UPDATE: Escaped Pit Bull Still On the Loose, Residents Warned To Be Wary

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One of the two pit bulls involved in Thursday’s (July 7) attack on two women in Burien is still on the loose, and residents in the area are warned to be ‘wary.’

As we reported from the scene Thursday, the second of the two female attack victims was former Burien Mayor and founding councilmember Sally Nelson, who was bitten in the leg before a police officer pulled the dog off her and shot it dead.

The attack happened just before 1 p.m. Thursday in the 15800 block of Maplewild SW, causing a large police turnout, aid and fire units, the blocking of the road, and support overhead from King County Sheriff’s Chopper One.

We spoke with Debra George of Burien CARES Animal Control Friday morning (July 8), who said that the pit bull involved in the attack has not yet been found. It has been described as mostly red, or “rust” or “copper” colored, with a little bit of white and wearing a silver choke chain.

“We talked with the owners at 8 a.m. this morning,” Debra said, “and they still hadn’t found it. Our guy Mike was also out looking until 9 p.m. last night, and is out again today searching.”

Debra warns residents in the area to “be cautious if you see a pit bull or other dog off-leash. Best bet is to be careful, stay away and call us at (206) 812-2737.”

CARES employee Mike chased the escaped pit bull up Maplewlld, and Debra thinks it’s still down in that area somewhere.

“Also, I’d like to let your Readers know that the pit bull that was put down was shot just once, not eight times like some people are saying,” she added. “Other shots may have been fired at the time, but that dog was hit just once.”

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44 Responses to “UPDATE: Escaped Pit Bull Still On the Loose, Residents Warned To Be Wary”
  1. RECON19d40 says:

    So what happened to the other rounds fired if they didn’t hit the dog? How many where fired??????

  2. Michele says:

    I’d like to hear more about the owners, who are they? Why were the dogs loose? Don’t they have a photo of the dog? These people need to be held accountable.

    • RECON19d40 says:

      the dogs where loose because the house door was kicked in the owners didnt just let the dogs run free while she was gone, she came home and the door was wide open.

  3. Erik Robbins says:

    From what I understand the dogs were loose due to an earlier break-in at the owners home. The door was kicked in and the dogs got out. Is this correct? Sad story all around.

    • RECON19d40 says:

      yes I feel bad for my cousin and my best friend because all I see is bad things and they are really nice people, the dogs got out because someone was breaking into the house and I assume is when they saw the dogs is when they took off

    • recon19d40 says:

      Yes the irresponsible pet owners where at work the time it happend , someone tried getting in which is how the dogs got out

  4. skeptical says:

    Does anyone have any evidence that the dog still running loose has bitten anyone ever? Or is it possible that the dog who has already been killed is the only one that ever bet a person?

      • RECON19d40 says:

        the dogs have never bit anyone aside from bella she likes to nip like apuppy dog when she gets excited , she has never bit anyone out of anger. What are dogs suppose to do tho when someone is getting into there house, they where upset and riled up because of all the commotion of someone coming into the house. The dog that was shot probably reacted that way because the female got tazed how is any animal gonna react to something like that tho

        • Burienite says:

          I’m going to raise the BS flag on part of what you’re saying. I saw the wound on one of the people bit, and it wasn’t “just a nip.” It was a full-on dog bite with multiple puncture marks.

          Yes, I’m sure the dogs were scared, but due to this breeds inherent aggresive nature–along with their spooked bahavior–this is the reason the dogs bit the people.

          It is too bad that the house where they were living was broken into. As someone else said, this was bad news all the way around. For everyone.

  5. RECON19d40 says:

    i know the owners and the dogs. My wife’s cousins. They are good people, and have two small children. The dogs where well taken care of, they where locked inside the house. Their door was kicked in, allowing the dogs to escape. The dogs where never violent, and where awesome dogs. This is why it is so astonishing that they where even shot at. if those women where bitten and not hurt the dogs must have been playing. If those dogs wanted to hurt someone I am sure they could have. They only want their dog back. The family was completely devastated by what happened. It sounds like my wife’s whole family are out looking for the dogs now. Again, good people who took care of their dogs. Not sure why people automatically think all pit bull owners fight their dogs……

  6. RECON19d40 says:

    The dogs have never bit anyone until yesterday……and have never had any problems before.

