BREAKING: ‘Non-Candidate’ Bob Edgar Is A Candidate Again; Still Running

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One-time 'non-candidate' Bob Edgar is now a candidate again.

BREAKING: On Friday morning (Sept. 2), we received the following email from Bob Edgar (read our previous coverage about him here), an anti-annexation candidate who tried to withdraw from the Burien City Council race but missed the deadline. We had tried numerous times to reach him, via phone and email, but had not heard from him since we published a Letter to the Editor from him on July 18. Edgar received just over 45% of votes for council position number 4 in the Aug. 20 primary election, and his name will be on the Nov. 8 ballot against incumbent Gordon Shaw.

Here’s his email in its entirety:

Thank you for your vote! The citizens of Burien have spoken and it is clear that Burien residents want a change on the Burien Council.

On August 31, 2011, King County Elections certified the results of the August 2011 Primary. I, Bob Edgar, received the most number of votes. Under Washington State Law, I am and always have been a candidate for Position #4 of the Burien City Council. Due to some family matters that occurred at the time of filing, I decided to withdraw from the election but it was past the deadline and not an option under Washington State Law. Therefore, I decided not to campaign at that time. These specific family matters have resolved earlier than expected and the people of Burien have sent a strong message seeking change.

My name, Bob Edgar, will appear on the November, 2011 General Election ballot for Burien Council Position # 4 since I was among the top two candidates with the most votes. I have also been in contact with the Public Disclosure Commission, my paperwork is in order and there have been no ethical improprieties in my candidacy. I want to thank all of the citizens that voted for me and hope for their continued support in the November election.

If elected in November, I intend to serve as a full-time council member for Burien Council Position # 4 to achieve these goals for Burien: a safe place to live, a vibrant city with a small town flavor and a sustainable community that supports Burien families and businesses for the long-term, a city where citizen and neighborhood voices are listened to with respect and reflected in city government decisions. Burien needs to focus on getting it fiscal house in order.

The City Council needs fresh ideas and a new perspective on the economic challenges facing our city, and as your representative, I will question the implications of any further annexations.  With many years of business experience, I stand for open, honest, responsive government, sound fiscal management and robust economic development for Burien.

I am a champion for preserving and protecting Burien’s environment, shorelines and neighborhoods and for representing citizens’ concerns.  As a Burien resident for over 20 years, I am proud of my work preserving the Salmon Creek Green Belt and Seahurst Park;  Board Member-Shorewood on the Sound Community and Sustainable Burien;  Member-Neighbors Of Seahurst Park;  Committee Member-Salmon Creek Neighborhood Plan.

Thank you for your vote and your continued support.

– Bob Edgar

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26 Responses to “BREAKING: ‘Non-Candidate’ Bob Edgar Is A Candidate Again; Still Running”
  1. Wheels says:

    If you stand for open, honest, responsive government, it seems like you could have cleared up this mess weeks ago with a simple phone call or email.

  2. Eaton B. Verz says:

    See ya later, Gordon!!!!!

  3. burien merchant says:

    When you say, “supports Burien families and businesses for the long-term”. What are the SPECIFIC ideas that you are coming to the table with to help our small business merchants? Dick Lomen is gone and Mike Martin will probably not hire another person for some time as he has $500,000.00 over run to pay for. He still has a job, we have NO Economic Development Director and meanwhile businesses are dying. Are any of the candidates on board with some ACTION? Do people realize that if our downtown dies, so do our property values? SAY SOMETHING PEOPLE! DEMAND ACTION!

  4. Wondering says:

    Where does he live & where does he vote. At Burien city Council his wife gives and address in Seahurst and he gives his address as Shorewood.

    Does he vote whre he lives?

  5. Don't Wonder says:

    His voter registration is on 15th ave SW, he just lies about his address when talking at City Council meetings

  6. FunnyBurien says:

    I don’t know Bob, I’m pretty sure ya got all the votes you’re going to get in the General. The majority of Burien that vote in the Primary HISTORICALLY are from the 3-tree, Lake Burien, Shorewood areas. Compiling reports from the last 10 years proves this. In the General they only provide about 35% of the vote, again HISTORICALLY speaking. Now that we have added a bunch of people from the most recent annexation who knows!

    What do you have to offer the rest of Burien? I mean other than protecting (rich) neighborhoods on the water? I’m talking forget annexation, forget SMP… WHAT ELSE do you offer? Fresh ideas?

  7. Not Happy says:

    Bob Edgar – you sure seem to take the coward approach. I sure hope this doesn’t continue while you serve our community!

  8. FunnyBurien says:

    ALSO, with so many people supposedly AGAINST annexation, why do I only see like 15-20 in the COUNCIL meeting on August 22nd? I doubt the council members read the blog so if you want your voice heard, if you want to make a difference, go to the freaking council meetings ESPECIALLY when it’s about the thing you are against so much! That place should have been packed! You had a chance to send a strong message and instead we have Chestine up there blabbering.

