B-TOWN BIZ: Wah Long’s Sports Bar Closed, Liquor License Suspended

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Wednesday afternoon (Aug. 24), the Washington State Liquor Control Board closed and suspended the liquor license of Wah Long’s Sports Bar, for “furnishing liquor to a minor.”

Wah Long’s, located at 15220 Ambaum Blvd. SW in Burien, is now closed, and will remain so until Wednesday, Aug. 31st, according to posted signs.

This bar has seen its share of troubles lately, the most recent being May 24th when one man was shot and another stabbed outside after a 21st birthday celebration went awry (read that story here), and another on Jan. 29th when a man was shot inside after allegedly flirting with another man’s girlfriend (coverage here).

And on June 20, a petition was filed with the Burien City Council (see p. 19 of the meeting’s PDF packet here), and signed by 38 area business owners and residents, which said in part:

“We call on the city of Burien to ask the Washington State Liquor Control Board for a non-renewal of the Wah Long sports bar’s liquor license … we further ask the city to remove the Wah Long sports bar’s business license.”

We asked the city for a reply, and Public Information Office Steve Botkin said:

“While we don’t want to get into the habit of responding to rumors, what I can tell you is the Wah Long  Sports Bar’s license comes up for renewal in October and the City will be involved in the renewal process as it is with other business license renewal applications.”

Wah Long’s liquor license is up for renewal on Oct. 31st.

We have tried unsuccessfully to contact Jimmy, Wah Long’s owner, and we hope to post a followup story soon with information from him.

Here’s another photo – of the “Wah Longs Bar Rules” – posted on both the front and back doors:

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13 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: Wah Long’s Sports Bar Closed, Liquor License Suspended”
  1. Lindale says:

    Simple truth to this, is that everyone here is correct and wrong….

    Shutting Wah Long’s liquor or business licences down will only solve the problem at this location. Your next issue is all these druggies, drunks, drunk idiot’s with guns will simply move to another location possibly where some of you hang out or live.
    Wah Longs has its share in this too. Too many issues to list.

    The city needs to recognize these problems at the problem locations and put a uniform at the door to help detour problems and certain individuals.

    Once again there is no simple answer..

  2. Get a clue burien city council says:

    If a bar is serving minors and there has been two shootings, it deserves to be shut down. Using the rationale that those people will go elsewhere is simply an excuse and a pathetic one at that.

    • Scott says:

      There has to be a different solution than just shutting down the bar. Wah Long’s has its share of knuckle heads and so do other bars in the Burien area. This is nothing new. Rooty’s had its problems when it was around, Elmers and even recently Goodtime Ernies. I think many readers here have never been there and don’t realize that Wah Longs is one of the largest dart bars in the area and always ranked high nationally for the number of champions that have learned to play from Jimmy. I think generally the problem clientele come in the later hours and have no loyalty to Wah Longs or any other bar in Burien. Wah Longs is just the flavor of the moment for these people and as Lindale states they will go to another location if Wah Longs closes. I do think changes can and should be made to reduce the bad element but shutting down the bar is too severe.

      • Bar Patron says:

        Wah Long’s has a well earned reputation. Their Banana gorillas helped them get the reputation. 5 liquors in one drink that needs to be served in two glasses, tastey, but gets you drunk in a hurry.

        The Crown, Mario’s and Wah Long’s all worked to attract the same crowd with gangster hip hop music and all have had simliar problems, guns fights. mmmmmm

        Most other bars around town even block gangster hip hop on their juke boxes.

        Wah Long’s has a reputation of being a rough bar and it is deserved. Even in the day time there has been problems which impacted the businesses who are their neighbors. I assume that is why the sent the letter to the City.

        I have seen people refused service both at Elmer’s and CC’s (on different nights) for being drunk, tell each other lets go back to Wah Long’s we will get served more.

        I hate to see any business put out of business, but this is the second time the owner got shut down for liquor vilotations, it does not seen like he has learned how to be a responsible business owner.

        I think it would interesting for the Blog to do a story showing police activity at the different bars in town in a 12 month period. The number of times they went to each bar

  3. Get a clue burien city council says:


    38 business owners who deal with the consequences of this bar on a regular basis would disagree with you.

