B-TOWN BIZ: State Puts Bite On, Closes Piranha Joe’s For $36K In Back Taxes

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This is the warrant that was posted at Piranha Joe's on Wednesday. Click image to see larger version.

Late Wednesday afternoon (June 15), local members of Discover Burien were surprised when they tried to go to a monthly networking event at Piranha Joe’s, only to discover that doors had been locked, the lights were out, and a warrant from the State Department of Revenue was on the door.

The B-Town Blog caught up with owner Coy Wood on Thursday (June 16), who was at Piranha Joe’s cleaning up. Although the Department of Revenue sign on the closed restaurant said they owed $36,000 in back taxes, Coy tells the blog that “we’re behind in sales taxes, there was a warrant for $36,000 and we had $11,000 left on the balance. I couldn’t pay them in time, so they closed us down.” Apparently Coy has been working with the Department of Revenue since the first of the year to pay the debt.

Whether Piranha Joe’s will remain in their Safeway Plaza location will remain up to the landlord, who Coy is trying to contact.

“At this point in time we don’t know what we’re doing or where we’re going,” he added. “The tough thing is that we’ve ended up with around $40,000 in inventory that’s going south on us in the next week” (salmon, steaks, perishable foods).

Gina Bourdage, Discover Burien Executive Assistant, discovered the closing when she went over to coordinate Wednesday’s event. She called Elliott Bay Brewery’s Michael Goldsmith, who welcomed the party during his dinner rush. DB bought some appetizers and over 20 members enjoyed Michael’s hospitality and bought their own Elliott Bay microbrews, sodas and wine.

“Discover Burien would like to give Elliott Bay Kudos and a big B-Town thanks for saving the day,” said Gina. “It turned out great and Michael was more than accommodating.”

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12 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: State Puts Bite On, Closes Piranha Joe’s For $36K In Back Taxes”
  1. Jessie Belle says:

    This is a terrible restaurant anyway. Their service sucks – starting with the managment! I, for one, am glad to see it go!

  2. diem says:

    I am sad to see it go. Unlike the short reply above, I ate there recently last month for my mother’s birthday. Our service was great, and the food was stellar. In fact, the chicken sandwich I had with goat cheese was the best chicken sandwich I have ever eaten–it was THAT good. I tried the other dinners at our table, and each was flavorful and well-prepared.
    I hope they can work it out, as I would like to go back.

  3. napavine says:

    I love the featured coupon.

  4. alihoops says:

    Seriously? I have eaten there twice and it is the worst food I think I have ever eaten! We went in a few weeks ago for a family function and there were exactly two tables with people in them. The service is fine, but the food is barely edible

  5. Greg Duff says:

    I have eaten at Piranha Joe’s a few times and I had great food and great service. I ceratinly hope Mr. Wood is able to get the restaurant open again. PJ has been a great addition to the fine restaurants we already have in Burien. I encourage everyone to support our local businesses. Eat here and shop here and Burien will be a better city.

  6. food lover says:

    I am sorry to see them struggle, some of there food was just ok (including the prime rib in my opinion) but some things were absolutely delicious! Bourbon and brown sugar ribs were to die for and their chowder was the best! I don’t know about management but the servers were friendy and gave great service.

  7. Joan Brown says:

    $40K in food inventory going south? For heaven’s sake, Piranha, donate the stuff to the local food banks!

    • MeToo says:

      Unfortunatly you can not donate perrishable food to a food bank but I am sure that a shelter with nightly meals would benafit.

  8. Wilma says:

    I have eaten at PJ’s at least 10 times, My family and I were so happy for Burien to get a new steak house. I have been there with family and friends. The prices are a little high, and paying $5 extra for a dinner salad is a little much. Most places you get the salad with the meal. However, I have found the food to be excellent, the service great. No one that has been with me has complained about the food or the service either. So all in all I do hope they get their financial “worries” over with and get back to serving good food. I miss them already!!!

  9. WorkersCount says:

    Coy Wood doesn’t have a great history with restaurants, or the way he treats his workers. Apparently he abruptly closed another restaurant he was involved with, Woody’s on the Water in Tacoma, after allegedly not making payrolls for some time – and never made good on those, so far as I’ve heard. Here’s hoping the ex-Piranha Joe’s folks got treated better…

    My family ate there a few times and the food was pretty decent, but after hearing about Woody’s we sadly opted never to return.

  10. Feral Dog says:

    $5.00 extra for a dinner salad? Isn`t that something that should come with your meal?
    Good thing I seen that before I ever went there, I would have walked out of that joint.

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