  9. Mr Edgar, thank you for clearing up that question. While I would have enjoyed campaigning against you I am just glad that we will have an open and honest General Election with no cloud hanging over it. I look forward to hearing your platform.

    Reaching out to Burien and its citizens will be a daunting task for you (or anyone really). Take it from someone who walked, knocked, and talked about 15% of Burien with no volunteers (other than my boys). I managed a 16% vote which, I guess, isn’t bad for a no-name first timer.

    Good luck to you Mr Edgar and Mr Shaw, and the rest of the candidates.

    Joey Martinez
    Former Candidate for Burien City Council – Position 4.

  10. Free Lake Burien says:

    Is Bob in favor of buying Ruth Dykeman for a Burien Park on the Lake?

    • FunnyBurien says:

      BAH! He lives on Lake Burien now, though he always gives his Shorewood address. I hope he realizes that now if it ever comes to a vote (to buy the Ruth Dykeman property) he’d HAVE to recuse himself from the vote.

      He’d also HAVE to recuse himself from the SMP vote now that I think about it. Both on conflict of interest reasonings.

      Law of unintended consequences there Bobby.

  11. Concerned says:

    Here is the link so you can look at what the canidates have filed with the Public Discloure Commission

  12. Ed Dacy says:

    I am glad that Mr Edgar has made the record clear. This should be a another good race to watch in Burien

    • elizabeth2 says:

      Thank you, Ed Dacy, for your kind and gracious comments to Mr. Edgar. We could indeed do with more of those polite and non profane comments….

      • Bonnie Moormeier says:

        Yes, I agree – it is good to express opinions, but it should be done with some degree of knowledge and respect. I notice a pattern – the rudest, most ill-informed people aren’t willing to sign their names. It is easy to make all sorts of accusations against others when your hiding your real identify. Let’s continue the conversations, but in an open, honest, constructive forum.

  13. Erik Robbins says:

    Let the party begin!!!

  14. VERY TIRED says:

    Now that all of the mire is cleared away, are you an economic conservative, or an economic illiterate? In other words, are you going to be a steward for the people’s treasure, or another politician that continues to spend money the city cannot afford?

  15. Seagull says:

    If Edgar doesn’t know where he lives and doesn’t know if he is running what kind of a councilmember will he make?

  16. Get a clue burien city council says:

    A better one than Gordon Shaw

  17. Got a Clue says:

    I am so Happy Bob Edgar wants a Park on Lake Burien, that is so COOL!!!!!!! I wonder if it will be clothing optional? (19-25yrs only please)

  18. SD says:

    Mr. Edgar, you can count on my vote!

  19. SD says:

    Oh my, just noticed the post above mine re: the clothing optional park on Lake Burien — vote has nothing to do with GOT A CLUE’S comment.

  20. Don says:

    I was just doorbelled by someone from Bob’s campaign who left a flyer for Bob But two things weren’t on his flyer which help me make up my mind. 1.) Has Bob received any endorsements? and 2.) if so, from whom. You can tell a lot about someone by the friends he/she keeps

  21. elizabeth2 says:

    I was happy to see that there are new faces looking to represent the city of Burien. I look forward to some good debates and discussions.

    However, I truly do not care what endorsements a candidate has. I think we all have friends for whom we care and we respect but for whom we share very different political views. My husband and I are radically opposed politically and so he would never endorse my political views.

    We both read the voter pamphlets, we read the paper, listen to the news, and form our own opinions. Endorsements mean nothing to us – sometimes, maybe the endorsements are from cronies who have something to gain from the candidate taking office….like the annexation providing new business opportunities for people who own property or live there?

  22. may says:

    To Don,
    Yesterday, I got one of Gordon Shaw’s mailers. It looks like a seasick, drunken Easter bunny put it together-baby poop yellow and whirlie stomach pink/purple. It lacked any endorsements. So what does that say about Bob Edgar’s opponent, Gordon Shaw?
    Mr. Shaw was wearing a black shirt in his picture. So what does that say about him?
    His main/top reason for running for City Council is to get an auto mall. Hasn’t he noticed the number of car dealerships in Burien that are out of business? Shouldn’t he be concerned about listening to the local business owners? He has ignored what their group has to say when they have appeared before the City Council. At the last candidate forum Mr. Shaw said that he does not support neighborhoood plans and what neighborhoods have to say. What does that say about him? Who does he really represent? Developers?
    What the candidate has to say is more important to me than endorsements. I like what Bob Edgar has to say on his flyer. He is for citizens, neighborhoods and local businesses as his top priorities. We need some new faces and energy in this city. Who needs another dying car dealership mall area?

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