  7. RECON19d40 says:

    Its hard to tell which one was the one who bit the women. Both the dogs look almost identical, same color and size. They are both cinnamon colored….

  8. Michele says:

    I’m glad to hear the owners are responsible and that this was a horrible accident. I do not automatically assume that pit owners “fight their dogs” and firmly believe that any breed of dog when mistreated will behave badly. This is why I wanted to know who the owners are and why the dogs were loose to begin with, it seems that every news report just leaves this info out.

    If everything RECON says is true than this is truly sad for the dogs as well as the people involved. The dead dog was probably never given a chance and the dog that is loose is surely scared out of it’s mind. I think we all know when it comes to pits cops are pretty trigger-happy.

  9. RECON19d40 says:

    the owner is my cousin he is like my brother I am just upset at the fact that people are bashing him and his wife , the dog that was shot was my nephews sleeping partner he cuddled with him every night and the momma called me crying this morning because she feels like she lost one of her babies. I treat my dogs the same way they are our babies and its hard when something like this happens, she has had people calling her all morning crying and showing they care which makes me feel a little better knowing people care about what happen and not just wanna bash her for it

    • Wondering says:

      The owners need to come forward with the remaining dog and clear this up. That is if they are responsibale people. Of course they would have reported the break in so the police should know who they are.

      • RECON19d40 says:

        First of all, they don’t have the dog in their possession. Second, they are out trying to find it as we speak. Of course the police know who they are, and they tried to let the police know of the break in. I guess they where too preoccupied with the dog hunt to care about the break in. The owners where not at the house at the time of the incident, so they don’t even know what really happened. They are going off of witness reports, and what they are being told by the police. It would help to actually read the article above, the original article and all the comments, before placing your own. Just a thought….
        Michele, sorry! Was not referring to you about the pit bull fighting comment. Its what I have seen all over the internet. Would be nice if people would get facts before they comment. Obviously this was not my dog. These are my family though, and they are good people. I think they have gone through enough in the past two days. They sure don’t need comments from the peanut gallery.

  10. kaleb says:

    recon19d40 – well trained dogs will not run off and bite people because someone broke into their house. the dogs weren’t even on their own property when someone was bit. it’s getting really old to hear about all the wonderful, calm, great dogs that are perfect around children and the dog ends up attacking or kiling someone. it doesn’t matter if it’s a pit bull or other breeed. know your dogs.

    a pit bull that “likes to nip like a puppy” hasn’t been properly trained. you don’t let any dog continue with that behavior especially a large dog. these dogs were not trained and socialized like they should be.

  11. RECON19d40 says:

    where you there? the dogs did not run of biting people it happend in there yard the mayor tried putting the dogs back inside the house, I know exactly whats going on because my whole family is out there looking for the dog kaleb. I have a dog that does the same thing and if she was mawled by the dog and felt threatened why would she try and put the dogs back in the house so nothing happend? I am sure you would rather think the owners are horrible people you know nothing about these dogs

  12. kaleb says:

    Actual quotes:
    “I came out of my home and saw two pit bulls running around, and a woman with a stroller injured. As she was returning to her home, she was attacked and bitten in the leg, and reports are that police pulled the dog off her.”

    The woman that was attacked was going home, not returning dogs to their own home.

    But gosh, these dogs sounds just precious! What sweethearts. Maybe when they find the second dog it can be a mascot for a local daycare. As you said the dogs are just wonderful around children. They sound adorable.

  13. RECON19d40 says:

    so funny that the lady that was bit pushing the stroller came over to talk to them about what happend and was apologizing that the dog had to get shot whatever im done reading about your ignorance just as you would defend your animals it could have happend to any animal it just so happend to be a pitbull no one hears about the other animals that are attacking people, im sure you have seen the owners then since you live so close im sure you have seen them before

  14. RB says:

    I am glad to finally hear the whole story (or most of it). I own a PB and he is a wonderful dog. Dogs get scared too and considering the break in situation I am sure they were confused (trained or not Kaleb). I assume you are a dog trainer or just someone who thinks they know everything, because unless you were there, or know those dogs first hand, your words are just your own angry opinion.

    I am just happy that this didn’t turn out to be another PB bashing like a lot of other stories. It’s really not fair. My heart goes out to your family Recon. My dog is like my child and it would kill me to have him shot before knowing the whole story. Please send them my condolences.

