ELECTION: Early Returns Favor Krakowiak & ‘Non-Candidate’ Edgar

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The early returns of Tuesday’s Primary Election results are in, with a couple of surprises, including a six-percent lead by ‘non-candidate’ Bob Edgar over incumbent Gordon Shaw for Burien’s City Council Position No. 4.

As many of our Readers may recall, Edgar withdrew from the race on June 20th, too late to be removed from voter’s guides (read our coverage of that here). We find it very interesting that a ‘non-candidate’ who withdrew from the race, spent no money, had no yard signs, didn’t campaign, failed to show up for our candidates forum, etc. is winning over an incumbent.

Current Councilmember Lucy Krakowiak holds a commanding lead for Position No. 2, with nearly 48% against nearest competitor Greg Duff’s nearly 27% – a 21% lead.

Of course, these are all early returns, with just over 20% of all ballots counted, and since this is a Primary Election, the top two vote-getters in each race will advance to the Nov. 8th General Election.

The “real horserace” is currently between Greg Duff and Ed Dacy, with Duff leading by just 103 votes, or 2.44%.


Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: *4,534 / 22,330 / 20.30%

Council Position No. 2:

  • Greg Duff 1,135 26.91%
  • Ed Dacy 1,032 24.47%
  • Lucy Krakowiak 2,024 47.98%
  • Write-in 27 0.64%

Council Position No. 4:

  • Gordon M. Shaw 1,601 38.63%
  • Joey Martinez 650 15.69%
  • Bob Edgar 1,851 44.67%
  • Write-in 42 1.01%

In the King County Council race, it looks like incumbent Joe McDermott is running away with it, holding a nearly 40% lead over Diana Toledo, with 67.07% over her 27.23%.


Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 22809 / 110649 / 20.61%

County Council District No. 8:

  • Joe McDermott 14,222 67.07%
  • Goodspaceguy 1,094 5.16%
  • Diana Toledo 5774 27.23%
  • Write-in 114 0.54%

In other election issues, it looks like Proposition No. 1, the Veterans and Human Services Levy, is easily passing with 66.25% approved:


Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 208833 / 1094533 / 19.08%

Proposition No. 1: Veterans and Human Services Levy:

  • APPROVED 134,509 66.25%
  • REJECTED 68,534 33.75%

Final results of the Primary Election will be posted on Aug. 31st, with daily updates at 4:30 p.m. at the King County Elections website.

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17 Responses to “ELECTION: Early Returns Favor Krakowiak & ‘Non-Candidate’ Edgar”
  1. Wondering about Sustainable Burien says:

    Isn’t Bob a part of some well connected group with connections to the more affluent parts of Burien. Why run if you’ve got a lot of “pst, vote for Bob” going on? Is that what you were hinting at B-town blog?

    • Rob says:

      Really… the more affluent parts of Burien? Nice to know. I am a member of the same group and live in Boulevard Park. Thanks for calling my neighborhood “Affluent”. Most people call it a suburb of Rat City.

    • elizabeth2 says:

      That must be some kind of really successful “pst” campaign going on around these unnamed “well conencted group” with connections!

      There were 1,851 voters for Edgar so I guess this conspiracy of the affluent parts of Burien must be a very highly organized secret conspiracy group – check it out!

      Maybe people were very simply voting the conviction of their principles and making a statement – no conspiracy, no “pst” campaign or secret understood gathering of the affluent?

  2. VERY TIRED says:

    We are in a recession. You’re gonna vote yourselves a tax increase? Are you serious?

    Mindless progressive drones.

  3. Shady says:

    Hey B-Town Blog you happen to be hinting toward the fact that Bob is a spokesperson for a certain group that happens to be well connected within Burien? Why campaign when you secretly just pass on the the word to vote for you. Shady…

  4. skeptical says:

    If Edgar wins, will he serve? I would have voted for him if I’d known there was a chance he could be elected.

  5. Bonnie Moormeier says:

    Bob Edgar and Lucy K. are the only two who currently have voiced opposition to the proposed annexation of the remainder of North Highline at this time. I think the rest of the City Council should take note.

    • Edith Seaman says:

      I was voting against everyone who voted for annexation..didn’t matter who they were. Our city cannot afford what we have now, much less anything else and we had no vote against annexation. Our only vote was to force out those who voted for the annexation against our wishes. This will cost Burien residents huge tax increases, loss of police and fire protection etc…We should recall all those who approved the annexation. I’m fine with two council members…Lucy and Bob.

  6. Ian Gunsul says:

    Bob Edgar dropped out of the race weeks ago and can’t be elected unless he registers as a write-in candidate for the general in November.

    • First, congratulations to my two opponents. Not bad for a first time (32 year old) kid running with no contributions or using any volunteers except my own boys, eh? I’m still holding out hope, however!

      Secondly, KC elections did not accept Mr Edgar’s withdrawl (unfortunately for me) so he could still win in November. He’d have to refuse to be sworn in and resign the council to not serve.

      Thirdly, the Public Disclosure Commission stated that Mr Edgar must resign or he would be subject to enforcement. They didn’t state the case names (similar instance in Eastern Washington as well as South-West Washington), however did say the penalties were in the 4 and 5 figure range. They didn’t have the specifics (willful neglect of the law is a higher fine sort of thing). Didn’t ask if campaign contributions can be used to pay the fine.

      Again, holding out hope and thank you everyone!

      Joey Martinez
      Martinez for Burien City Council

  7. Debi Wagner says:

    In my opinion, it would be an honor for Burien to have the background, knowledge, and experience of Bob Edgar and Lucy representing us. I can only hope the sitting council doesn’t now rush through the annexation and the tax increases it needs to be sustainable knowing their time may be limited.

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