‘Save Bella’ Facebook Page Created For Surviving Pit Bull From Burien Attack

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A Facebook Page entitled “Save Bella” has been created to help raise funds for the family of the lone surviving pit bull involved in last Thursday’s attack on two women in the 15800 block of Maplewild Ave SW (read our previous coverage here).

“This is for Bella and rest his soul Tyson,” reads a statement on the Facebook Page. “Two family loving Pitt (sic) Bulls!”

The statement adds:

“The owners are having some financial expenses as they have to pay for the cremation of Tyson (the killed dog) and a lawyer for him.”


“This family has been violated and there home broke into and the police would not take a report because they were so focused on the pit bulls.”

The dog’s owners are apparently seeking donations to help cover the cost of treating Bella, hiring a lawyer and paying for quarantine and other possible expenses.

‘Bella’ was recovered, limping and injured with a Taser dart still in her skin on Sunday night, July 10th, and is currently under quarantine with Burien CARES Animal Control. She will apparently be released back to her owners sometime next week.

According to various reports, the dogs escaped their home after a door was broken down in what may have been an attempted burglary. The pit bulls, possibly frightened, ran loose and first bit an unidentified woman pushing a stroller (with a child inside) on Maplewild, then some 30-minutes later bit former Mayor Sally Nelson’s right leg as she was walking up her driveway. The deceased pit bull, named Tyson, was shot by a Burien police officer after it was pulled off the leg of the former mayor, a neighbor of the dogs’ owners on Thursday, July 7th.

This issue has garnered a tremendous number of Comments on both the blog and our Facebook Page, and we have tried numerous times to contact the pit bull owners to get their side of the story, to no avail. If you’re one of the owners, or know them, please have them email [email protected] or call our office at (206) 248-2565 – we’d love to get their angle and publish a followup story about their pets and this incident.

Here’s the full statement from the Facebook Page:

“We are asking for donation for the family of the so called pit bull attack that happened in Burien. It has been a big headline. The owners of the pit bull can’t say much about what happened yet, but I feel as a pit bull community we need to help stand up for what is right. The owners are having some financial expenses as they have to pay for the cremation of Tyson (the killed dog) and a lawyer for him. They did say that they could care less if they got a penny but rather to stick up for the breed and to stop this from happening to any other family. They also have to pay for medicals bills for Bella. She had to have some stitches because the Tazer was stuck in her for four days. They also have to pay for quarantine and I’m sure other stuff that the state will try to stick at them. This family has been violated and there home broke into and the police would not take a report because they were so focused on the pit bulls. This family worked with missing pet partnership to help locate the dog. The owners seemed to be looking for the dog more than the pound. If you would like to leave a donation please email [email protected]. Many thanks to all the pit bull supporters that see past the media and to all the people that volunteered and went out on foot day by day night by night that brought her home.”

You can “Like” the “Save Bella” Facebook Page here.

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67 Responses to “‘Save Bella’ Facebook Page Created For Surviving Pit Bull From Burien Attack”
  1. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Unbelievable!!!!! fools and their money……….

  2. trevd says:

    Kill that dog

  3. Pete says:

    It doesn’t sound like the pit bull owners had anything to do with the request for donations on the FB page. Apparently they could care less if they get a penny. It appears the FB page was posted by a member of the pit bull community who’s on a quest to “stand up for what is right”. Among other things the donations will go towards the pit bull owner’s expenses “the state will try to stick at them”. And according to the FB creator, this incident was a “so called pit bull attack that happened in Burien”

    Here are just a few other so called pit bull attack headlines from just this year…

    “Dog attack on baby one of the worst?”
    New Zealand Herald – Rachel Grunwell – 3 days ago
    An 18-month-old baby has been savaged by the family pitbull, in one of the worst dog attacks seen by hospital emergency staff. …

    “Two women arrested in San Diego in pitbull attack on elderly neighbor?”
    Los Angeles Times – Jun 29, 2011

    “Boy’s face could be paralyzed after pitbull attack?”
    WLBT-TV – Brian Entin – Jun 23, 2011

    “Two recover after pit bull attack in Waukesha?”
    FOX6Now.com Milwaukee – Jun 29, 2011
    A pit bulls attacked its owner, a 52-year old woman, while she tried to kennel the other pit bull she owns

    “Owner Held Responsible for Pitbull Attack?”
    KZTV Action 10 News – Parrish Alleman – Jun 23, 2011
    CORPUS CHRISTI — A pit-bull attack in the city leaves a beloved pet dead, but this time the owner of the dog is held responsible

    Pit Bull community unite!

