VIDEO: Dozens Of ‘Brats’ Trot At 1st-Ever ‘Flash Mob’ At Olde Burien Block Party

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by Scott Schaefer

If you happened to be walking through the Olde Burien Block Party late Saturday afternoon (July 16), you may have noticed something unusual right in front of 909 Coffee – around 50 people of all ages were dressed up as Hot Dogs, frozen in place smack dab in the middle of the street.

Passersby, children, families and attendees looked on, all seemingly stunned. Just what the heck was going on? Soon, local blonde celeb Manuela Horn (aka the ‘Yodeling Dominatrix’), dressed in a traditional Bavarian ‘Drindl’ dress in her 6’2″ frame, walked through the frozen group, shouting ‘Here Ket-chup-chupchup! Here Ket-chupchupchup!’

Soon, music started – the rhythm track to ‘Who Let The Dogs Out.‘ Manuela had a mic in her hand and she changed the lyrics to ‘Who Let The Brats Out?‘ as the flash mobbers came to life and did a nicely-choreographed dance number to the delight of the crowd. It was magical, it was marvelous, and it was a first (far as we know) – yes folks, mark your calendars – Burien experienced its first-ever “Flash Mob” on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

Of course, we were tipped to the top secret stunt from some of our high-placed local friends, including the Organizers behind the annual Brat Trot 5K Fundraiser Race, coming up Oct. 9th, as well as Burien Parks’ National Parks & Recreation Month (July).

Cameras were operated by Scott Schaefer, Mark Neuman, Maureen Hoffmann, Gina Kallman and Dan Wilk, and the video was edited by Schaefer (be sure to view in full-screen mode, and crank your speakers up!):

Burien’s first-ever ‘Flash Mob’ was coordinated by Burien Parks’ Casey Stanley along with Brat Trot Organizer Lisa Tuman.

About two hours before the actual Flash Mob, participants met at the Burien Community Center. Dancers ran through their routines one more time, while a group of volunteers were given HD video cameras and briefed on how the shoot would take place. It was like we were all on some sort of top secret mission. There was a map (!) with little camera and hot dog icons, representing dancers and videographers and our placement on the street. One camera operator was even placed on the roof of the 909 (Dan Wilk). I was to mingle on the street below, but no intrude in the ‘turf’ of my fellow camerapeeps. My focus was to get the dancers as much as possible, while others were to get shots of reactions. No matter what, we were all supposed to look like we ‘just happened to be in the right place at the right time’ with our cameras rolling.

Here are the rest of the credits (let us know if we left anyone out and we’ll add their names):

  • Gretchen Sinclair, a Parks’ fitness instructor, Choreographed the dance
  • Debb Will from Highline Athletic Club assisted
  • Manuela Horn wrote the lyrics and sang “Who Let the Brats Out?” to the music of “Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • Dancers:
    • Amanda Morales
    • Shelley Brittingham
    • Pam Odegard
    • Casey Stanley
    • Patty Janssen
    • Heidi Clarke
    • Thelma Stefnik
    • Amelia Trowbridge
    • Debb Will
    • Jessica Roe
    • Johnna Lemke
    • Judy Lemke
    • Sugin Zhang
    • Jacquie Ream
    • Scott Miller
    • Hunter Osborne
    • Alyona, Heidi
    • Alexis
    • Elle
    • Pollette
    • Tera H.
    • Gracie
    • Quan
    • Rylee
    • Nancy Post
    • Kevin Petersen
    • Gretchen Sinclair
    • Ken Monroe
    • Alison Tennant
    • Julie Nelson
    • Amie Fisher
    • Kathy Otterson
    • Janet Peterson
    • Ben Kerns
    • Brian Lemon
    • Deb Win
    • Gretchen Granet
    • Vansica Siu
    • And many kids who were coaxed by their parents to join in on the fun.

And according to Burien Parks Director Michael Lafreneire:

Two practices were held to learn the dance routine (Tuesday 7/12 & Thursday 7/14) from 7-8 p.m. at the Community Center.

All participants then met back up at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Community Center to practice once more, get their hot dog costumes, get organized into teams by Casey, and head to their appropriate locations.

Hot dogs appeared from 6 different locations around Old Town Burien around 4:25 p.m.

All participants learned about the Flash Mob through word of mouth.

The flash mob collaboration was to promote both National Parks & Recreation Month (July) as celebrated by Burien Parks & Recreation, and the Brat Trot coming this October.

Burien Parks is celebrating ‘Parks and Rec Month’ during July – check out their parks-based Scavenger Hunt here (PDF file).

And don’t forget to register for the Brat Trot 5K Fundraiser, which is coming Sunday, Oct. 9th, here! This annual event will benefit the Highline Schools Foundation for Excellence, Safe Kids of South King County and the Multicare Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center.

Here are some screengrabs from the video:

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2 Responses to “VIDEO: Dozens Of ‘Brats’ Trot At 1st-Ever ‘Flash Mob’ At Olde Burien Block Party”
  1. M-on-a-bike says:

    Nice video compilation, Mr. Editor! Isn’t Burien great?! A whole bunch of people willing to dance down the middle of the road dressed as Bratwurst. What a place to call home. Love it.

    • Rob says:

      Agrees-Either the 70″s were real good to me (and they were) or 50 Bratwurst went dancing in the street. Just a part of living in Burien, our fair city

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