  15. kaleb says:

    recon – it’s admirable to defend someone but you’re not even making sense anymore.

    RB, I already stated it doesn’t matter if it’s a pitbull or other breed. The media reports more on pitbulls because they get a lot of attention for it. Any dog could attack. Read the comments before you respond. Nothing I said was out of anger. Not even close. If you have an opinion just voice it. Don’t twist people’s words around to think of something to say.

    I love dogs and have more respect for them than a lot of humans. I would like to hear the responses from people crying over the dog if they or a child they know had been attacked. How sweet do you think the dog would be then?

  16. RECON19d40 says:

    not making sense anymore because its me and my husband both posting I am more upset at the fact that people would rather bash the owners , and to hear my nephews cry over this is devastating because they have no idea whats going on so forgive me for being all over the place I have seen alot of pitbull attackings as well and all those attackings where followed with the animals where beaten these dogs never where so as anyone it is shocking to hear your animal has attacked someone, the neighbors surrounding the house said something completely diffrent from what the news is saying

  17. RB says:

    “DOGS get scared too” I never said you were bashing the breed. How about YOU read the comments before you respond. I was simply speaking of all of the stories out there that make them look bad. Just stating you seem to know more than anyone since ALL well trained dogs don’t do that. Sounds like you know their dogs well.

    Reading this story it was obviously an accident. You seem to be the only negative commenter on this post and your sarcasm is disgusting.

  18. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Vicious dog attacking people = dead dog…happy outcome! All of recons spewings do not alter the fact of two attacks. Dogs that attack should be removed fron society. Dogs are born in litters, humans, not so easy to replace. Sorry, no sympathy here….

  19. Tim says:

    If the pit bulls were properly stored in a “pit bull safe” no one would have been injured in this situation.

  20. RECON19d40 says:

    A kid wasn’t mauled, no one died. Two women where bitten, and apparently it was small scratches. The point I was trying to make was that it could have been taken care of differently. I don’t believe spraying a clip of pistol ammo in the neighborhood is the right answer. Our Police officers are trained to make intelligent decisions under pressure. I think what they did was make the situation worse. Its also my opinion that the media blew this whole thing out of proportion because of what type of dog it was. That being said, people make mistakes. From what I can tell on here, everyone should have well trained attack dogs. They should be kept in a fire proof dog safe, bolted to the floor with a chain. This safe should have two 5200 series locks, and two keys. If the special dog safe should be compromised, there should be a 2 inch tactical nylon leash attached as a back up. If the dog gets out, Police officers should execute the dogs at their earliest convenience. There is no such thing as overkill here, rocket launchers would be acceptable. This should go for toy dogs as well, as they can be pretty nasty too. We could just outlaw all dogs, snakes, ferrets and any lizards that could possible hurt someone. I am on vacation, and bored. I could do this all week as its amusing to me. Lets start the ban on all untrained animals now…

    • Burienite says:

      Again, it was NOT small scratches. I SAW the marks for myself, and they were canine-deep puncture wounds.

      Quit minimizing the injuries….

  21. RECON19d40 says:

    My wife talked to her cousin and found out some more news. The Police have the dog that was shot and killed. Until now they did not know which dog they shot and which one got away. The one that got shot had a disease I am unfamiliar with. So for what ever reason the dog had no teeth. To me, something maybe the police would have noticed if the dog where say angry and snarling.

  22. RECON19d40 says:

    What if we just outlawed dog teeth????? We would just have to let the police know as well…..

  23. Julie says:

    In the 3-year period from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths. Those interested in the facts about Pit Bulls should visit. http://www.dogsbite.org
    Come on Burien do you want a member of your family to be in the 59% ? Let’s ban this breed at least we would be informed where the dogs live and avoid walking ourselves and our loved ones whether it be a human or canine in front of their house because for some reason because all existing pit bulls have to be registered with the city and no additional pit bulls can move into the city.

  24. gb says:

    The house that I am working on is within 9 blocks of the area where the dogs attacted.
    I’m busy working outside on the exteriour of this house and am glad the dog didn’t come around my yard which is not fenced. Had the dog showed up my first response would be a attempt to calm it, talking in my normal calm voice. Next step would to make a try for the house, should this not be possible due to the dog’s attitude, even
    as a dog lover, I would without hesitation shoot it.