  4. RB says:

    I fell very bad for you sad heartless people.

  5. Really?!? says:

    You have got to be kidding me. How about donations to the ladies that got injured, or doesn’t that matter?

  6. yuckfoo says:

    I think we should let more dogs attack politicians.

  7. MJS says:

    Where have the owners accepted responsibility and apologized for what has happened??? Bella should probably be put down. I have yet to see anything to indicate that this was just crappy luck that happened to good, responsible people. In the mean time I will assume that the dogs were owned by irresponsible people who are continuing to shirk their obligations. The best thing for the pro-pitbull community would be to see owners step up and rise to the occasion instead of just deflect blame. Man or Woman Up, people!! It you care about “the breed” so much then ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY, APOLOGIZE, and MAKE AMENDS!!

  8. Abt says:

    Why wouldn’t the police take the report? Isn’t that illegal?

  9. J says:

    I’m not for or against pits….I just wonder how people would feel if it was the same story but a different breed???

    • Chuck says:

      How often is it another breed that does these things though. Pit’s need to be outlawed plain and simple along with other dangerous breeds. I love dos anf my “mutt would never attack anyone

  10. Tom Taaffe says:

    Sure – hows about ” A marauding pack of golden retrievers and beagles attack nuns at prayer”.

  11. RB says:

    Donations for what? Their band aids? From the reports, they had bite marks that were wrapped with bandages, nothing severe and per FORMER Mayor Nelson, hers have healed and are turning black and blue. What would she need the $$ for? I feel bad that she was bitten, but no one can say that this dog targeted her. You all know there was a break in and with everything that took place, none of you know the whole story since YOU WEREN’T THERE!

    I just don’t see how so many people have opinions about something they only know half the information about. The media is full of crap in a lot of pitbull stories because it’s media attention, it’s a story people and that’s how they make their money. The more you read and buy into their crap the more money they make.

    I am not saying that the dog and it’s owners should not be investigated, or held accountable, but don’t we put criminals on trial to hear their story? Dogs should be afforded at least a little bit of that, no matter the breed.

    MJS – Agreed strongly. People who don’t make corrections to these types of problems and inform the public make it hard for this breed. I don’t know the owners so I can’t say what kind of people they are, but they should definitely speak out to apologize and clear the air.

  12. jimmy says:

    has anyone check this facebook page out and make sure its not a scam the owners involved live in one of the riches area in burien i really don’t think they need more dam money maybe they should sell there house and as for the break in who the hell would break in to a house with 2 pit bulls running around in the house then kick in a door to get in it all seems kinda fishy this might be why the cops did not take a report and if the break in did happen then there provably a blood trail to who ever broke in because they probably got bit a few times if you kick in a door to any house with a any type of dog you are most likely going to get bit also there probably would been a lot barking to alert people that something is going on but who knows what happen and what dident but who really cares lets all move on with are lives and find something to complain about

  13. Christa Lee-Allender says:

    It’s obvious we’re not getting the whole story here. There are a lot of unanswered questions on what actually happened and unless all the people involved are willing to go on record to report what happened there isn’t really anything to discuss and it’s none of our business. (RIP Tyson)

  14. David says:

    People are more important than dogs.

    • Dennise says:

      I beg to differ. Dogs are more loyal than humans will ever be. Humans rob, abuse, murder, maim and torture – and are aware of what they are doing EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Dogs DO NOT. Dogs only know WHAT they are taught. Even if a human is raised in a home where it is thought to be OK to do these things, they still have other friends/family/society to let them know that it is actually NOT ok. Do dogs get that chance? No. A dog ONLY knows what it learns in the home. So before you spout off that you think you’re superior to any other animal, you might want to remember how f*cked up your fellow HUMANS are.

  15. Amber says:

    Wow all the people on hete bashong the owners and the dogs are ridicoulos… you are all heartless and so quick to judge people! Im on the owners side cuz I know them personally. Just cuz someone lives in a good area dosent mean they are rich cuz they are far from it. Just happens to be where they live. People need to pull theur heads out their ass and stop bashing good people. Its uncalled for. They are not bashing the situayion and they are sorry for what happened and have personally made the clear to the victim!

