Get A FREE Ebook of ‘Colt O’Brien Sees The Light’ By Burien’s George Cole

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We first reported on Burien Author George Matthew Cole’s book ‘Colt O’Brien Sees the Light’ in June, 2010, when we featured a profile on the author and his story, which follows the trials and tribulations of a Highline High School senior.

The book is based on a certification program that Mr. Cole participated in that taught students about computer networking.

Cole, a Burien resident, spent over 30 years in the computing field, with experience on mainframe computers as well as PCs and servers. “Flashmath for Windows 95” is a flash card program that Cole wrote many years ago which is still in use today.

The idea for “Colt O’brien Sees the Light” came from personal experience working with high school students over a two-year period.

Here’s the publisher description of the novel:

Colt O’brien sees himself as the most savvy computer technician at Highline High. The energetic senior, with his bright, colorful attire and cocky attitude, knows that he is the best. Colt is cruising through senior year, but his life is about to be turned upside down. A new computer program will challenge his credibility and his psychic powers will emerge when he least expects. Hang on Colt!

Cole lives in Burien with his wife and dog, and this is his first novel.

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