    • Don't Forget says:

      This is not a new problem. The bars that stick around are the ones which take heed of the warnings. While Wah Longs has a reputation of being a rough place… no argument here… let’s not forget the city does take action against bars that have a continued issue with violence and violations. The Crown was just such a place.


      Closing these bars will not solve the problem in my opinion. Holding the establishments responsible by their bank accounts for violations may not only keep yet another empty store front from our city but clean up the problems with the nightlife. Violence will happen everywhere, just look at Belltown. It’s having the budget for enough officers to show a stronger presence in our city to show the criminals the illegal activity won’t be tolerated.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been to Wah Long for darts.The staff turns a blind eye to what goes on. More drinks are served in parking lot than the bar. It is filthy dirty, surprised there are citations by the health dept. Jimmy knows what goes on, but doesn’t want to lose his dart teams.

  5. Todd says:

    38 Businesses and or people I’ll never support, why not list them and make it easy.

    Burien wants to be nannied by typical politicians

    Yes thugs go to Wah Long, so do I, this is total BS to pick on this business, yes they ha a violation, most likely from an LCB entrapment sting, they will pay and learn from it but to not get relicensed is wrong.

    Yes thugs also go wherever else they want to go.

    Think before you speak or STFU, a bar is a bar is a bar!, they all have their problems without politically correct input from people with self righteous input.

    Wah Long is a business following the model of capitalism, just like the most of us, I won’t be taking the high horse them anytime soon.

  6. Get a clue burien city council says:

    Funny Todd,

    I dont remember hearing about the hobnobber, Mick kelly’s, tin room, or the mark having 2 shootings in 5 months. It is really simple, Jimmy over serves. And if you over serve you have shown that you can’t handle the responsibility of having a liquor license.

    No one is saying Jimmy can’t stay open. He can still have his dart competitions and serve his Chinese food. But he shouldn’t and very soon won’t be able to serve alcohol. And the only person that is to blame is Jimmy. Not the wslcb, not the city of burien, nor any neighboring business owner.

  7. Colt45 says:


  8. Greg Taylor says:

    Question… Why do people continually point fingers at the bar itself? Have we not noticed that the last 2 incidents where someone was shot ended with the police doing absolutely nothing to find the people who fired the f’ing guns? People are going to commit crimes if they know they can get away with it. Get it together people and put pressure where pressure should be. On the King County Sheriff who doesn’t give a damn if someone gets shot or stabbed.

  9. Chase says:

    It’s so easy for people to just point fingers at a easy target to blame, in this case Wah Long Sports Bar. Peoples lives are filled with stress from all sources there really isn’t any room for anyone to to find facts before they make a judgement. Prim example would be the response above posted under:
    “Get a clue burien city council says:August 24, 2011 at 11:01 pm”
    That line of thinking is the same as saying “Ok i heard half if not less of the story so it must be true.”

    Well the truth is Wah Long did get converted to a 21+ bar because of a Liquor Control “sting” operation awhile back and Jimmy took measures to not have that happen by getting bouncers even though he probably can’t afford it in this economy but then hey guess what when life hits you, it really hits you. When this problem all started again was when he had to Commute to china for his daughters funeral, from what I understand the 11 year old girl died of cancer. While he was away his son tried to be helpful by delivering grocery to the bar for his auntie and that’s when the liquor control agent showed up and the rest we know what happened, even though his son did not even come in contact with any type of alcohol. Then later on the Liquor Control did another sting on the bar while a bouncer was there, When the bouncer asked to see the supposed “under age” girl’s ID the agent grabbed her and ran out refusing to allow the bouncer to check the ID then filed another strike against the bar…”hmm, why run?”. Well the whole truth to the story will only be known by those involved directly so I’ll stop here on this topic.

    As to shootings and violence, Common people… Do you really think any person would want that stuff to happen around them? Blaming the bar because some horse shit decided to flirt with another man’s women… does that even sound fair or right to you?
    It’s like some stranger’s dog takes a shit on your front lawn and not pick it up but your neighbors blames you for not keeping the dogs off of your lawn.

    All I can say is, Think for your self people… Whats right? whats are the facts? and get the whole truth before you condemn any one person at fault.

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