  16. Mickey says:

    1. The ones defending the pitt bulls have NERVER BEEN VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY A PITT BULL (or two)….Am I right?
    2. No one broke into the house….THE DOGS BROKE OUT!!…..Am I right?
    3. They should have shot BOTH dogs so we wouldn’t have this discussion…..Am I right?
    4. The surviving beast should NOT go back to the owners…..it is a documented ATTACK DOG…..Am I right?
    5. The children in the house and the neighbors would be in potential danger…Am I Right?
    6. Am I right? Am I right ?……….I’M RIGHT!!!

    • Dennise says:

      Nope, you’re wrong. By the sounds of your comment, YOUR community is in danger because they live among an ignorant, uneducated ass who jumps to conclusions.

      • Mickey says:

        Thanks Dennise – I’m going right out & get me a rabies shot so I don’t infect anyone next time I break out of my house & attack.

  17. Dennise says:

    Since nobody knows the whole entire story, I suggest they zip it. If the dogs got loose due to a robbery, they were scared. Does that excuse that they bit somebody? No, but dogs of ANY breed get defensive when frightened. If this had been a lab or retriever, would you ignorant people spouting “kill the dog” and other heartless suggestions, still be saying that? Doubt it. So here’s a thought…before you spout off at the mouth about a breed you probably don’t know anything about (other than media that does nothing but glorify how “bad” they are), keep your ignorant comments to yourself and focus on finding out the truth about what really happened to this family and their dogs. They are grieving for crying out loud.

    • Dennise says:

      The idiots on here who keep saying that humans are the most important are the most ignorant people. ANIMALS, especially pets in the home, can NOT decide for themselves. They RELY on HUMANS to provide for them, show them love, and teach them right from wrong. I’m not sure what it is going to take for people to understand that. A dog is still a living, breathing being with feelings. And to say that the dogs should be killed….does that mean we get shoot and murder ever man/woman who is violent toward somebody? No, most men/women get away with a fine and some jail time or community service. Know what the difference is? A HUMAN KNOWS BETTER!

  18. Ron Seale says:

    As a close neighbor of the dog owners, I was home at the time and witnessed much of the action. I saw the dogs roaming their yard as I was leaving for the Post Office. In the short time of my trip, I returned to find an unmarked police car and a group of people crowded around a person next door. The dogs had first attacked a young woman walking her baby in an open carriage. Her screams brought people running out to beat off the dogs and rescue her and her baby. Oddly, this part of the incident seems not to have received notice by the press. Shortly, the fire department, animal control and more police would arrive, along with the helicopter. In just a few minutes I heard a pistol shot when they attacked Sally who was returning home unaware od the situation.

    Argue what you will on either side. The fact is that these dogs engaged in two separate attacks of people on public and private property and presented a lethal threat. Fortunately, the attacks ended without serious incident, but that does not dismiss them in any sense.

    It is a simple undeniable fact that these dogs were bred for violence and for their power and crushing biting power. Likewise, they are responsible for more disfiguring and lethal attacks than any other breed. Numerous cities have banned the breed.

    Burien should join the voice of sanity and ban the breed from it’s borders.

    Ron Seale

    • skeptical says:

      First you say you witnessed much of the action, then you say you didn’t see either attack. Obviously, the dogs were not a lethal threat because no one died. No one even went to the hospital.

      It is a simple undeniable fact that humans were bred for violence. Millions of years of evolution have created a hominid that excels at killing more than any other creature on the planet. You, Mr. Seale, are much more likely to suffer injury or death because of a human than because of a dog. If we’re going to start banning dangerous breeds, let’s start with humans.

    • skeptical says:

      If you saw two lethal animals roaming their unfenced yard, why did you do nothing to protect the safety of the dogs and the humans?

      • Ron Seale says:

        This was duly reported to the police who declined to take action and referred us to Animal Control. Before they arrived the first attack had taken place.

  19. Rainycity says:

    I remember the war maid jumping up out of bed one night after I shot these 2 dogs I heard outside the sliding glass door in our bedroom. These 2 dogs were trying their damnedest to tear open my daughters rabbit cage and get to those bunnies. Boom, yelp, one goes down, The other tried to run after seeing his sidekick go down, he just wasn`t quick enough. I chased that bastard stark assed naked around my back lot until he boxed himself in the corner after missing the gate.
    Boom, there drops the other one. I drug them F*&^%$#ers out to the street and left them for their owner to see the next morning.
    By the time I got up in a.m. the dogs had disappeared and shortly thereafter so did the owners. I love dogs but when they attack or hurt anything, they need to go down.

