From Burundi To Burien, Meet Teenage Tech Entrepreneur Buntu Redempter

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by Scott Schaefer

Buntu Redempter isn’t your typical Burien 19-year old.

First off, there’s the name. Very catchy name. Say it aloud yourself right now:

A pre-Burien, young Buntu Redempter.

Buntu Redempter

Yeah…pretty cool sounding, isn’t it? And get this – the word his first name is based on Ubuntu – is not only the name of an open-source computer operating system, it also means “humanity towards others.”

Buntu pretty much means ‘I am who I am because of who we are, and we became who we all are for free‘,” he said. “We received our humanity for free.”

Here’s none other than Nelson Mandela explaining the meaning of the word Ubuntu:

Secondly, there’s his history. He was born in Burundi, Africa, in 1992. Nine months after a war started, his family fled to Tanzania, where they stayed in a refugee camp. In 2007, Buntu and his family came to America.

Buntu graduated from Foster High School last year, and is currently attending South Seattle Community College.

Oh, and he also runs at least three of his own businesses.

And he’s a poet.

And an Innovator.

Buntu as a 10-year old boy in Tanzania.

Thirdly, there are his goals. While most teens are looking forward to just finding a summer job and ‘hanging out,’ Buntu has slightly more ambitious ones – here’s what he lists on his website:

I have too many goals in my life, but here are a couple of them:

.Create Technology with brains like humans.

.Change Lives, Help Poor, Make world a better place.

.Live free, Be successful, Become Rich.

.Innovate, Build, Create, in Technology.

.Publish 2 books of poetry before 22.

.Write short stories books before 25.

.Solve the problem in Young Generation Clothing and Gadgets needs.

“I’ve always loved technology, invention and innovation in general and when we came to America, I felt like this is where I belong,” he said. “I could finally do what I always wanted to do.”

Buntu recently created, which he calls a “Daily Startup Email.” It sends out daily emails about new and exciting startups to Subscribers, allowing people to check them out, get invited to try out beta programs, as well as share feedback to Founders.

“I started Wikindu for two reasons,” he explained. “First, I like startups myself and I want to stay in the loop and know what’s going in the startup world, and I wanted to create something that people like me or any other person who like startups can use to stay ahead in the game.”

“I hope to grow to thousands and hopefully even millions of subscribers and I will keep adding more features to make easier for subscribers to share feedback, ask founders questions and other features,” he added. “The second reason why I started it, me, and myself as an entrepreneur, was that I wanted to be able to send out my startup to people out there so, they can know about it and hopefully share some feedback. The internet and startups are moving fast but, it is still hard for Founders to tell people about their exciting new startup.”

Buntu enjoys innovation and solving problems by using his skills and talents.

According to his website:

I create new products to solve problems.

I like creating things that help people and make their lives a little easier.

I think there is a big room for more innovation and new inventions to make life even sweeter. I pledged my passion, creativity, experience, talents and time into doing what I love. I love creating new products to solve problems, have fun doing it, change lives, and make a dollar out of it, simple. I created small stuff in the past, now I am working on several projects that includes Wikindu, Avrix, Udebate, Kool Cable, and

“I hope all the people who see this will follow me, and give me suggestions or feedback on some these projects. I have even cooler stuff coming up!”

We think Buntu Redempter can do a lot to help the general Burien area, and we’re happy to have connected with him. Here’s how YOU can follow B-Town’s innovative tech teen hero with the cool-sounding (and meaning) name:

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9 Responses to “From Burundi To Burien, Meet Teenage Tech Entrepreneur Buntu Redempter”
  1. Maureen says:

    I applaud his motivation and broad thinking. I think we’ll see Buntu involved in some of our community organizations and activities. Great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe in giving credit when credit is due, but other than an un-original, poorly executed, rarely updated site about startups, ones that are already known amongst the people who are interested in startups, what has Buntu accomplished that sets him apart from another teen his age with dreams to change the world? I don’t understand how the author justified this worthy of a full article? I’m not trying to discourage or belittle, but I’m not seeing the product of huge amounts of work and proof of his worth in the industry. Seems to me like there is a bit of biased journalism going on here.

  3. Marta says:

    Wow! A very impressive story.

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