LETTER: ‘I Was Pleasantly Surprised Today When I Called CARES…’

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I was pleasantly surprised today when I called CARES, Burien’s animal control agency. First, a person answered the phone, which was unexpected. Second, they responded within the hour and corralled a lost pit bull and returned him to his owners. A situation that could have gone badly, like the shooting of Tyson on Maplewild, ended well for all concerned because of the quick response by CARES.

This morning around 10:30, as I was moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I heard the jingle of tags outside the door. I didn’t think it was any of my dogs, and the dog I was taking care of, Karma, was right beside me helping with the laundry. I opened the door to look, and Karma pushed her way out even though I was trying to block her in. She ran out to the driveway where she stood nose to nose with a pit bull mix that looked a lot like her but without the white. Karma is a good-natured dog. She works for Missing Pet Partnership detecting missing cats by scent. She is friendly with dogs and cats, and she is patient and kind. I had no idea of the temperament of the pit bull she was greeting. He seemed okay. He was smelling all the places my male dog had peed while Karma checked him out. I wanted to put a leash on him, but I didn’t have one handy. I took a picture with my cell phone just in case he got away before I could get a leash, and he did trot on down the driveway before I could hook him.

Karma and I hopped in the car and went looking for him. I ran into several people who had seen him, but after fifteen minutes of looking, I couldn’t find him. With the memory of the Tyson ordeal fresh in my mind, I decided to call animal control for help, to try to prevent the pit bull or anyone else from getting hurt. When I called, I was surprised that someone actually answered the phone. That doesn’t happen too often with animal control agencies. I explained about the wandering dog, and I told them I was a volunteer for Missing Pet Partnership, currently out looking for him. The woman on the phone said she would send someone out. Then I got an alert on my iPhone from craigslist that someone in Burien was missing a dog named Roy. He had escaped at 2 AM from 149th and 12th SW, and he matched the picture I had taken. I called the owners, and they drove to Seahurst to look for Roy.

While the owner and I were both looking for Roy, someone from CARES found him at 149th and 18th SW. I don’t know the details of how they caught him, but they returned Roy to his home before 12:30. Roy was fine, and his owner was very pleased to have him home. As far as I know, the owners were not asked to pay a fine or an impound fee or anything. The quick response by CARES, and the fact that they caught him unharmed, led to a fast, happy, and peaceful result. Their actions avoided a potential situation like what happened with Tyson and Bella on Maplewild. This is the kind of animal service I like to see in Burien, and I hope this is a sign of good things to come from CARES.

– Jim Branson
Missing Pet Partnership

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9 Responses to “LETTER: ‘I Was Pleasantly Surprised Today When I Called CARES…’”
  1. Traci says:

    We are the owners of Roy The Dog. We are so grateful that he is home. We noticed that Roy wander off around 2 am and we have been looking for him all long and have not slept. I decided to post a lost dog on Craigslist. Within a 1/2 an hour and man called and mention that they have seen him not far from our house on 149th and 22nd. We are on 149th and 12th. So I jumped in my Truck and went looking for him. The gentleman that called me waved me down and show me a picture of him on his cell phone and sure enough it was him. So I continue to try to find him. Then I get a call to come home because CARES found him and brought him home. So I hurried home and pulled in front of the house and jumped out of my truck and started crying and checking him to make sure he was in good shape and Roy then falls on his back for a tummy rub which brought smiles all around and made me laugh. So good to have him home. Thank you CARES and Jim from the Missing Pet Partnership for helping us and bringing him home.

  2. Moiraz says:

    I noticed one of the dogs (I assume the two dogs in the photo were those mentioned in the article) was not wearing a collar. Isn’t that the law out there?

    • Jim Branson says:

      The dog not wearing a collar, Karma, was in my driveway at the time. I put a collar on her before going out to look for Roy. When Karma works for Missing Pet Partnership, finding lost cats, she is properly collared and licensed at all times.

  3. Erik Robbins says:

    Such great news. GFald to hear.

  4. Marianne says:

    Thank you Jim, Karma, and CARES for helping Roy. My questions for CARES would be: What if Roy were a cat?
    What is Roy’s owner had not been found so quickly?
    What if Roy had been injured and his owner not found so quickly?
    What if Roy’s family did not realize he was missing?
    What is Roy was aggressive?

  5. doglover says:

    Great to see that Roy got home !! If roy were a cat, and had the proper ID as I was told by the officer at the market, he would get a ride home, if Roy were injured he would go to one of the vets they are working with, I would hope that Roy’s family or someone taking care of him, that he were missing !! if Roy were aggressive, 3 of the People at CARES have delt with aggressive dogs many times over, PLUS the Current Field Officer is National Certified and trained, so he knows HOW to handle this kind of situation,, I felt good after my talk with the officer at the Market.. My dog has a collar with proper ID and is chipped, so I feel my dog would get a free ride home if found…

  6. Dirty says:

    I am sure glad that someone has had a good experience with CARES. As mine was not so smooth.

  7. Marianne says:

    What if an animal is not licensed? Euthanasia after three days? What vets does CARES work with? The folks at CARES don’t seem to have any cat experience. What if Roy were a feral cat with kittens? My questions about what exactly it is that CARES actually does continue…

  8. Rainycity says:

    I posted this the froums but am going to post it here also, seems like this gets more visiblility.
    I don`t think they provide sh*t for services. Took a kitten we found (that didn`t seem to be doing very well) in to them and they basically said sorry can`t help it if you`re from Burien. I`m like say what?? If I wasn`t from Burien you would take the kitten and help it but if I am you won`t? (Another lesson learned from being “annexed” ) Unless they talk to their supervisor first who of course isn`t there and can`t be gotten hold of. Then we take it down to the 5 corners animal hospital and they tell us Burien won`t allow them to help. I was so pissed I forget the reason but it shouldn`t matter. So anyway, we ended up taking this poor defensless thing home and it`s doing well now, after my daughter forced fluids down its throat, nursmaided the damn thing back to health but that Cares can kiss my ass. There`s one thing I know they don`t do, and thats care.

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