  25. nartweag says:

    I really hope the police will look into anyone being treated for dog bites at local (and not so local) hospitals and doctors offices in the next couple weeks. They need to catch the real scum in this story, the person(s) that broke into the house.

    I think the fact that we are talking about 2 scared and confused pit bulls and that the injuries were apparently very minor proves that these dogs were not vicious animals.

    My heart goes out to the family. Dealing with a break in is difficult enough. Add in loosing 1 (likely 2) family members and having to explain all this to young children is truly heartbreaking.

    • Erik Robbins says:

      I agree. How come nothing is being said about an an apparent break in attempt?? There have been numerous break-ins in the neighborhood in the past few weeks. As well as mail theft. We need updates on this as well as if the lost dog has been found.

      • Croissant says:


        The REAL QUESTION in this case/incident is why the BURIEN POLICE DEPARTMENT did not take a report when the owners house had clearly been broken into before the dogs were out.

        That’s a felony, isn’t it?

  26. Julie Dow says:

    Hello, I am a parent who lives in a near neighborhood, can anyone tell me if the 2nd dog has been found and is no longer a danger (for whatever reason) to my child and my dog who is on a leash? Thanks, seems like a reasonable question authorities have not posted anything beyond telling us ( me included) don’t walk around here….

  27. Redondo Resident says:

    I am not for certain…but I believe the 2nd dog was shot and killed today up the street from where we live; just West of the Marine Hills neighborhood in Federal Way. The dog had killed one of our neighbor’s dogs prior to being killed by authorities. The pitbull fits the description above; however, we were unable to talk with police to confirm. I would think that animal control could provide that info…..

    • Croissant says:

      The dog, in question, was spotted last night still frightened and scared. It’s not the same dog that was shot in Federal Way.

      • BurienRes says:

        I am curious why the run away pit-bull hasn’t returned home on its own, which is usually what a dog will do. I read every comment about these 2 pit bulls and I am sympathetic about the break-in, but unless these dogs were traumatized (which I doubt) by the intruders (I am sure they were in a BIG hurry to get away from of the dogs) there is no excuse for the dogs attacking innocent people… the only reason that happens can be attributed to poor training or a sickness and either case is not acceptable.

        No, no child was mauled or killed in this case, but it could easily have happened as it has happened many times in the past. How can anyone feel sorry for a dog being killed because of its aggressiveness behavior and threat to the public? And that goes for any breed!! No matter how “sweet” the owner’s and their family think these dogs are/were.

        Actions speak louder than any words describing these 2 dogs. And being realistic, you don’t hear of cocker spaniels attacking people, and even if you have, their bite doesn’t come anywhere close to a pit bull’s 500 lbs of strength in their bite.

        I live in the neighborhood of these dogs and the threat of the remaining dog being on the loose is not a good feeling. And I find it very unusual that it hasn’t returned home or that the owner’s haven’t posted a blog in its/their defense. that is called being responsible.

        Pit bulls have a bad reputation for a reason… they can, and too often do, turn on you, (even their owners who have provided a good environment and NOT mistreated them), without being provoked, they are just not trustworthy dogs and you can blame that mostly on their breeding. My suggestion is to stick with a breed with good/great qualifications, like a golden retriever.

        If someone knows if the “loose” pit bull has been found, please let us know.

  28. Redondo Resident says:

    We heard approx. 10 gun shots fired before neighbors confirmed dog was killed and taken with control unit. I’m unaware how many of those shots actually hit the pit.

  29. RB says:

    People should really quit blaming the breed. I love how people love to look up sites and read articles about Pit Bulls biting and attacking people, but have you ever stopped to read articles or stories about dogs that have saved peoples live or just down right GOOD dogs. They are out there people, and your judgment against them is pure racism. Just because YOU don’t know a sweet Pit doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Just like human races, we are all different. It sickens me that there are so many ignorant people out there willing to ban something they only know part of. Humans are above animals and we should be showing them the right way. And although I am not knocking the owners as I don’t know them, training sounds like an issue but that’s neither here nor there. Not every Pit Bull is the same as the next.

    I would be as concerned as the rest of you and I don’t blame you for being weary of the breed, that’s something you get used to being a Pit owner. But it’s not fair for you to judge other peoples dog’s because of someone elses..

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