open arms. If the city of Seattle annexed white center I believe you would see crime rise in this area. Just one Burien residents opinion…. oh and I favor annexation!

  4. ME says:

    I think Ian stuck a nerve there. Poor CON had no way to respond. He just got defensive and lashed out.

    Way to go Ian on taking the high road.

  5. Thom Grey says:

    Duh Dude Bloggers you want some facts,
    Read the March 19, 2010 and January 26, 2011 B-Town Blogs about why Seattle has decided not to consider annexing White Center right now. This is a summary of just some facts from both stories. White Center will cost $12.6 million dollars more to run per year than it brings in from tax revenue. Then there will be an $8.7 million dollar one time start up cost just to take the area over from the King County. There are $77 million dollars in deferred/backlog costs to do the infrastructure repairs that King County has deferred and never taken care of-like the street are falling apart not to mention other things. Duh, the misdemeanor crime rate in Seattle is 3% and the misdemeanor crime rate in White Center is 6.9%. This means White Center has 3.9% more crime than Seattle and it jacks up the cost of police by $7 -9 million bucks per year just to protect the honest folks there. And there are lots more dollar costs, I haven’t mentioned-read the reports. Who ever gets stuck having to take White Center is stuck with a sucking black hole of money costs. King County is trying to dump this area because it can’t afford to run it. And like a little putz city this Size of Burien can? Get a clue City Hall and City Council Dudes.

    • Ian Gunsul says:

      Those are Seattle financial numbers not Burien’s.
      We have many services that already are contracted with or crossover with the potential annexation area so our costs would be lower and abatement higher.

  6. Thom Grey says:

    Duh Ian Dude and other Dudes,
    First you say want some facts and not myths and then when you get them you are in denial of the facts. White Center will be White Center no matter what name you give it-Area Y or North Highline. And no matter who gets it, it will be a sucking black hole for money. King County is even willing to admit there is $77 million dollars in backlogged/deferred costs for repair. Streets and infrastructure cost the same amount to fix no matter who does the work. No matter who does the study there is a high crime rate in White Center that costs big bucks with police, court costs and legal defense for people who cannot afford lawyers. The Fire Dept. still has to be paid for. Like Duh Dude there are huge social services costs for this area. Burien cannot even afford the social services it needs right now. Burien cannot fix a 50 year old problem even if Mike Martin B.Ss that he can. He will retire in 3 or 4 years and leave the Burien citizens with financial nightmare. And he is a guy who does even have the common sense to not drive when he is drunk. He had a hit and run accident in Kent and left the scene of the crime-injuried some people. So we can really trust his good judgement. In 1997, the Burke Group did a study of the White Center Area-when Burien was becoming a city-and even then this independent group stated that this White Center Area would only get worse and cost more to manage annually. And guess what Ian Dude, their prediction has been proven true. Only if you are smoking some funny kind of weed, eating small shrooms out of your lawn or snorting peyote, can you possibly think that Burien can fix or afford this area. Duh, Burien cannot even afford to run its own animal control. Like Ian, it sounds like you want to annex this area even if the facts say that it’s a bad economic idea-and it is an unsound financial idea. You are sure trying to ignore the facts.

    • Fera Dog says:

      You can snort peyote???? Damn,, Should I have taken time to dry it?? Nah!! *lol*
      Never even got it back to the house..

  7. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Great point Thom. Seriously Ian you accuse me of having an agenda and wanting some facts and then you get them and say the numbers are wrong. In other words you have zero credibility.

    Even the numbers from burien which are way rosier than anyone else’s says they are going to lose 1.2 million per year and that is with the subsidy from the county.

    Common sense folks if the county has been trying to get rid of it for 15 years and Seattle has had numerous opportunities and passed every time that should be all the proof needed. No one else wants it because it is a money losing crime infested black hole. And the city of burien can’t run what they have now and just completed an annexation. Why not slow down see how that works out, give the community the opportunity to debate the issue and put all the financials out there for people to see. The city and mike Martin can’t do that because they know if they do no one in their right mind would favor annexing white center.