    • Dennise says:

      If that’s the case, then we need to treat humans this way. HUMANS know better, dogs do not. Dogs only know what their OWNERS teach them. If we are able to murder pets who don’t know any better, then we should execute every single waste of human space on death row, who are WASTING my tax dollars by sitting in a cell, LIVING, even thought they committed a heinous act. You people need to stop thinking that you are the superior beings on this Earth. If we can put faith in despicable humans that they can be rehabilitated, we need to do the same for our furry family members. Like I said, they don’t KNOW that what they did was wrong. Give them a loving home and somebody to show them the way, and they will be great animals. Does that work with humans? Rarely. You people need to get your heads out of your asses.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Good job Rainy! If dogs do it once the odds are they will do it again! Put em down,eliminate the problem. I too love animals but they are born in litters. Easy to replace. Not so humans

      • Rainycity says:

        I never said they were pets, they were marauders and as far as you saying we should just put down every human being that has committed heinous acts, sounds great to me.
        I only speak for myself, but I put absolutely NO faith in rehabilitating humans that perform despicable acts, as far as I`m concerned, they knew what they were doing and once the door slams behind them ALL RIGHTS that they once had and chose not to employ outside of the prison walls, should stay there, OUTSIDE of the prison walls.
        It`s unfortunate sometimes, but we are the most superior beings on this planet and are here to rule this earth. Over fish, over fowl, over every thing that walks crawls, flies whatever, Genesis 1:26
        Regardless of how much we F*%k it up, and even though we didn`t ask for it, we got it, and we are stuck with that stewardship.

  20. Dennise says:

    you’re an ignorant idiot for even posting that. You have no idea what happened. Maybe we should kill all PEOPLE who attack and rob others. How about that? That dog had no idea that what it did was wrong. PEOPLE know that what they do is wrong. Get over yourself.

    • Dennise says:

      This was in response to:

      trevd says:
      July 12, 2011 at 5:33 pm

      Kill that dog

    • kaleb says:

      Really Denise? The dog bit someone and DOESN’T know they did anything wrong?!!! Then the dog is a danger to society and should be euthanized!! A dog that large has the ability to kill someone. The people these dogs went after didn’t provoke them in any way. This wasn’t a “nip” from a 5 lb dog or cat.

      That kind of ignorance is what ends with people being mauled or killed and contributes to breeds being labeled.

      The fact that the owners of the dogs have never come forward to discuss the issue shows their lack of concern about the people around them and the safety of their dogs.

      • Dennise says:

        Yes REALLY. Talk to any professional who deals with dogs. They’ll all tell you that if a dog isn’t trained properly, it DOESN’T know what is wrong and what is right. If the dog has never been properly socialized, then it has no idea how to deal with people other than those in the home.

      • Dennise says:

        People not properly training their dogs is the ignorance that ends with people getting mauled and killed – not saying that a dog doesn’t know better. I’m saying I feel that people need to take responsibility for their animals. Train them properly. Pits need a lot of attention BECAUSE they are a more active breed, and BECAUSE they ARE so strong. Not everybody should own a pit bull. If you don’t have the time, energy, and patience to work with them, you should NOT own one. So many people get them because they think it makes them cool. You can’t just chain them up in the back yard and expect them to be a happy go lucky dog.

        “The fact that the owners of the dogs have never come forward to discuss the issue shows their lack of concern about the people around them and the safety of their dogs.” – I fully agree! This is what makes me think that maybe the dogs had no idea that they were being “bad” dogs. There’s a reason why the owners aren’t stepping up. It is the OWNERS fault.

  21. Me says:

    While the picture of the dog here is clearly a pit bull, I am not arguing about this one. However, most “pit bull” attacks are not pit bulls at all. I am sick of the bad rap these dogs get. Maybe if the media would learn their dog breeds, pit bulls wouldn’t have such a bad rap.

    However, as Dennise said, dogs only know what they are taught. And un-teaching a dog is difficult. As sad as it is, human life is more valuable than a dogs’. If a dog attacks, it should be put down. Chances are that it will attack again. I am not talking about when the dog is defending itself or it’s owners. But, I also agree that if a human kills someone in cold blood, they need to be executed as well. They won’t change either. We can save lots of money by actually executing those on death row, rather than having them live on death row until some illness kills them.

  22. Ron Seale says:

    There seem to be two confusing points in this dialogue.

