Second Incident Near Sylvester Middle School: 18-Year Old Man Assaulted

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The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting about an 18-year old male was the victim of an assault near Highline Medical Center in Burien Wednesday morning (July 20).

The victim had serious head injuries and was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Deputies were called to the 16200 block of Sylvester Road SW to look for a man bleeding from the head. He was found standing on the sidewalk on the east side of the roadway with dried blood in his face. He had trouble standing and was incoherent.

The man kept pointing across the street towards Sylvester Middle School. Deputies checked and found what appeared to be the man’s belongings and more dried blood in a breezeway and on the side of the building.

We are not sure yet whether this incident is related to our previous report on around $1,700 worth of Boy Scout equipment being stolen from a trailer Monday night.

There have been no arrests and the investigation is continuing.

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8 Responses to “Second Incident Near Sylvester Middle School: 18-Year Old Man Assaulted”
  1. blog reader says:

    Burien were the Boy Scouts get robbed and you can get beaten up across from a hospital. NICE.

  2. Eckbre says:

    There needs to be more patrols in that area, that campus is so spread out.

  3. Really?!? says:

    Hmm, maybe he was confused and really meant to point at the hospital?

  4. jimmy says:

    its probably a random jumping i have a friend that got jump near there a few years back 3 or 4 car loads of teenagers pulled up to him while he was walking down i think it was 9th ave and they jump him for no reason he went to highline they had to staple his head back together it sucks it summer time and moron teenagers go around doing crap like this that why i chose to carry a weapon with me if walk in that are or any area at night time no matter if its a walking stick a knife or if i am at home and the dogs barking late at night if i come out i bring ether a ax or a machete it tends to keep the teenagers or who ever is out there from running there mouths or trying to start a fight its just that time of year lock your doors park cars in the garage and don’t walk around late at night the cops cant be everywhere all the time to help and sorry my long running sentience i have learning disablements so if you don’t like don’t read it and please no making stupid comments about it

  5. concerned citizen says:

    Went to the track tonight around 9, we ended up leaving after a short time because there some people in a red truck and a creepy looking guy was walking and as soon as we pulled up, he went straight to his silver audi and never left. Also there was another guy standing out in the field smoking weed and he had a small unleashed dog. He was way too creepy for us as he kept popping up at random spots…lastly lurking up on the dark side of the hill in the trees…that was enough for us! Not complaining we chose to walk there at that time…just making others aware.

  6. Rainycity says:

    Not a problem Jimmy, you are a likable fellow. With it finally warming up you need to try worms to get those fish to bite.

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