City Of Normandy Park Seeking Donations To Replace Police Motorcycle

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One of Normandy Park's finest on a Harley Davidson motorcycle that needs to be replaced.

On Friday (July 15), the City of Normandy Park announced that they are seeking $6,000 in donations to help fund the replacement costs for a new police motorcycle – projected to cost $30,000.

The motorcycle in need of replacement was on lease from Harley Davidson; however, the city says that Harley is no longer leasing motorcycles to police.

“The lack of grant money and budget constraints due to the current economy leaves the City with no funds to replace the motorcycle,” reads the statement. “The City is therefore seeking donations totaling $6,000 to support the purchase of the police motorcycle.”

The city says that it has found a well maintained, used police motorcycle at a very attractive wholesale price – a fully-equipped Honda ST1300 ABS which is ready to go from a neighboring jurisdiction. To purchase this motorcycle new, along with its equipment, would cost around $30,000. The Normandy Park Police expect to get another eight years of service from this used motorcycle.

Longtime Normandy Park resident and Arts Commissioner Robert Frey has stepped forward with the first donation. In addition, he has offered to match equally all other donations, so if you are feeling civic-minded, this is a great opportunity.

“In February 2001 the Normandy Park Police created a Motorcycle Traffic Unit, which was very successful in calming the traffic complaint areas throughout the City of Normandy Park, especially in school zones,” reads the statement.

“The City appreciates your donations to help keep our neighborhoods and thoroughfares safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists,” reads the announcement.

“We have been without a motorcycle program for about 1.5 years and we would really like to see it come back,” added Chris L. Gaddis, Assistant Chief of Police. “This is a great opportunity and we are hoping it doesn’t slip away.”

If you are interested in helping fund the purchase of the police motorcycle please contact:

Chief Rick Kieffer
206 248-8255
[email protected]

You may also stop by the Normandy Park Police Department, located at 801 SW 174 St in Normandy Park from 9-5 M-F.

“Thank you for supporting your community!”

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17 Responses to “City Of Normandy Park Seeking Donations To Replace Police Motorcycle”
  1. Jasper Newton Daniel says:

    Not living in fear of a motorcycle pig for the last year+ has been fantastic, heres hoping that the “safety lobby” won’t cave to the concept of throwing money at Rick Kieffer’s personal Gestapo.

  2. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Let me see if I got this right, the police want the citizens of np to donate to finance the ticket writing machine that is the motorcycle. In other words, give money to screw themselves. Okay…….

  3. Lindsey says:

    If you assholes would stop driving 55 through a school zone then there wouldn’t be a need for a motorcycle officer.
    Implying that the citizens are screwing themselves by helping make their community safer is ridiculous. It’s pretty simple, Obey the Law and you won’t deal with the police. NP police officers are some of the best around. They’re attentive, stern, polite and compassionate. I have no problem donating to our police force to keep my children safer.
    Quit breaking the law and then the police won’t be such a problem for you.

  4. concerned Burien Resident says:

    This shows how much government proverty is around Burien, Normandy Park came to Burien and got a $100,000 bailout so they could build their bridge & now they can not fund their police. How long before they beg for money fron the City of Burien for this.

    • Burienite says:

      !?!?!? What on heavens are you talking about? Burien has a vested interest in the Sylvester Road bridge replacement, seeing how it is one of the main access routes to the waterfront area. Burien’s portion is fairly small compared to the remainder of the mostly grant funded project.

  5. David says:

    And, why can’t they just keep using their existing patrol cars? All that money could be donated to third world business develoment.

  6. Loren Rich says:

    What’s the big deal? There are many, many people living in Normandy Park who make more in one day than it would cost to buy a brand new motorcycle.
    Come on cheapskates, step up to the plate!
    And Lindsey, I completely understand your point, however, lowering the speed limit from 45 to 35 along 1rst Avenue was not about safety, it was about revenue generation for the city.
    Another example of our government using their power to get into our pocketbooks.
    Thank God the times are a changing.

  7. Feral Dog says:

    $30,000.00 for USED motorcycle? Good giref I remember growing up the
    Normandy Park P.D. drove volvos,, There is more money in Normandy park than you could shake a stick at and they can`t come with $6000.00?
    I live in the newly annexed Burien area, sorry fellas, I respect the police, (yes, even around the 4th of July) but I can`t fathom giving N.P. any money for a motorcycle.
    I do have an idea though, open up that “community” pool for public swim and take the proceeds from there and just buy one. Or maybe have a barb-b-cue down on the beach and sell hot dogs. *woof*

    • silverton says:

      If you had read the article, you would see that a NEW motorcycle, so equipped as the police bike, would be $30,000. The used one is only going to cost $6,000

      • Feral dog says:

        It took you over a month to figure that out? I realized it right after I wrote it, thanks for being so observant and pointing out the obvious, late, but observant.
        And since you seem to enjoy pointing it out, my turn
        If you had read the article you would have seen the $6,000 is to HELP FUND the replacement, not purchase it.

  8. Hotrodgal says:

    NP-deal with what you have until the economy improves or come up with the additional funds to take advantage of the deal you found…with city monies.

    Many NP folks may have the extra cash but the idea of begging
    is simply below the city.

    Buy the frig’n thing with city $ and maybe loan the officer/bike to BP? 😉

  9. Chuck says:

    Don’t buy a Harley get a BMW like the state patrol and it will last longer and be cheaper.

  10. Bruce says:

    Buy a Vespa. It would be very becoming of the officer.

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