LETTER: A Note Of Thanks (and a question for Bob Edgar) From Ed Dacy

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I wish to congratulate my two opponents, Councilmember Lucy Krakowiak and Planning Commissioner Greg Duffy. I do want to thank them for running open and transparent campaigns, based on issues.

I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me. If any of them wish to see a particular idea of mine for the future of Burien to move forward, please contact the City Council: [email protected].

All my campaign signs have been picked up – I think – if you see one please let me know, either by a comment here or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will pick up the sign, I do not want them lingering in the landscape of Burien.

On the Bob Edgar issue; I believe that Mr. Edgar was taken by surprise on the support he received in the primary election and I do not think he planned on going on to the general election.

As most men have heard in their life WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS MR. EDGAR?

If he plans to take office without filing any Public Disclosure forms he would be undermining the current voting process changed after the Watergate scandals of the 70’s.

The Public Disclosure forms do more than list contributions and expenditures; they also list any dealings he might have with the City of Burien. These dealings could be contracts with the City of Burien that he, his family, his employer(s) has; or grants or contracts between the City with any organization he or his family might be on the board of.

If Mr. Edgar pledges not to take office if elected, then I would see no reason for him to become a public figure.

Only Mr. Edgar can end this debate.

– Ed Dacy

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13 Responses to “LETTER: A Note Of Thanks (and a question for Bob Edgar) From Ed Dacy”
  1. JJ Greive says:

    Edgar is a dog for not disclosing. If you didn’t wish to the you should have never put your hat in the ring. We can only hope that the people of Burien are well informed enough to know the gravity of this issue and not to vote for a candidate that does not follow the law.
    He gives politicians a bad name and he is only a candidate!

    • Pete says:

      “We can only hope that the people of Burien are well informed enough to know the gravity of this issue and not to vote for a candidate that does not follow the law.”

      The same people of Burien that voted for a guy that’s not even running for the position?

      This is a pretty amazing story. It speaks a lot about the city and its resident voters.

    • elizabeth2 says:

      I think the politicians had already done a fine job of giving themselves a bad name before Mr. Edgar even came along!

  2. FunnyBurien says:

    Well said Ed and JJ. It would take a quick 10 seconds to answer the dam question! It only lends to the the arguement that he’s screwing around with the electoral process, which is crap! If statements are being made it’s in the wrong venue.

  3. My understanding is that Mr. Edgar was told by the Public Disclosure Commission that if he was not going to run, then to not file any information, solicit no funds, expend no funds, make no statements, put out no signs, make no mailings, attend no forums, knock on no doors, and make no phone calls. I think that is what he did. I’ll bet he was surprised to win! We voted for his opposition at our house because we knew he wasn’t running. I don’t think the primary is certified until the 31st, so he has until then to make a decision about what to do next and he may be obliged to remain quiet until then.

    • Bonnie Moormeier says:

      Your comments are right on, Cyndi

    • Big Nate says:

      Bob Edgar should not be seated as councilman for Position #4. He has made it clear that he did not want the job, by attemping to withdraw application. To attemp to be seated would not conform to accepted professional standards of conduct, as the citizens of Burien should demand from all its elected officials.

  4. Theresa says:

    Mr. Edgar was irresponsible in not doing his due diligence in order for his name not to appear on the ballot. However, it was the dummies of Burien who sent him on to the general election. These voters either ‘wasted’ their votes trying to prove a point, were ill informed to the circumstances of Mr. Edgar’s attempt to withdrawal, or simply didn’t care enough to do some research outside of the voter’s pamphlet. Whatever the reason was that these people voted the way they did, it just shows that Burien will continue to spin its wheels until we all take a true interest in what’s going on in this city, and become serious about real change in our community. I guess we should be lucky that Mickey Mouse wasn’t on the ballot; otherwise we may have seen him go on to the general election too.

    • elizabeth2 says:

      This “dummy” preferred to vote for someone I knew had withdrawn because I vigourously opposed the politics of the others running for that position. I could have declined to vote at all like many, many, many resident of Burien did.

      By voting, I hoped to have those others are running to the fact that they need to consider some other points of view which have considerable support in Burien. It is a far better thing to do than to NOT vote and a far better thing to do than to vote for someone whose opinions we disagree with. It makes a point whether it is liked or not.

      We do, by the way, take an interest in what is going on in this city and are serious about change – but not the way it was put forth by the other candidates.

      Your point on Mickey Mouse -cute!

  5. Coverofnight says:

    Ed states, “…he would be undermining the current voting process…” I seem to recall that the Democrats did just that when they lost the Governor’s race twice, but kept counting until they won!

    Theresa is spot on with her observations.

  6. Eaton B. Verz says:

    …” I seem to recall that the Democrats did just that when they lost the Governor’s race twice, but kept counting until they won!

    I seem to recall Dub U won in a similar fashion. Sh*theads on both sides….

  7. Theresa says:

    Elizabeth, I totally respect what you are saying and agree with many of your points. I believe there are really no wasted votes as long as people are truly voting for someone or something they believe will make change for the better. I’m just saying that we need to see change now, and the mentality of, I’ll-show them by voting for someone who’s no longer running, is a very passive way to show concern for what’s going on in Burien. Thinking that you are going to get change by voting for someone who’s not even on the ballot is like thinking your pet will learn not pee on the carpet by rubbing their noses in it four hours later. It doesn’t help what’s going on now, and it creates more problems later.

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