    • Ian Gunsul says:

      you want stats- here you go.
      maybe the citiizens from White Center/ Boulevard Park should reconsider becoming part of the black hole of crime known as Burien!

      Crime statistics for 5/1/2010 through 5/31/2011 from the King County Sheriff’s Office website:
      Type WC/BP Burien Commercial Burglary & Attempted Commercial Burglary 49 126
      Residential Burglary & Attempted Residential Burglary 128 312
      Theft(not including vehicle theft) 328 899
      Vehicle Theft 132 282
      Robbery 29 77
      Vice 21 19
      Assault 39 59
      Controlled Substance Violation 46 200

      • Thom Grey says:

        Duh Ian Dude you don’t know how to read or report Stats,
        First off you can’t compare numbers for areas that have two significantly different population sizes-White Center 20,000 people, Burien 48,072 people-the way you are trying to do. Secondly, by 5/1/10 Boulevard Park and the rest of that annexed area becomes part of Burien. So your 2010 to 2011 number junk includes Boulevard Park in Burien’s numbers. By annexing this new area-Area X/Boulevard Park- this is how much crime increased in the City of Burien from 2009 to 2010; Dispatch calls increased 30.2%, Adults charged with crimes increased 37%, Gang activity increased 62.2%, Domestic violence increased 31.8%. Dude, simply stated-annexing Area X –Boulevard Park increased Burien’s crime rate a whooping lot. This came from the KC Sheriff’s site. Now where you got your magic report data from on White Center for last year, I am not sure because there was no special break out report for White Center 2010. Dude, to compare one area to another area the way you are trying to do, you have to break out the numbers of crime type per 1,000 people. White Center does have a higher crime rate per thousand than Burien. Duh Dude,guess that shoots down your case on who are the baddest dudes in South King County and which area sucks up more money to protect its citizens. However, the areas in North Highline-Area X and AreaY have much higher crime rates than Burien ever had. Taking on Area X is costing us big Police Bucks. And taking on White Center/ Area Y will cost even more Police Bucks. Bang, Bang to your theory.

  8. Feral Dog says:

    All kidding aside, how many of the folks who were annexed in Burien`s last hostile takeover, (I mean annexation) are happy with the outcome?
    Notice any change in community services, except for some (actually only one) of the inept F*^&#$%g Burien I have a badge and want to be a police force taking action before they know what the facts are, or the neighbor hood park clean up groups which was happening anyways.

    • Jennifer says:

      Actually, I have talked to several families that were annexed into Burien and they are quite happy with this!

  9. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Okay and what are they for white center? And how many people live in burien and how many people live in white center? But you’re right the city has no business annexing more people they clearly have their hands full already. thanks for proving it

  10. Feral Dog says:

    Nobody who has been annexed are happy with the outcome? That`s what I thought.
    Or are they just not saying?

  11. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Well based on those 3 families Jennifer burien should definitely annex white center

  12. Tom Taaffe says:

    Ian, I know that you are a person of sober reflection. and I appreciate your ideas. I sincerely believe, and hope that you will agree with me, that the earlier feasibility studies should be revisited by an independent and unbiased expert at this time. Independent and unbiased as someone not under the influence of either the pro or anti annexation people.
    Hey, just recall, leaping before we looked is how we got Texas. Yetch !

  13. jimmy p says:

    iam surprise there are any changes in the area i have seen some in the annex area like street sweepers, more cops in the area the road improvements a long 128th the parks are cleaner no homeless people living at arbor lake i havent seen to much new taging around the park also there’s new benches tables garbage cans at arbor lake also i have seen the mowing trucks mowing the gutters so there some small changes that most probably just don’t notice also the cross walks are getting the new audio reports for the blind telling them when to walk but with white center yea its gonna cost a lot of money to fix it up if the city can come up with the money or not they will probably annex it no matter what anyone has to say i know there are a lot people including my self that not to happy with the annex of this area but it does seem to be helping the area and lowing the crime in the area a little bit but owell will just have to see what happens with white center

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