    First, the argument that human behavior and animal (dog) behavior are equivalent and should be treated equally socially and under the law. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are laws and social standards that determine the norms under which the respective parties can behave and cannot behave without restrictions. There is no human who is allowed to defecate or urinate in public without serious possibility of legal and social censure, yet pets perform these functions in public spaces frequently in
    the presence of their owners. This is a most obvious example, but should suffice to illustrate the notion.

    Secondly, pet breeds are not all the same. Both physical and behavioral traits have been selected out in various lineages. Size, shape, color, obedience, aggressiveness, etc., have all been selected in various breeds. On the aggressiveness scale, pit bulls rank at the top. This has nothing to do with training. It is a genetic trait that is unlikely to be erased by training, if these dogs are trained to be gentle at all. In most cases, the fearsome nature of these animals was the reason they were adopted in the first place, and it is proudly exhibited as a reflection of their owners. Statistics of bites, mauling and lethal attacks are incontrovertible proof that pit bulls present a menace to society.

    It’s time to cut the bullshit. It makes no more sense to harbor these dogs in our city than it does a pet tiger or anaconda. Safety of human beings is more important than the protestations of pet owners.

    • Dennise says:

      Ron, you need to educate yourself on dogs in general – period. Breed laws wont do anything to stop it. 10 years ago, nobody gave a damn about a pit bull – German shepherds and Rottweilers were the “devil dogs” that NOBODY, especially those with a child, show own. Now it’s a pit bull. Instead of banning the breed, maybe the city should make it mandatory to complete training courses if you own a pit bull. Banning an entire breed of animal is about the most ignorant thing that can be done to help make change.

      • Ron Seale says:

        Gosh, Dennise! Thanks for the advice. I’m so grateful to gain insight offered from a person of your intelligence, sensitivity and insight. The first thing I learned from dogsbite.org was that pit bulls account for 59% of dog bite fatalities, and that pit bulls and Rottweilers account for 89%. I will take real data over opinion any day, and the data scream that these dogs are a menace. I stand firm in my opinion that they should be banned.

        Yours truly.


        • Dennise says:

          Is dogstbite.com an accredited website? Is it run by professionals, or just by people who compile info from the media? All I’m saying is, the natural temperament of a pit bull, pulled straight from the AKC website (which is accredited, and a legit source of info on all dogs and breeds) states that “the Staffordshire Bull Terrier draws its character of indomitable courage, high intelligence, and tenacity. This, coupled with its affection for its friends, and children in particular, its off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, makes it a foremost all-purpose dog.” Their base nature isn’t one of menace. They have undeniable strength, but it’s the owner of the dog that determines it’s behavior. Don’t ban the breed, ban stupid owners! Like I said in a comment above, I feel that it takes a very specific person to own a pit bull. And I also believe that in order to own one, maybe they should put a law into place that makes it mandatory to complete extensive training for the owner AND the dog. I think teaching people is a better way to deal with the issue. You can’t ban an entire breed because some people don’t know how to handle the dog they chose to own.

        • Chuck says:

          Ron is correct. There is no reason to own these breeds. I have a bunch of of neighbors up here in north Burien that have these dog breeds and hardly ever walk or play with them and have no idea how to properly handle them. They just want to be cool and have a pit. I’ve had them get loose and come after my dog in the past and I will shoot to kill if needed.

  23. Dennise says:


    Pretty sure the AKC can’t just make things up on their website!

    • kaleb says:

      Well the AKC link further shows your ignorance on this subject or lack of ability to provide statistical data. The AKC site does not provide information about dog bites/attacks. Try the one that was provided in the comment above or one of the many unbiased sites available on the internet.

      • Dennise says:

        I didn’t post it to show statistics, I posted it because it states their temperament – and they are a legitimate website, not a site based on biased opinion. They aren’t mean dogs by nature. But because of their brute strength, idiotic people have turned them into a dog to be feared. Its the owner, not the dog.

  24. Ron Seale says:


    Sorry, but your problem is that you make shit up. Your argument that it is dog owners at fault and not the aggressive nature of the dogs themselves is simply wrong. There is no evidence to support this argument. On the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence to support the vicious nature of pit bulls. If you don’t agree with the dog attack statistics, then you have the opportunity to prove them wrong. While you are at it, you can counter the reports from city and health officials from cities that have banned pit bulls and have seen dramatic declines in dog attacks. Also, you can explain why pit bulls account for more than 50% of dog impoundments and a similar percentage of euthanasias. More than any other breed by a wide margin. You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

    • Dennise says:


      Sorry, but your issue is that you are ignorant and feed into the media. Until you have personally worked with dogs of all breeds, you’re entitled to YOUR own opinions, but the opinions of others do not constitute facts either. If you choose to do your research, you’ll notice that many cities have lifted the ban because it hasn’t shown anything. So it could go either way. I did provide proof that they are not aggressive by nature, the AKC lists their temperament. I’ve tried being nice, but frankly, your responses are rude and ignorant, so I am done with you and this subject. A ban will never make it in Burien, because there are most educated people that will vote against it. Good day.

      • Mickey says:

        Dennise said “I am done with you and this subject” at 11:21.
        I’m sure we’re all soooooo sorry to see you and your IGNORANT behind wiggle away.
        (Thought I’d use your favorite word “ignorant”).
        See ya’…….would’t want to be ya’…….much less know ya’

  25. Eaton B. Verz says:

    ” I am done with you and this subject.” Thank you Denise….Quite frankly I’m burned out on your drivel…move on… One question though, with all your concern about this mutt have you found out the final outcome? Was it returned to the owners? Was it put on the 10 most wanted list? Did it go into hiding? Enlighten us!

  26. Carrie says:

    Just out of curiousity Dennise, how do we know these owners didn’t have training in how to handle pitt bulls? Isn’t it possible they did and the attack happened anyway? Do you have training in how to properly handle these breeds? Are you willing to step up and take action by training these dogs yourself?

  27. kaleb says:

    People like Dennise are scarier than any dog that attacks. She goes after things with little to no facts yet spouts off like she is an expert. According to her “facts” about pit bulls they all fit into a general description of a breed. So, according to the website Dennise provided there is no possible way any dog is known to attack. The AKC website proves that. RIght??

    We all must be imagining that pit bulls have killed. That must have come from a site that isn’t “legitimate”.

    Yes, pit bulls have gotten a bad rap all becasue of the media. Just like OJ and Casey Anthony.

  28. Mickey says:

    Mark my words, Dennise will be back. She’s gonna read how we’re all trashing her & she won’t be able to stand it any more or her head might explode from anxiety, hypertension and just plain being a bitch from hell.
    She shall raise her ugly head and spew forth once again.

  29. Ron Seale says:


    Please don’t go. I’m having way too much fun. If you are reading this, and we know you are, please provide us with the names of the cities that reversed their pit bull bans. I will be shocked, shocked! if you haven’ t made that up also.

    • Ron Seale says:

      Ditto the certified web sites. Just what is a certified website, and who does the certifying? Sorry I misspelled your name.

      • Ron Seale says:

        Oh, and one more thing. Did you log on to dogsbite.com or google dog bite statistics or anything at all that might offer insight into these questions? Or did you just spout off without any verification of your opinions whatsoever? Please give us links or references so we can discuss this on an informed level. If you can’t, please STFU.

  30. Really?!? says:

    Come on guys, picking on Denise is like shooting ducks in a barrel. Oh no, what did I just do…. ?

  31. Burienette says:

    I know it’s trivial but I can’t resist responding to a comment made July 23 by skeptical “Obviously, the dogs were not a lethal threat because no one died. No one even went to the hospital.” Dude, I may not be hurt or go to the hospital but if someone holds a gun to my head I would consider it a ‘lethal threat.’ Not that it’s the same thing but people have died in both situations and I would fear for my life if being attacked by a dog and consider it a lethal threat. As for the ludicrous comments made by Dennise, I suspect some form of mental illness and don’t think it’d be right to poke fun at her or egg her on by trying to educate her.

  32. Erik Robbins says:

    Pregnant woman killed in pit bull attack


  33. yfkm says:

    Chuck proved Denise’s point. (8/8 8:46pm) His neighbors are exactly the ones that should have to pass a class with the dog in order to have it. Not to mention no dog does well being ignored and/or goes without proper training. A pit bull’s jaw strength does make it a potentially dangerous animal. Add some wanna be gangster treatment and you do have trouble.

    100 years ago pit bulls were family dogs. Remember Petey? Sadly, things began to change 20 – 30 years ago due to irresponsible people.

    For those who care to be better informed:
    If you don’t remember Petey, see one of these amazing modern dogs: http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/pospress.html

    With a responsible owner a pit bull can be a well-loved family member and safe neighbor.

    And no, I don’t have and don’t intend to have a pit bull. I just decided to educate myself and not assume all pit bulls are dangerous and are more dangerous than other breeds. That thinking will get you bitten.

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